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By: Patricia R.
Lindale Storage
Mr. Healy runs a nice place, but if it is ever necessary to speak with him about a problem or issue, be prepared to be insulated and talked to like a complete idiot.We had a storage unit with this man for just over two years, but because of unexpected an unexpected illness which took away about three fourths of our income. My husband spent over three months in the hospital. Mr. Healy attributed this to our immaturity and mental status. His last comment, before he hung up on me, was that I am crazy. I guess this was a temporary state, as I was completely sane when I was spending money.He immediately became angry, insulting me and yelling. I tried to tell him that I wasn't angry, I was merely trying to find my possesions. In his response he contradicted himself, and refused to simply make sure the unit was indeed empty.Consequently, I am giving him a five for his facilities, but a one on service. As long as you don't have any obstacles in life, you may be mature enough to to rent a storage unit. Maturity is apparently, a necessary quality not mentioned in the lease agreement. I guess the bottom line for me is, if you can't control your temper at his age, maybe he is not so qualified to judge his customers.So, you have the good, and bad make your own choice.Oh, and the five star review above mine, was posted by Mr. Healy. How pathetic is that?
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By: Jake M.
ICANN Moving Company
Overall great experience! I highly recommend them!!!!CON: * Wasn't easy getting an "official" quote I felt comfortable showing my employer for reimbursements. But after I made that clear, Henriettawrote up a contract for me to use. PROS: * The guys were VERY professional and courteous. * They padded and shrink wrapped EVERYTHING. Our items were welltaken care of* There was only one piece of damage and they pointed it out on theunload. A wooden leg that was already soggy had gotten worse in thehot trailer. * They stuck to their commitments with me! Timeline AND price. * They moved me from TX to OH with 1 weeks notice and was $1,000dollars cheaper than the big moving companies* The move was dedicated. We didn't share trailer space with anyoneelse. CONSIDERATIONS: They not have as much presence and professionalism in terms of marketing, but give them a chance!! I have heard all sorts of horror stories about big moving companies and ICANN was as smooth as possible!
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By: Rjt S.
ICANN Moving Company
If you are moving and need to hire a good moving company, then you need to hire ICANN Moving Company! Forget all the rest!!Believe me, they are THE BEST. I have moved many times and so I know a good moving company when I see one! These men are very professional and they did a great job for me. They packed everything on the truck very carefully, and very tight, so that nothing shifted during the four-hour drive. They worked quickly too. They also unloaded the truck very quickly. In fact, they finished two hours ahead of when I expected the job to be done. Elijah and his team are people you can trust to do a great job. You will be as pleased as I was. Nothing was damaged. Nothing. And to top it off, Elijah and his team were friendly and polite, and the cost was very fair and reasonable. Moving is hectic, but Elijah and his team made it so much easier. If I ever move again, I'll definitely call them... and I MOST CERTAINLY recommend them VERY HIGHLY!!
By: Daniel M.
ICANN Moving Company
Great Move. They finished a couple hours faster than projected. The price was fair considering a move from a second floor, 2 hours away and up to the third floor. I've unpacked nearly everything and haven't found anything broken. They didn't damage either apartment that I've seen. They totally wrap and protect all of your furniture. The owner is clean cut, mature, and professional. He hires good hard working guys. They were on time (early) and busted it non stop, they don't milk the clock. Suggestion, If you hire any movers, be nice, get a case of cold water and keep them hydrated in this Texas heat! Be kind, We hired movers because we hate doing it ourselves. Thoroughly grateful for the work these guys did they are worth every penny!(If your Google Places page shows up in the future I will try to review there too)
By: johnramey
ICANN Moving Company
I was looking for a dependable moving company to pack and move my mother from Monroe,louisiana to Dallas,tx. I am a member of ANGIES LIST and notice several good reviews about this company. One of our members said they had seen ICANN Moving on YP.com. So i investigated and saw all of there good reviews on this sight. So i was already going to use them. The thing i liked about this company is that they came out to my mothers house and gave us a free written estimate. These guys actually stuck to there word on the price,very impressive. They packed up my mother on a tuesday and moved her that Wednesday. The guys were very polite to me and my mother. They did a very professional job. THANKS ICANN MOVING AND PACKING TEAM
By: dr.m.tuttle
ICANN Moving Company
I AM DR. MICHEAL TUTTLE. I am writting this review to let everyone no that ICANN is DEFINATLY one of the Best moving company i've used. I have a private office in the houston area and was looking for a well credited moving company to move us. We have 7 offices in our building. So we called ICANN after reading all of there reviews. They sent out a crew of eight men that were all professional in appearence and attitude. They worked for three days from 8:00 am to 5:00pm only took an hour lunch break and kept after it. They got us moved in on the deadline that we contracted for. With no problems. SO I WILL BE RECOMMENDING THIS COMPANY.
