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By: cwayne4u
Poch's Rice Cafe
Food was great, was way more than I could eat, will have tomorrow for lunch. The Egg Rolls are the best I've eaten in Tyler. Had a choice of soup or egg roll and I wanted to try both, maybe next time. Thinking the owner's children were there eating. They were having Pot Stickers, they looked great, wanted to try that too. This place is near my home, prices were in line and the quantity was way more than I could eat. Joy and I can share a dish. I wish them good luck because I hope to eat there again and again. The Hot and Sour soap was only $1.62, that's my favorite, great quick lunch. The place is located in that little strip center at 64 and the loop. Can't ask for much "Atmosphere" I was the only customer at 8:PM on a Monday night. Y'all try it out, I want them to do well so they'll stay.
By: Pat M.
Lago Del Pino
Have visited previously without issues. Visited on 6/4/16 and the meal was lacking to be polite. The medium rare steak was almost well done, and dry; cesar salad limp and warm like it had been sitting out for awhile waiting to be served. Server (Ashley) was polite and offered to return the steak, but that would have made my wife eat alone on a special night. THE MAJOR ISSUE was management's lack of response; a note on the receipt asking for a call, an ignored message on the general manager's phone, and on my third try, when I got him, not even an apology, but an, "I'll get back to you". It has now been almost two-weeks without a word. Too bad, it used to be a nice place.
By: fresumi
Pancho Villa Restaurant
Yum Yum! Watch out Posados, Mercados and forget about El Charros on the ridge this small restaurant is whipping out quality authentic Mexican food at low prices. I was thoroughly surprised and very pleasantly pleased when my Huge plate of beautifully prepared food was served so fast. The owner was truly concerned about our visit and thanked us for coming. The waitress was very attentive from beginning to end. This is now one of my favorite places to go and with the prices they charge, I can take a few friends with me the next time- WILL YOU BE ONE? I guarantee you'll enjoy it and be a repeat customer like myself! Lip smacking good!
By: xkings903
Marisco's Dj's
I give this place a 3 because the food is ok. There is one dish that I love and that's the only reason info to this place. The customer service is well what can I say it's just young folks doing there job. We went on a special day and the lady who cleans the tables was really rude. She saw that we were low on chips and she just grabbed the tray did not say excuse me or anything. Than she came back and placed them down with such an attitude. We will not be going back there again. Besides the salsa is not even good. It's bland. I think there more worried about selling alcohol than selling food.
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By: makemehotp
The Jalapeno Tree Mexican Restaurant
Dined here with a group of coworkers and students from our institution. The service was just okay but the environment was pretty nice. They serve you two types of salsas; one of which is traditional and the other a white cream sauce. Both were okay but I prefer the traditional sauce. I ordered the fajitas which was large enough to feed to persons. The steak was very tender and juicy while the shrimp was flavorful and accompanied by a side of melted butter. I've recommended this place several times and will dine here again.
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By: Lillith A.
Papacita's Mexican Restaurant
so, I was reading reviews on this restaurant on another site, and they got a couple of "bad" reviews. And wouldn't you know those bad reviews made me WANT to try this place. The bad reviews were about how spicy their hot sauce was, and how much chili powder they used. Not only was this place good, but I went back the second day for round two. Oh and the hot sauce.. not THAT spicy. At least this place has good hot salsa. The papacita's in longview doesn't have ANY spicy dips. (I won't eat at that one.)
By: jasamine.reeves
Honey Tree
Tried it for the first time today and I'm hard to impress on a first visit, however I'm in love. When searching for vegan options the chef came out personally to offer suggestions and made sure this customer was satisfied! The tea is amazingly delicious. Beautiful venue to dine and fellowship with friends or eat alone. Comfortable setting, perfect temperature and lighting. Friendly and helpful staff. I was very impressed and will definitely be returning !
By: Brandon B.
Taqueria El Lugar
I don't care if they have beards, or they serve me an hour after I ordered.. doesn't change the fact that it's the best quesadilla (burrito) I've ever had. I live in Dallas now and it still doesn't keep me from occasionally making the 1.5 hour trek just to eat at this place. These other reviewers are going to a hole in the wall and complaining about service and grooming??? Why?...
By: xkings903
Don Juan Mexican Restaurant
Hands down this is my favorite place for a hot fresh decent price meal! The service is amazing. Very friendly and patient. The whole place in general seems clean. Bathrooms always looking and smelling clean. Because you know the type of business it is by the bathrooms. Clean bathroom= clean kitchen.
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By: Gerry N.
Reggie's Burgers
Burger was good, not on my top ten list. Meat was a little too rare for me. I like my steak rare but my burger medium well. The counter lady convinced me to stay and try the burger. I wish I had gone next door for pizza. I will choose differently next time I'm in town.

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