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By: T L.
Brookfield Community
A lot of changes being done around here the new maintenance supervisor Joe is just amazing very friendly and knows what he is doing I see good things coming with him around he put up pet stations and is cleaning up this place I always see him working and picking up trash to make this a better place Thank You Joe for all you are doing
By: Favorwith G.
Somerset Park At Union Apartments
100$ TRICK!!!!! They will make it seem like you are going to get a apartment make you feel really good give you a apartment number and right it on the money order and then run your credit check and tell you well look like you owe this are look like you have this so NOW you have to pay 2 months rent alone with the $100.00 we just scammed you out of but we really want to give you a place to live we really do but we just screwed you out of $100.00 for coming threw the door!!!!!! WARNING!!!!! If you have anything on your credit anything that look like it might stop you from leasing dont give them that money order for $100.00 you will be upset EVER heard the statement warning before destruction I only had $100.00 that day matter of fact I had to borrow 20 from my friend cause I was sure they where going to work with me BUT low and behold I was told pay double rent and you got it YEA WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? but God Bless them they are going to do this to many times and end up in the bad KARMA is AMAZING I cant wait to see what KARMA DO I will be looking and Listening. I pray they stop doing this to people I no im not the only one, they do it to smooth......
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By: Sharon R.
Country Hollow Apts
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By: Candice F.
Brownstone Apartments Managers Office
Come check out brownstone they are really nice apartments and they are some really nice people and their is a pool
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By: Charles K.
Riverside Park Apartments
I am a current resident and live in building 'A'. I have had nothing but issues since moving into this unit. I lived in a different apartment about four years ago and did not have the small concerns. The property has been through multiple managers and assistant mangers in the 10 months I have lived here. In addition, the property has had multiple district managers with the most current one being Carmen Suggs. She is supposed to be the vice president of operations at Gaines Investment Trust (they own the property), which is located in La Jolla, CA.Since moving in I have had issues with things getting fixed and or fixed properly. Their contractors are nearly as unskilled as the management. The "insulated" windows in the unit continually condensate and grow mold. There is no humidifier in the unit, the exhaust fans are used during showers, and the curtains and blinds remain open during the day. There is a 14-month old baby in the unit and I asked that NO bleach solution be used for the mold because the baby is able to access the sills: we all know babies put everything in their mouths. Well, much to my surprised their maintenance manager used bleach while I was not home, but my girlfriend and our baby was. He also attempted to explain how mold grows and that "it is completely safe if babies touch it" to my girlfriend, which was a blatant lie. I have a biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology background and there are several different types of mold that can grow and without culturing a sample there is no way to determine any health hazards associated with the mold. When I got home I went straight to the office and spoke with the manager (Amber) who even admitted she knew I would not be happy with the maintenance manager’s efforts. She called the maintenance manager for me to speak with directly. The maintenance manager (Mark) could not make up his mind on what he used in my apartment, which I already knew was a bleach:water mixture. He tried lying to me that he used a mold remediation product, but then eventually said it was a bleach:water solution of 1:1 and is specifically mixed to be most effective on mold and one that he was taught in a mold remediation class; he could not produce a MSDS for his product, which is an OSHA violation for their workplace. Additionally, his application of an unknown solution or solution concentration utilized for mold remediation is in violation of the state agricultural department's regulation on specified product usage as an applicator with the intent of controlling a specific pest (e.g., mold). The Riverside Park apartments have now decided not to offer a lease renewal option. I realize they are able to non-renew based on believing the apartment may be of need, and it is, of extensive repair. However, they have not offered a different unit to us, not that we would pay a premium rent for a mediocre apartment complex. I think their non-renewal offer is comical, especially because I only have asked them to do things that are well-within their scope of responsibilities. In conclusion, DO NOT MOVE TO 'THE RIVERSIDE PARK APARTMENTS' IN TULSA, OK. You will regret it, I assure you. **On a side note: One of the things I noticed wrong with the apartment when moving in was that the sprinkler heads had been painted over. I called the Tulsa Fire Marshall's office and schedule a walk through. He was disgusted with the fire safety of the unit and the buildings. He made them put fire extinguishers in all of the buildings and on each floor, which was already supposed to have been...You are welcome! You can now extinguish a fire since it's not likely that your sprinkler heads will be in proper working condition.
By: Sophia D.
Cimarron Apartments
The Apartment Looks Nothing Like What They Advertised. They Refuse To Give You Your Security Deposit Back Even If You Don't Move Into The Apartment Complex. I Spoke With a Sofia Perez And A Sherri At The Corporate Office They said Once You Are Approved For The Apartment The Security Deposit Is Theirs To Keep. They Literally Skimmed Me Out Of $200.00 I Never Signed A Lease And refused Too Once I Saw What The Inside Of The Apartments really Look Like. Not Even worth The Application Fee. Beware They Are Scam Artists. They Do Not Care About Tenants Just Your Pockets..
By: Sierra P.
Sierra Pointe Apartments
Friendly office staff, beautiful outer appearance with a lot of on site amenities like 2 laundry facilities, basketball court, volleyball court, pool, soccer filed and playground area the units were well kept with gas stove, central air and heat and garbage disposal were available in each unit with the option of ceramic tile for down stairs units and carpet for upstairs units its hard to not make Sierra Pointe Apartments your home also they have 24/7 maintenance and courtesy patrol and their approval process is fast and easy they have 1,2,3 bedroom flats and 1,2 bedroom Town homes contact them today @ (918) 437-8080
By: Anonymous U.
Yale Manor Apartments
Bed Bugs and roaches have taken over. Drugs are bad here now. So called manager is rude. No one is ever in the office. The landscaping has gone downhill. There is no There is no security, my car was stolen.
By: Nancy D.
Avondale Apartments
My daughter lives here and it is awful. Can't get management to fix things. Have to call multiple times a day to get anything fixed. Took three months to get A/C fixed. Lease is up next week and she is moving. She is leaving all of her furniture because the roaches are so bad. Most of the apartments around her are empty because nothing has been done about the roach problem.
By: Cj A.
Heatherwood Apartments
The new management system has changed from great to horrible. Instead of a leasing agent we now have an entertainment director who should be discussing all the mechanical/structural problems to be fixed instead of what activity we all should be doing. I did not move in here to feel like a "retirement community" that requires buses to take me on trips around town (for a cost). Please just collect our rent and fix what needs fixing.

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