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By: jason_y
Mister Sparky
Update: I was called by Darrell (the owner) and not only did he apologize and explain what happened he made everything right and then some. This is how businesses should be run. I appreciate all that Darrell did to turn a bad experience into a great one.I would have full confidence saying that any problem or bump you encounter with Mister Sparky will be made right and you can rely on Darrell to take care of you as a customer. After speaking with him I fully believe that he has his customer's best interest in mind and I will not hesitate to use Mister Sparky for my home or business needs in the future.Original Posting:-----------------------------------------------"You're busy, and your time is valuable. So having to wait on any service contractor simply isn't acceptable. That's why when you call Mister Sparky®, "We're On Time, You'll See, Or The Repair Is Free!" TM "They called at 11 to say he would be closer to 1. I was under the impression 11-1 was the time blocked off for our appointment, apparently it is their arrival window. Ok fine. So the lady said she would call when he was on his way. Never got a call, I had to call them at 1:15 to see if he was showing up.Ok so we had an 11 - 1 appointment. The tech arrived at 1:20 pm. When I asked about the guarantee he said, huh? And then oh... that only applies to repairs.... We had a service so apparently waiting is acceptable for installs. The work done looks nice and professional, that is why this gets two stars. Secondly, we won a "Free dimmer" at the home show, but when we told him where we wanted it he said, oh I only have ivory, it won't match. Do you still want it? Of course not... We want something that goes with the house. Third. He tried to charge full price and claimed to forget about the $50 coupon we had. Good work, yes. Everything else, not so much. Go with someone else if you can. We will for sure.Ok this was going to get two stars, but I've changed it to 1.Jason Y.
By: anonymous1806
Mister Sparky
I have had the best experience with this company over any other service or electrical company I have ever dealt with! First I called em up to have my Arc Fault Breakers looked at. When there technician showed up he explained that it wasn't the breakers having an issue but it was the equipment we were using that was causing it to trip on a regular basis. He explained in great detail of how the arc breaker works and why my a.c. Unit and wife's blow dryer was tripping the breaker. So we came up with a solution. Ductless heat pumps so I didn't have an ac unit plugged in on our bedroom circs. Problem is our panel was full to the max. So we had them install a 100 amp sub panel. Great work and beautiful installation by there technician named Shane!! Well those heat pumps are very spendy to say the least. So I had requested Shane to come back ( which at Mister Sparky you can request your technician) and give me an estimate on running dedicated circuits for the a.c. Units and to install cadet heaters. Shane came out and did just that. Love everything about this company and have no problem using them again and referring them to all friends and family as well!! Thanks Mister Sparky!!!!
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Most homes would benefit from having their air ducts cleaned every five to eight years. If there are pets in the home, or residents with respiratory ailments or compromised immune systems, the air ducts should be cleaned more frequently.
For the typical single-family home, air-duct cleaning takes between two to four hours. If there are pets in the household or it is an older home, cleaning the air ducts could take a bit longer. The ductwork in condominiums and townhouses might require less than two hours to clean.
Dirty air ducts can have a negative impact on indoor air quality, and poor indoor air quality can lead to allergies and respiratory ailments. A dirty air duct is also more likely to become infested with vermin. Hiring a professional to clean air ducts helps ensure the task is tackled efficiently and thoroughly.
The primary benefit of investing in a new furnace is greater efficiency. Newer furnaces are built to use a lot less energy than their predecessors, and can bring huge savings in monthly heating costs. Newer furnaces also offer a more comfortable user experience, since they are equipped with zoning systems and other amenities to help adjust and fine-tune temperatures throughout the home.
Furnaces are built to last 18 to 20 years, and an older furnace will likely suffer costly breakdowns. If there’s been  an increase in repair costs, it's likely that the time has come to replace the furnace. Another factor to consider is heating bills. Older furnaces are a lot less efficient than newer models. A new furnace will likely pay for itself relatively quickly via a lower energy bill.

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