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By: Yasmine H.
Stone School of Massage
I disagree with the negative comments that have been posted on various sites about Stone School of Massage. I would highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to study massage therapy. I would also recommend this business if you want to receive an incredible massage. I was a student there, and I wanted to wait until I completed the whole process so that I could write a complete and informed review. I went to school for a year and was taught by Ms. Abby, and completed the internship working with Mr. Stone. I have personally witnessed the way they try to accommodate all of their customers and the lengths they will go to so that every customer is taken care of. If there was an instance where a customer was asked not to return, I have to believe that every effort was made to accommodate them first. Additionally, name calling over the internet by an adult makes me question the validity of the negative review. As a business owner, you have to draw the line somewhere. From my experience, Mr. Stone was nothing but professional and made it his business to be as clear as possible when relaying any information. As for Ms. Abby, she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She does have strict rules, but for every rule there is a reason it was made. For this type of education, she has to keep strict rules to ensure the safety of all her students and give them the education they deserve and paid for. This is also an adult education class which means students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible adults. If you want to get into this field and plan on doing the bare minimum while having everything handed to you, don’t waste your time or money. This is one of the best classes I have ever taken, but this class is not easy. It requires hard work, and you have to be dedicated to doing the work if you want to succeed. She is not going to show you how to just rub lotion on someone and have you memorize some definitions. She is going to teach you how the body works so that you can give a massage that can make a difference in someone’s life, as well as prepare you for the business side of this career. Ms. Abby will go above and beyond to help any student, and she genuinely cares about everyone’s success. However, the bottom line is you will get out of this class whatever you put into it.
By: i_learned_touch
Stone School of Massage
I’ve had a really great experience there at stone school of massage. I subscribed to the course to learn. Students learn personal boundaries, how to handle a bad situation, to present yourself as a therapist not a student. The owner/instructor is down to earth, considerate of others, and professional. Speaking of professionalism, to say and post a comment on the internet about a persons “parent should be shot”, is not only wrong but illegal. I thought “the program itself is adequate”, (says concerned_graduate). I’ve seen her (Abby Stone) help students that struggle, including myself, she has never said anything inappropriate. On the contrary she would ask anyone to join her weekend class for any extra help. This course is for adults, those that are willing to work, listen, and participate on any group activity you know where to go. If you think this is still high school, boy she’s going to make you sweat.
By: lisa.s.jordan1
Stone School of Massage
I have read some bad reviews on here but I have to say I disagree. I am a student at this school and I see a teacher that is dedicated to making sure her students learn everything there is to know about the business of Massage and how to handle different situations. If you are a student that shows lack of interest and not studying then yes you may be on Miss Abbeys list, but if you show interest and work hard to learn shes the first to notice. I can honestly say I have never met a teacher like her. I actually get what she teaches and I have always struggled in a class room but she comes up with ways to make it connect. If you are thinking of going to Massage School, trust me this is the place. If you are looking for a school where you can slack off and come in late and miss class all the time then this is not the school for you.
By: Madelyn C.
Larry D. Skylar MMP
This is the place to go with specific issues. I am a massage therapist, and I've referred several client to Mr. Skylar with pain issues. I'm not just saying, I've also been his client with severe back issues. I've come limping in and walking out. Without the limp. He is very professional with years of experience and a truckload of education!!! It's not just the letters after his name, he knows how to use his skills. Highly recommend.
By: heatherlspann
Stone School of Massage
I attended school here in 2013 day class and it was by far the best thing I ever did. Abby Stone was and exceptional teacher. The Stone's run a very structured school and the things that I learned while in school go well beyond massage therapy... I would recommend Stone School of Massage to anyone looking at becoming a therapist or looking to take continuing education classes.
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By: Shelia W.
Stone School of Massage
I am a student and I am very glad I chose Stone School of Massage . I have found the Stones up be very fair . This is not a goof off school , they hold your education as their top priority . She expects you to do what you are supposed to do ( as she should ) . If she sees you trying she will go well past her line of duty up help you . She is a awesome instructor .
By: tiffanym0414
Dewet, Deborah
Deborah is beyond amazing. She helped me with sore parts of my body, that had never been fixed. She also showed me how to stretch correctly to keep it from coming back. Be aware, she does rub intensely, so just tell her how much you can handle. I have been to many places to have deep tissue massage, and she is the only person I would go back to see.
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By: Tammy W.
Larry D. Skylar MMP
I received an awesome massage by Larry Skylar. It was by far the best massage I'd ever gotten. He worked on all the areas that had severe knots and tightness in the muscles. If you're looking for more that a typical back rub, I highly recommend letting Larry help you with all your issues!
By: brooke.lawrence.397
Massage by Madelyn @ Salon Boutique, Suite 51
Madelyn has moved to Salon Boutique in Tyler, TX. 301 W. Heritage Dr. 75703She is a very sweet and caring lady. She will take care of you. Salon Boutique is located by Carmike 14 off of Broadway. You won't be disapointed. :)
By: Jessica W.
Sheila Wilcox, Licensed Massage Therapist
I always overdo it when working out, so my muscles get too sore. Sheila really helps me feel better. I usually get a Deep Tissue massage from her, but I've also had Swedish massage . They are both amazing!

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