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By: Tammie S.
University Downs
University Downs is not a good place to spend your money. Parents and students DON'T waste your time renting here. Maintenance and management sucks. My daughter complained about a leaking refrigerator and washer and the front door wasn't sturdy and needed to be replaced. Nothing was repaired or replaced. At night you see the outside light shining thru the crack at the bottom of her door and during the winter months you could feel cold air coming thru the front door. The management illegally opened a certified letter I addressed to my daughter from myself claiming they thought it was rent money. My daughter moved out in August 2016 and I was so happy. DON'T RENT FROM UNIVERSITY DOWNS BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!
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By: Daniel S.
Crimson Student Living
Highly recommend living here. The new staff is awesome! They have events almost every week where you can get free food or hangout with other residents. Anytime something's broken or needs replacing it only takes a day or two for maintenance to fix it. They're pet friendly so that's a plus and there's a shuttle that will safely take me to and from downtown on the weekends. Too bad I can't give them more than five stars
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By: Alyssa T.
Crimson Student Living
If I could have rated this lovely apartment complex no stars I would have. And by lovely I mean it in the most sarcastic sense of the word. Where do i even start telling you all that is wrong with this establishment. Lets start with whats happening right now. There are two men in a bucket truck lifted onto the fourth floor and drilling into two of my bedroom walls with jackhammers removing the siding from the building. It is 7:24am. After countless phone calls to the on call phone to see if they could wait until a reasonable hour (8am) to start construction they told me there was nothing they could do about it but call the office once it opened. This has happened 4/5 days a week for the last 3 weeks. The management doesn't seem to think people drilling into your walls at 7am is a problem. Because its not their walls being drilled. Also don't let anyone fool you, theres a massive roach problem. One that management is very well aware of but doesn't seem to care enough to do anything about. Simply living a clean life and being preventative will not save you, they will be crawling in your clothes drawers. The staff here has a higher turn over rate then a mediocre mcdonalds. It seems like every day when you call the office a new staff member is answering the phone and has virtually no knowledge about simple questions. This year around thanksgiving a fourth floor balcony gave out and a man and a woman fell to the cement four levels down. The balcony gave out because management here at CSL didn't properly check and secure the balconies as they should have over the summer when "flipping" apartments. They claim they checked each individual balcony and made sure they were secure, if this were true they would not have blocked all balconies soon after the falling incident. They came around and switched the lock on all balconies so you could not open your door, many people were not home and able to get their stuff off of their balconies so their belongings remained out there "until further notice". Nearly three months later they came and "double secured" each balcony, had you checked them in the beginning this would have not needed to happen. It is a very good thing that I nor any of my friends are disabled because both elevators are constantly broken in our building. Just recently, both were broken at the same time and when the office was contacted they simply answered with "we are aware of the situation" and did not get it fixed for 4 days. There are two consistent maintenance men on staff. One, Shelton is great. He is friendly and talks to you while he fixes anything you need. Brian on the other hand is one of the rudest individuals I have ever encountered. He is mean to you for no reason at all, even passing you in the hallway. During football season this year there was also several sewage leaks on the first floor. I luckily as I mentioned live on the fourth floor, but could smell the sewage through the hallways. Several gamedays were spent with sewage pumps pumping out four or more apartments on the lower levels. Don't let all the good reviews on their facebook page fool you, this place is a ticking time bomb. Its just once thing after another and soon it'll self destruct.
By: Paul J.
Crimson Student Living
Very disappointed with CSL. Appears great on outside but management is weak. When moving in, they gave us a key to our new apartment and we walked right in to an apartment that had tenants in it. Office assigned us to a lived in apartment. For whole month of august and most of September, main gate was left open. Finally starting keeping gate closed but then keys would not function and went through about 5 sets of keys during a week trying to get gates around apartment to work. Management did not seem to concerned with issue and kept saying try this key and it should start working within a few hours after their system is reprogrammed. This went on for more than a week without much effort from management to correct issue. Another small issue is the wifi coverage for the complex is horrible. I hope my impression will change as year progresses but I do not anticipate any changes.
