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By: Concerned C.
Legacy Hospice
Worst hospice in Tyler. Staff is unprofessional & does Not keep appointments. They will lie under false pretenses to have families sign up thier loved ones, then they don't take care of them. I would not let them care for my family. Or my dog
By: Robert O.
Awesome Treasures
If you love to make your lovedones happy, buy them some items at this gift shop for special occassions. I went here every month to find items on sale, and I'm very lucky.
By: topwall
A-1 Rent All
When we need to rent a piece of equipment, we always call A-1 first. They have always been friendly, professional, helpful and usually always have the equipment we are looking for. Should they have problems with their equipment they handle it quickly and been more than fair. We highly recommend our friends at A-1 Rental!
By: diannapappas1969
Yamato Hibachi & Sushi
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I will try anything once but this was the second time I've been to Yamato and will never return. We made an 8:15 pm reservation Saturday night and arrived around 8 pm. We were seated about 8:05 pm at a Hibachi table. Our orders were taken promptly after we sat down. Two of my friends ordered from the hibachi and two of us ordered Bento boxes. A chef didn't come to our table to start cooking until almost 9:15 pm. At that point my friend asked the server when we would get our Bento Boxes since everyone that ordered from the hibachi was getting their food. He went to check and said there was an order in front of ours...this is after we had put in our order over an hour ago. At that point my friend said she wasn't hungry anymore and cancelled her order. The server came back and said the manager didn't want her to be unhappy and offered to comp her meal. I waited just as long and was not offered an apology nor any compensation for my meal which was fine. I paid for exactly what I got but I WILL NEVER BE BACK. The server was rude and unapologetic and the food was average. What really added insult to injury is when they comped my friends meal but brought her a ticket for $2.65 for her diet coke which by the way she got in the bar while we were waiting on a table.
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By: jim.hallford.5
A-1 Rent All
The absolute worst customer service at the front desk. My widowed mom on limited income rented a wet saw at 12:30 p.m. to help out my newly widowed sister while I did her bathroom renovation project. I got it set up and made the 1st 2 cuts at 2:30 noticing that the blade was dull. I didn't have time to stop and deal with it and was hoping I could get by with it. from 2:30 to 4:45, I was doing other work and returned to the saw after a-1's workday was virtually over, and I just decided I'd return it in the morning, ask for a replacement blade or new saw and they'd be gracious and apologetic about it, and understanding about a lot of wasted time. I was up to 3 a.m. trying to finish the job, but never did because of the poor performance of the machine. I awoke at 9:30 to return the machine at 10 a.m. only to get grief and sarcasm from the front desk guy. no apology to my mom for the poor condition of the equipment, much less his 3rd grade name calling behavior. Owner Mike Frazier came out and started f- wording all over the place and grabbing my arm, threatening to call the police, etc. without even knowing what had taken place, and it goes without saying they broke their contract by not providing the service they promised nor did they refund her money.
Tips & Advices
The primary service of nurseries is production and/or sale of plants, trees, and related products. Some nurseries provide delivery and installation of plants and trees. Nurseries can also provide irrigation materials, service and irrigation management, landscape design and maintenance, lawn care, and tree service and maintenance.
While there are many nurseries that provide various product guarantees (usually with limitations), each establishment has its own set of rules and policies. Ask questions and do your research before buying.
Nurseries are able to nurture a plant from seedling to mature plant with skill, potentially increasing its longevity and health. All you have to do is maintain it. Nurseries have the resources and personnel to handle a wide variety of plant life, which creates a more diverse selection for the consumer, and can help  guide you in growing your own green thumb.
Besides the obvious geographical difference, the main thing separating indoor from outdoor plants is their temperature tolerance. Some require cooler temperatures and shade; others need more direct sunlight and warmth; some are flexible and able to thrive in either environment, provided the temperature differences are not extreme.
The best plants for low-maintenance care include ficus, spider plant, Mother In Law’s Tongue, cacti or cactus, Peace Lily, Touch-Me-Not, ivy, succulents, and Kalanchoe. Each of these plants requires minimal watering and attention (but still might like you to talk to them).

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