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By: Alys b. C.
Bridge Creek Apartments
Current resident. We moved in right after management was overhauled in July 2013 after apparently the previous ones sucked. We were extremely skeptical, but at the time, had few options. We've been surprisingly happy here. No problems, pleasant people in the office to deal with. The new managers have taken a lot of steps to keep the place nice, everything from regularly power-washing to enforcing no trash all over the place.On a very serious note, one of the buildings had a massive five this weekend. Investigators believe someone threw a cigarette on a pile of boxes a family had flattened after their new appliances arrived. The management team has kicked things into high gear to help all 18 families involved, even when it came out that several didn't have the mandated insurance (typical for all apartments these days).The only time I've wanted to move was right after the fire. It's typical to be a bit nervous, and to be upset driving by a bunch of char, and to have a hard time feeling at ease when you can't stop thinking about fire and your home because it was so close. Otherwise we've been very happy here and have no regrets. When our daughter locked the back bedroom door with our dog in there (upper floor, so no walking through the back door), they send someone out right away, even though the office was closed. Every time we've had a problem, they've handled it, regardless of the time, even when the problem is our own kid being a pain. The residents I've spoken with have been awesome, and the people under us have been very understanding when our daughter, who is autistic, won't settle down at night and starts jumping and slamming herself to the floor. Some kids and teens around here are brats, but that's typical. When the weather's nice, kids play loudly, but didn't we all as kids? They've all been sweet to the disabled child who can't speak well.I've recommended this complex, and yes, to people I like. We've move here again.
By: rod.livengood
Mission Hills Apartments
We have lived her for 8 months and are very satisfied and happy with the accomodations and services we have received Mission Hills Apts. We looked around for a year and easily settled on this as our first choice. Beautfiful landscaping and grounds care. Apartments are well built in comparison. Staff has all been friendly and helpful. Service has been prompt. We like the security of being gated and having security on staff from 9pm on each evening. They are also on call 24/7 at the company. Crime is minimal and usually domestic. Neighbors have been all friendly, although could do a better job of picking up their own dog poo. Poo dispensaries are handily located on premises. I did Neighbors On Watch for five years and have admired this place for some time and it made our choice easy. I recommend it to anyone wanting peaceful, generally quiet, good exercise equipment, pool, and spa, central location to I-205 and Vancouver. Five Stars easy rating.
By: Lana P.
Parkview Apartments
It would be a lot easier to take these poor review seriously if they were not riddled with spelling errors. I've lived here for 5 years and yes, it is apartment living and there are things that are just unavoidable. However, if you think about it, the only way to actually make improvements is to renovate, and in turn ask more for the rent. It sucks, but really....the more they are asking for rent weeds out the riff raff. Higher rents typically bring in a better clientele. Things are pretty straight forward. Read your lease agreement, be a good tenant, and in all acutallity, the last 3 years has been the best. I see the last two reviews were from 2011, so I'm sure that says something. This place is unlike most apartment complexes, and I really enjoy living here.
By: Mimi R.
Andresen Park Apartments
I've been living in these apartments for about 5 years an my experience has been wonderful!!! Lisa is an EXCELLENT manager, the best manager I've ever met. She is always very friendly and professional, she is always ready to help to make everything you need easy. Keeps the apartment complex clean, tidy and get perfect control of all details for the comfort and security of her tenants. The maintenance team are wonderful as well, they response immediately as you make a request. The apartment is beautiful, with an excellent location (close to I5, I205, 500, Vancouver Mall), good distribution, and Lisa always take care of the apartments and they look pretty good.Definitely it's an excellent place to live. I recommended it highly!Nohemi R
By: Lee S.
Creekside Village
Beware! Expensive apts! Plus, when giving prospective tenants the tour, people are told parking is "no problem" and in the past, that apts were "soon to be gated community." Parking IS a problem! And no gated community! Repairs are slow (only 1-1/2 maintenance crew for (3) properties) and replacements are very cheap used appliances. i.e., you may have had a large-capacity dryer or washer but you may receive a small one instead. Sometimes they just take it from an empty apartment just vacated. People will stand on your patio, and continually walk in area behind your apt. Management will do nothing and does not care at all. Not worth money. I would suggest you pass this "deal" by.
By: Carrie S.
Nobl Park
I would give them a 5 star, but they do not have a playground. My family and I moved into Nobl Park over 6 years ago. I will say it was a bit rundown at that time. Since then new managers have come along and cleaned up the riff raf that was going on and has also updated the windows and turned the fireplaces into gas , I love that, saved so much money on my heating bill. The maintenance in the past year has been super responsive and seems to know their business, The ladies in the office are always smiling when I walk in, The last place we lived we had a grouchy manager, so this is important to me. We love Nobl Park..
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By: Jill B.
Park Crest Commons
A sanctuary in a sea of Apartments......We were looking for an apartment where the basics are covered. Space inside and out, top rated maintenance, the best amenities, professional and knowledgeable staff, a place for Fido or children that is safe and functional, and where we would be secure. The rates for all of this are competitive as are the fees. We found our sanctuary at Park Crest Commons in Cascade Park, Vancouver. If you want that, look no further, go to Park Crest Commons. We bought a home so we had to leave, or we would still be there now, and for many years to come.
By: highland2406
Highland Hills
FINDING THE RIGHT PLACEto live is essential to happiness in life. It means discovering the right environment, location and comfortable surrounds that are perfect for you. It means the freedom to breathe deeply, enrich your soul and simply enjoy being yourself. It means finding a place called Highland Hills
By: jazzyfizzlefoshizzle
Vista View Apartments
We have lived here for a year and LOVE it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Maintenance is always very prompt and addresses everything right away. The neighborhood is wonderful. Pets are welcome and treated great! Wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
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By: Autumn L.
Parkview Apartments
I love this place. The management is grat, Jessica in the Main office is a wonderful woman. The neighbors are friendly and everyone helps eachother. My fiance and I liver here with our 2 kids. We've been here almost 3 years now.

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