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By: Fresumi B.
My husband always rely upon me to choose where we'll eat out at if one of us don't cook on a particular night. Well, normally I'll go to places we've patronized before but decided I would surprise him with somewhere different. So like I do with anything else before I /we spend our money, I researched the place. Let me be honest here, I have no idea what planet, galaxy, town, or time zone the other NEGATIVE reviewers went to when reviewing this place but its no where near the place or experience we had. As soon as we walked in we were sweetly greeted and told we could sit wherever we wanted. Next, Kirby our waitress attended to us as if we were near and dear to her. Amazing!!!! Our appetizer then entrees were bought out before we could drink half of our beverages. And Hadley at the bar was so courteous and friendly, she multi - tasked like no other! This place rocks! The waitress checked on us constantly and the food was presented beautifully and tasted divine. A true GREAT place!!
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By: cwayne4u
Poch's Rice Cafe
Food was great, was way more than I could eat, will have tomorrow for lunch. The Egg Rolls are the best I've eaten in Tyler. Had a choice of soup or egg roll and I wanted to try both, maybe next time. Thinking the owner's children were there eating. They were having Pot Stickers, they looked great, wanted to try that too. This place is near my home, prices were in line and the quantity was way more than I could eat. Joy and I can share a dish. I wish them good luck because I hope to eat there again and again. The Hot and Sour soap was only $1.62, that's my favorite, great quick lunch. The place is located in that little strip center at 64 and the loop. Can't ask for much "Atmosphere" I was the only customer at 8:PM on a Monday night. Y'all try it out, I want them to do well so they'll stay.
By: bar10jen
Jucy's Old Jacksonville Hwy
I have used the Jucy's on 5th for years and have always been pleased and would recommend them.The one on Old Jacksonville I use from time to time if I am out that way shopping or what have you.When I use the drive thru I get good service and my food is right.When I order inside, whether to-go or dine in, it is always something.Fries missing when I get home or my order sits on the counter without someone buzzing our buzzer or bringing it out to us before it gets cold, employees visiting with their families in the dining room ignoring guests, sections closed off an hour and a half before closing even if they get busy.I love a good Jucy's burger but I will stick to the original on 5th, never been steared wrong there.
By: fresumi
Posados Cafe
This wonderful restaurant has been around for years and its been well worth it. The food is perfectly prepared authentic Mexican cuisine! Starting with appetizers, entree then dessert this place pleases even the most discriminating palattes. Centrally located in Tyler, its easy to find( on 5th street- near Tyler Junior College) so it doesn't matter where you live: North, South, East or West- Posados is the best. The servers/waiters are attentive, the food is awesome and the prices are very affordable. I've been a loyal regular customer for countless years (my family as well) and I will continue to be so. Mucho Bueno Posados! Yummy!
By: kinsey.wallace
Tuscani Italian Restaurant
Finally, Tyler has a legitimate Italian restaurant! Every dish at Tuscani is handcrafted from scratch. My family eats here just about every week, and we often try something new. Everything that I've eaten here has been absolutely delicious. Tuscani has a really excellent lunch special that comes with a salad for only $6. My favorite is the Spinach Ravioli, but the most popular dish is the Pasta Sampler: lasagna, ravioli, and manicotti! Their pizza is phenomenal, also! The owners are always welcoming, and the waitstaff doting, which puts the experience over the top.
By: Nicole L.
TGI Fridays
It was quiet and not a huge crowd out. We had Spinach dip as a starter. Some of the chips were too hard or maybe old however the dip itself was good. My twins ordered sliders and seemed very satisfied with their order. I ordered a half rack of ribs and they went over well. They didn't seem to have as much flavor as ones that I have eaten their in previous visits however. My oldest ordered the battered shrimp and was satisfied with his choice as we. Our waitress was Samantha and she was very tentative to our needs and also complimented the boys on their behavior.
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By: Denise C.
The Burger Grind
Heard this place had opened and went to try it out with several friends. They have a great variety of burgers, and a make your own menu. Sweet potatoes fries which I love and also regular. and curly fries. The meat was fresh, juicy and cooked to perfection. The service was great and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Will definately be back. I highly recommend this restaurant.
By: Ricky b W.
TGI Fridays
Took almost five mins to get drink order actually had to remind hostess we hadn't been helped got our food my burger was great the beef had a very good flavor. I think service could be quicker especially at 4:45 pm. Lots of servers standing around Wish they were friendlier would come again for the. Food and hope for better service
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By: Larry H.
The first time I went the food was EXCELLENT. The second time it was less than desired. Especially after telling a friend how good it was then he and I both not experiencing that. The waitress we had was trying WAY TOO HARD to make a tip by excessively calling everyone "honey", "sugar", "baby", "sweetie". Way too thick.
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By: makemehotp
I ordered the Classic Smash w/ original fried and the meal was pretty good. Their burgers have a distinctive taste, which makes them stand out from other franchises. They are about $3 higher than other places, but the value is pretty good. I'd order this meal again and would try other items on their menu as well.

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