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By: Jennifer B.
Pizza Hut
Incompetence, incompetent individuals within every aspect of this business. I have never heard such Rediculous antics as when on the phone with the call center. Called 4 times one of which the young lady didn't even know how to spell Highway when putting in the address. Everyone I spoke with, spoke to the people in the back ground while talking to me. I wasn't even sure as to who they were speaking with at times. When speaking with the actual store employees one put me on hold for over 10 mn and never returned to the held call. The other employee when I called back stated company policy as not being able to deliver to a business. Ironically enough every time I order and have it delivered it b is to a business. Guess all of a sudden they haver decided differently. Therefore after over 45 minutes of trying to order I ordered from Hungry Howies, they deliver to a businetss, never put me on hold, didn't speak over my ordering to someone in the back ground and was very sufficient in their service, Pizza Hut just lost any future business from me, my family and any events.
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By: Jennifer B.
Hungry Howie's Pizza
The owner is an awesome guy. The service is always prompt. They go above and beyond when delivering. Was ordering from Pizza Hut the service was horrible the people were incompetent, so when I called to order from HUNGRY HOWIES it was fast and easy without hiccups or delays so it was awesome. Customer for life. Well for life of the company... ☺
By: daniyr
Cypress Inn
One of my favorite places for dinner out! They are right on the Black Warrior River, so there is a nice view. The bread service is devine!! Delicious muffins I could make a meal out of, and home made rolls. They have wonderful fried crab claws. And as far as plates, I have never had a meal I didn't LOVE. Always great service.
By: Michael S.
I like the the Bonzai sauce. I go every so often because it really is a good burrito with a little different spin. By the sound of it you may think it does not go together but it really is good. The regular shrimp sauce is a little too sweet for a burrito.
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By: Becky S.
Ezell's Express
Ezells catered an event at my apartment today and it was fantastic! I am SO happy there is a place in tuscaloosa now with actually good catfish! I will definitely be visiting their new place on 15th soon to try other things they have to offer!
By: Patricia S.
Domino's Pizza
We love your pizza. It's always freshly made just the I like it with all out favorite toppings. I am looking forward to finding a menu and building the ultimate pizza.
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By: Nancy W.
Papa John's Pizza
We love papa johns. There is NO better pizza then the PAPA JOHNS PIZZA. We don't like no body's pizza.
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By: Neva W.
Shark's Fish & Chicken
Always the best customer service along with the best food.
By: Crystal W.
Lee Palace
Love this place...great people great food

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