By: Stacey M.
ICANN Moving Company
Me and my family moved from Dallas,Tx to Austin,Tx. I read the reviews from there sight on Angie's List they came very highly recommended. We hired them to pack and move our family. They informed me that if we let them pack and move us that we would be fully insured that gave me and my husband a since of relief. the packers showed up and packed us up in about 8 hours,then the next day the movers came in wrapped up everything and loaded it onto there truck. the third day they delivered and everything made it as promised no scratches no dents or damages. It was a costly move but it was well worth the money.
By: arielomar
ICANN Moving Company
Me and my family recently moved here from California to the Austin,tx area. We were moving our 5,300 sqft home from Austin to Houston and we needed some one who would handle our furniture with the most safest care. So we called ICANN MOVING,which my wife found them on ANGIES LIST so we new that they had to have been a credible company there ratings were all A's so we chose them for our move and i have to say that they were very professional and knowladgable moving antiques and expensive furniture. They even moved our BABY GRAND PIANO with no problems. So thank you ICANN MOVING FOR A SUCESSFUL MOVE....
By: milfordj
ICANN Moving Company
My wife and I used Icann Moving based on there reputation on angies list and yellow pages. We hired the company to pack and move us from Shreveport, louisiana to Austin, tx. It was going to be a three day move as qouted by the owner. Day one was packing day two was loading and day three was getting us moved into our new how. All three days they showed up on time, they protected my floors at both locations which was very professional, they got us moved into our new home with no damages to my furniture or property. I will definatly recommend there services to others. THANKS ICANN MOVING GREAT JOB!!!
By: kiethandsherrel
ICANN Moving Company
BEST PRICES,BEST SERVICES. We called icann moving to come look at our home to give us a accurate qoute for a pack and move. The two owners came out and gave us the qoute they guaranteed us a price and stuck to it. There packers properly labeled ever box by room. They used a special tape that was all colored by rooms. This made it easier and faster for thier movers to place the boxes in the proper places. There 6 movers got us loaded and ready to go in less than two hours. They had us unloaded in the same amount of time. Icann Moving is simply one of the best.
Tips & Advices
Many storage unit companies provide moving equipment that you can use to help maneuver your belongings. This equipment might be available for rental, and some storage companies will loan certain items to you at no charge. The range of options can include items such as push carts and dollies.
Storage units allow vehicle storage, and you'll typically need to rent an outdoor unit to facilitate this process. An outdoor storage unit that accommodates vehicles may have its own walls and door, or it may be a covered unit that's partitioned with wire mesh. Another option is to rent covered storage for your vehicle. With covered storage, your vehicle is stored in a space that is shared with other vehicles. These spaces are similar to parking spaces in a secure lot.
There are certain differences that separate indoor and outdoor storage units. Indoor storage units are often housed in secure facilities, and they offer perks such as climate control. These units are the best choice for sensitive and valuable items, since they offer protection from pests, weather, and intruders. Outdoor storage units are usually much larger than indoor units, and they often offer drive-up access to each unit. Outdoor storage units are excellent for storing larger items such as furniture, boats, and cars.
Storage unit rental fees do not include property insurance for stored items. Storage facilities are typically protected by insurance, but this coverage only applies to the building itself, and not the contents of the storage units. Your homeowners insurance might provide coverage for your stored items. Storage insurance is also available, and premiums typically start at roughly $7 per month for $1,000 worth of coverage.
The minimum rental period for most storage units is one month. Some storage facilities offer promotions and discounts that require a longer minimum rental period for discounts to be redeemed. For example, a storage facility might offer the first month of rental free with a two-month minimum.

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