By: Marissa M.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Delicious as all Chipotle's are, of course. Gets really busy around peak hours with long lines, but still relatively fast. One time they "ran out" of chicken (it wasn't even busy) and acted like it was impossible for them to make anymore (it was around 2pm so not like it was near closing time). One girl was extremelyyyyy rude to me and to my surprise, a coworker witnessed and not only made me the chicken burrito I desired but also comped it!Generally the staff are pretty nice, but I've returned since the above incident and the same girl was working, and was rude to me again! I've seen her be unfriendly to other customers as well, so I know it isn't a personal vendetta towards me.
By: Leslie R.
Captain D's Seafood Kitchen
The cashier was very well mannered and efficient. The racist white girl handling out to go orders was not. I asked the young lady if there was sauce available for my dessert. She replied no. A white lady asked her (right after I'd asked) and she replied yes and commenced to giving her not one, but two sauces. I asked if I could have one and she replied yes but still did not hand me a sauce. I asked her a third time and asked if she'd remembered me asking and she replied yes buy still did not give me a sauce. I practically had to yell "excuse me" for a different cashier to hear me and I finally got my sauce. Awful customer service.
By: Leslie R.
Manna Grocery & Deli
First time visiting manna grocery, I was extremely impressed with the store. The workers as well, except for one. The cashier who checked me out wasn't very nice. Maybe she was having a bad day or didn't like her job but, its not my job to figure that out. I would assume she was very racist. Other than this, everything was delightful. I would've given a 5 star rating if it wasn't for the snobby cashier (Judson).
By: daniyr
Cypress Inn
One of my favorite places for dinner out! They are right on the Black Warrior River, so there is a nice view. The bread service is devine!! Delicious muffins I could make a meal out of, and home made rolls. They have wonderful fried crab claws. And as far as plates, I have never had a meal I didn't LOVE. Always great service.
By: Michael S.
I like the the Bonzai sauce. I go every so often because it really is a good burrito with a little different spin. By the sound of it you may think it does not go together but it really is good. The regular shrimp sauce is a little too sweet for a burrito.
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By: Becky S.
Ezell's Express
Ezells catered an event at my apartment today and it was fantastic! I am SO happy there is a place in tuscaloosa now with actually good catfish! I will definitely be visiting their new place on 15th soon to try other things they have to offer!
By: Reggie A.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
First Chipotle I've seen for miles. They were very fast at getting my order and made it look hot and tasty. Burrito was so filling, wish there were more of these!
By: greatfisher71
Has to be the slowest drive thru at a mcdonalds in Tuscaloosa!!
By: lowcashflow
Manna Grocery & Deli
For the best in whole health living in Tuscaloosa, Mana is #1.
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By: Neva W.
Shark's Fish & Chicken
Always the best customer service along with the best food.

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