By: Heather G.
Crimson Student Living
I really enjoy living at CSL! I shopped around a lot before moving to Tuscaloosa. Most places were priced about the same but I liked that CSL offered a lot of great stuff like a 24 hour computer lab and gym. I was also surprised when I moved here from out of state (SC) that CSL offers events each month for the residents and even its own personal shuttle on the weekends for going to the strip or shopping that isn't associated with UA. It's really close to UA campus too. You can even see Bryant Denny Stadium. CSL made moving out on my own and out of state that much easier. I love living here and will be sad when I graduate and have to leave. They are one of the few places in Tuscaloosa that allows pets and that was a big deal to me since I wanted to bring my cat with me. That has made a big difference in making my apartment feel like home. I love it here. :-)
By: malbrennan
Crimson Student Living
Do NOT live here!!When I moved out I turned in all my keys and gate clicker to their management. And now, a year later they are saying that I did not turn them in and turned me over to a collection agency saying I owe them $150! No way!
Crimson Student Living
Please, for the love of all you hold dear, do not live here.I moved in on-schedule, meaning they had plenty of time to do a thorough cleaning of my apartment. In less than two weeks, I have discovered the following problems:1) There are rabbit droppings left over from the previous tenants. I was assured that the place would be cleaned. That is not the case.2) There are holes in my bathroom cabinets, through which cockroaches regularly run through. I have killed at least six of them in my time here. I have taped up the holes, but they still come through in a different way. I have had a service request out for a week, but no action has been taken.3) A light bulb is out, and my service request has also taken over a week, and is not completed.4) A corner of my carpet is frayed. I was told that it should have been replaced, since the previous tenants' rabbits had droppings everywhere, but this does not seem to be the case.5) My bedframe is old and creaky, and every time I turn over at night I wake up. This, needless to say, has had a negative impact on my concentration during work and class. Again, a service request has gone unnoticed.In addition, these apartments do not let you sublet. I repeat, they do not let you sublet. However, the staff are so incompetent that it doesn't exactly matter.The staff are rude and incredibly unhelpful. I went into the office multiple times because:1) When I moved in, they gave me the wrong keys to my apartment. I had to make three trips in order to have them properly fixed.2) They also forgot to give me a mail key, as well as my building code (which I still have not gotten, despite me asking).3) I have a different rate for rent because I signed a 10-month lease, which adds $75 to my rent. This is not reflected online, so when I go to pay my rent, it does not show the updated version. I have yet to receive a response to my inquiry about this; however, I did receive a condescending email that told me I had forgotten to pay my rent. This happened despite the fact that I specifically asked the attendant if my payment had gone through during move-in, and she assured me it had.In addition, while I was in the office on one occasion, I found that a staff member behaved in an unprofessional and racist manner towards an international student who was having trouble understanding the terms of their lease. She was rude and kept rolling her eyes and muttering under her breath. I eventually stepped in, since I could speak the international student's language, and asked for a different staff member. The issue, which was about whether or not the student could find an unfurnished apartment instead of the furnished apartment he had signed for (a task that should have taken no longer than 10 minutes) took 45 minutes.A few other things: if you wish to pay rent online, there is an added $10 convenience fee that you are not informed about. The apartment complex is about a mile from campus, but riding a bike there is very difficult, since the first intersection you come across is very busy, and the sidewalk is very bumpy and hard to ride on. The shuttle does not, as advertised, come every ten minutes; it comes every twenty minutes. Though the place has a big TV (if you pay extra for furnishings) and free Internet, that's about all the good I can say about this place.Also, a fun little tidbit: a UA student was shot and killed in this apartment complex. I wish I'd known about that before I moved in. This is, without a doubt, one of the worst places to live in Tuscaloosa, if not ever. Two weeks in, I already cannot wait to move out.

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