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By: Mary W.
Gander Mountain
They have all of what we wanted at a great price. We will be going back! The guy behind the counter gave us a lot to think about and knew a lot about guns!
By: Amy S.
Gander Mountain
Worst gun store of all time! First of all let me say that the only reason I gave this business 1 star is because you had to give it something to write a review. Having said this, the people at Gander Mountain do not care about their customers and from my experience dealing with the salespeople at the gun counter they are also sexist pigs; At least the one with the glasses and beard anyway. It took me at least 20 minutes to find somebody who would even wait on me when I went in to purchase a gun but when I finally got a salesperson to wait on me he spent the whole time staring at my breasts.(Did I mention he was old enough to be my dad; YUCK!) When I asked him is he had A Colt 1911 in stock he asked me why I wanted such a big gun and was it for me or someone else. Even though I didn't think it was any of his business I stated it was for me and was for home protection. At this point he stated that he thought this would be was TOO much gun for"such a pretty little thing" and that I should look at something chambered perhaps a 9 millimeter compact that I could handle better or better yet a shotgun since I would only have to point it in the general direction and shoot while all the while you guessed it he was staring at my breasts!!!! The funny thing about this to is I never once asked his opinion or informed him of my experience level in shooting firearms. What a complete waste of time! It was a completely degrading experience and I would not recommend this store to anyone ESPECIALLY if you are a female. I would rate this store a Minus 5 stars.
By: John B.
Gander Mountain
By far the very worst customer service in Valdosta bar none! I have went to Gander Mountain on two different occasions with the sole intent to purchase firearms.The first time I went I asked a representative if he could show me a Benelli Tactical shotgun I was interested in purchasing. He told me in a matter of fact tone that he was running a background check on someone else first even though I was the only person at the counter at this time. At 42 years old I have bought on adverage at least 40 to 50 firearms in my lifetime so I know how long it takes to run a background check. I waited for approximately 48 minutes before I gave up and walked out. The second time I attempted to buy a firearm from Gander Mountain I stood at the counter while the sales representative carried on a full conversation about the President and his own personal political views with a customer he apparently knew. I politely said excuse me and asked him if I could take a look at a Glock Gen 4 22 model that I was interested in purchasing. He gave me a dirty look at this time and told me that he would get with me in a second and went back to talking politics with the customer in front of me at which point I walked out again. Most recently I called the store and asked to speak to someone in the gun department to see if they had a Kahr PM9 and a Glock .380 in stock and that I was interested in purchasing at least one or possibly both. The person that I spoke to stated that they were all busy and if I left a message someone would call me back. That was a month ago and as to date still no phone call. Since my first initial visit I have purchased a total of 5 guns from other establishments which actually worked in my favor since I bought them for way less than what Gander Mountain was asking. To summarize Gander Mountain is WAY overpriced with HORRIBLE customer service. Like many other people I have talked to they have lost me as a customer forever and I would not recommend this store to anyone.
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By: Jon V.
Gander Mountain
Went in to buy two kayaks and hiking boots. Went to check out the boots first. First thing I noticed was the shoes require an employee to go into the back and get them. I waited for half an hour for am employee to show up. Went to find employees. Only two guys behind gun section and they are both chit chatting about their favorite machine guns with one customer.I go back to shoe section to wait. Decide to finalize it down to 3 shoes I would like. An employee (man) actually comes and stands near us putting merchandise in a bin.He doesn't say a word. Doesn't ask if I want to try anything on. Just walks away while pulling out his phone and texting.I give up. I can't get any help in the store. Customer service is the worst in Valdosta from what I have heard but I came to check it out several times anyway. The rumors are true. There may be one or two people occasionally who smile but no one wants to deal with you when they HAVE to in order to sell the product (shoe section for example).I tell my wife I'll get my boots from somewhere else. I still go and check out the kayaks. On my way to that side only employees I see are two at the cash register and no one is checking out. Just talking to one another. I get to the kayak section. Have a decent deal on Kayaks and I have to get an employee to get the kayak. I walk around looking for a store employee. NOWHERE to be found. Only at the cash register. I wait. Must be in back room. I'm in Gander for over an hour. 30 minutes a piece looking over near shoes and then kayak and tent area. No one says a word to me.I go grab a tarp and pair of hiking socks and leave. I went across the street and bought us two kayaks and two pairs of boots/shoes at Academy.Now I know why Gander has such a bad reputation in Valdosta with those who have been a few times.I even asked my wife if I should tell cashier to track someone down before we leave. She said no and don't give these guys any of your money. Its a crap store. So we left.I got a bracket for my truck, two pairs of shoes, two kayaks, camping gear, fishing rod, water bottle, knife at Academy for around $1,500 after tax. And I was greeted by several employees while I was walking throughout the store asking if they could help me.Will never set foot inside of Gander again.
By: Rebecca B.
Overcharged me $8.23 on a $20 debit card purchase. Avoid this station at all costs. Minus 10 stars.
By: Jamie P.
109 Central
Adorable clothes and friendly service!
By: lovemyavon2
Avon Opportunities Valdosta Georgia
I would love to help you with personal service and deliver your Avon products right to your door.
By: hp1995
Gander Mountain
No stars for this store. Never use the layaway program. I used it to buy a rifle in July and today Sept. 17 went to pick it up. First had to go back to front of store to ask for a sales person. Then they couldn't find my layaway.(Oh someone didn't put it in the right place) The rifle (with scope) as was sold to me was in a box after they finally found it. The cashier promptly opened the box and told me the they were taking the scope off the gun. I said that's the way I bought it. The manager was called. He said I didn't buy the scope and produced a price tag from I don't know where (it wasn't on the gun) and said didn't you read this. I told him the sales person sold me the gun with the scope for the price that was on my receipt. Needless to say I don't even know if I even got the original gun I purchased because I asked that he show me the layaway number he had so I could compare it to the one on my receipt and he refused, saying oh its the same number. I will tell all my friends never to shop at this place! rated -5
By: meghan530
Gander Mountain
This Gander Mountain is TERRIBLE. The whole store is being ran by 18 year olds who no NOTHING about the product, there may be a handful of people in there with legitimate knowledge of what they're selling. My husband and I went to purchase a handgun, and we were lucky to speak with a guy who could walk me through handling the gun, explaining the features, etc. We tried applying for store credit and the "little girl" did not even know what the "House Number" meant for information, and then instead of asking our ANNUAL income that's on the application, she asks for MONTHLY. Needless to say, we were denied. I later looked at the application online and realized the mistakes she made. I plan on going back tomorrow and chewing these people out.
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