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By: Diane H.
Treating people like criminals! Not acceptable. Escorting my BFF husband out of your store for having long hair? What is this about???
By: Carlos S.
Walmart Supercenter
My complaint is about their pharmacy. Normally I have received great service; however on today’s visit (7/30/16) things were a lot hectic! I was made to drive in a circle for over an hour because the pharmacy wanted to be nice to other customers since one lane was down due to equipment malfunction which is fine, I understand that much. What really irritated me was that once I pulled out & back in, they would ask me the same questions I had already answered which didn’t make any sense since I had only spoken to the same 2 ppl within that hour! SMH… They have 2 great pharmacists that go beyond the call of duty but the rest of the team there seem to either hate their job or not want to keep their customers happy.
By: Kal R.
Walmart Supercenter
trailer park customer service. I will never shop at walmart ever again. target store is soo much better. the clerk at customer service (short white female, fat, with short hair) incident 11/18/2015 around 8;30am. issue: return item. i try to return item i purchase online on (sunbeam blanket) and enter store to return it the item, the clerk told be i cant return it because it is an online item so i told her that make no sense. when did walmart charge that policy? she start repeating her self that she cant return it so i told her to shut up and get me a manager who is familiar with the policy so they can return my item and the store manager came over and return my item with no problem. i encourage shoppers not to engage with walmart employees 99.00 not familiar with walmart policy, provide unprofessional customer service, and always have a attitude on their faces, I almost did something to that trailer park filth walmart employee that would have put me in jail for a long time. sam walton would not have never hired 90% of these pukes. BOYCOTT WALMART! SHOP AT TARGET! boycott walmart! shop at target!
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By: Sandy T.
Walmart Supercenter
Never have anything in stock
By: Jason A.
The Affordable Store
Great place, had all the parts i needed for our four wheeler, and very nice sales lady.
By: racheln4angels
The Affordable Store
We took our 4 wheelers there to get fixed, came back with missing bolts and when we unloaded it a screw fell off, it as we'll had a flat no biggie thought I would call them thinking maybe they forgot to put the bolt back in, we are all human and make mistakes they said they never touched any bolts we'll the sad part they had to to replace parts on it I had also asked bout the flat the guy started telling they are no tire shop ok we'll I was just wanting my 4 wheeler fixed the way they took the call I think they must get a lot of complaints he acted like I was wanting something free or something they told me not there fault and the tire had air in it when they had it and hung up, we'll I came in to tell my husband bout it and he said that's funny because bud had to put air in it before he loaded it we'll that made me mad I felt like because I was a girl I was treated different so I called right back when he told me that we'll they would not answer the phone called 4 times never would answer so I used my husbands phone to call back and the same guy answered I told him what my husband had said he again started saying we'll we are no tire shop I said I understand that I'm not trying to get anything out of this I'm willing to pay for the parts even the bolts they lost we'll he calmed down and started to help he did give me a name of a place to get a tire from but what got me the most is the mechanic was mouthing in the back ground saying tell her to get the number her self to find her tire her self really hard to take in hearing a business treat a paying customer like that before I got off the phone with the guy that had answered I made sure to tell him to tell the guy in the background mouthing that you were the one that volunteered the information all the guy on the phone could say is no problem no I'm sorry or anything but no problem we'll when my husband seen me crying and said wow I don't know what to say I have never been treated this way he called them back twice go figure no answer with all this being said I would not recommend anyone here yes their prices are very cheap but you do pay for what you get I will pay the more expensive price before I ever go back very awful to say and this is my first review to ever fill out that is how bad I was treated there! I will end it with this tho 3 years ago we bout a 4 wheeler and a go kart from them and had wonderful service so maybe new people don't know but I would do major research before you use them!
By: rodeomomx04
Walmart Supercenter
We had a very BAD experience in the photo lab area the day before. However, two managers up front one named Britney and the other an African American lady who's name I think was Cheyenne? But honestly can't recall took wonderful care of us ;) They gave the pictures that came out good for free, had us come back today and redo the ones that messed up yesterday and gave us those for free!! Plus they gave us a $25 gift card!! Once there today Britney saw us and came over and told the lady that was there today to make sure our picture we ordered where free and the other lady went back with us yesterday to make sure we had no more problems with the lady that was in the department anymore. Also todays lady was so helpful and kind just like the two Managers. All three of them displayed what great customer service skills truly are and they saved us from NEVER coming back again to where we will stop back in if in the area :)
By: lovepeace10812010
Walmart Supercenter
was nice and professional

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