• 1.Dixie Cafe

    127 S Broadway


    23.94 mi$


    You have to take the time and swing by downtown Coweta snd check out Dixie's Cafe absolutely excellent made from scratch food just like mom made!

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By: moleman1977
Enigma Vapor
Now known as Enigma Vapor because they wanted to be able offer their customers more products. They still offer the Volcano brand which is the reason I have purchased so much stuff there.This place is the one I chose to purchase the ecig that would work to help my wife stop smoking real cigs. The staff is very knowledgable and knows about their products. They are all ex-smokers who chose to make the change in their lives. I did my research on the best ecig to help people give up real cigs. Everywhere I looked, the reviews kept pointing to Volcano Vapor products. I was pleased to find a local storefront location, real people with real stories and that don't try to just sell you the product.They know their stuff here, they allow you to try the products (e-juice) right there, they have many, many flavors with different strengths of nicotine, they will be patient and courteous with you and will help you with all your questions. I know it is hard for the die hard smokers to give up their real cigs, but it works the best and no matter what anyone tells you, it works if you really want to stop. My wife went from 2 pack a day to doing just the juice. It took her a little over a week to give up the real cigs and switch to the e-juice and she is feeling better, breathing better, sleeping better and has accepted that it isn't exactly the same but it is a nice replacement.
By: krazy.dea
Enigma Vapor
Although this is a great place, I find the staff (one girl in particular) to make you feel stupid. Some of these vapor stores always seem to have a "know it all" person...you ask a question such as "what's this?' they tell you the answer...But when you raise an eyebrow because you have no idea what it is or how it works they sigh and tell you the exact thing they already said SO you have to feel like a complete air head and ask "can you explain?" This one girl I do not like AS you can tell. But other then her it is a great store...I love the (other) people there...They have a bar to sit at to try different types of flavors...Their prices are cheaper than Vapor Kings ( where my fiance & myself had went to first to buy our kits) Now that we have been to Enigma we love it, they have great hours which makes it very convenient to those of us who work all day, unlike VK..Great place to go.. I only gave it 4 stars because the girl shouldn't be working there and making us newbies feel so low.
By: Js N.
Burger King
This location has improved by leaps and bounds and their staff is always most courteous; but under pressure when busy, the food is a little too cold. Also, why bother to use tomatoes at all when they're not ripe? I'm kind of surprised they looked reddish as hard as they were and as green as they tasted. And sadly, this is always the case with your tomatoes. Also, I get it when you have to rush but still put ice in the drink ordered without ice (survivable, though unhappily so) but most of all, please get rid of that "plasticky" American cheese, or verbally offer another choice at the time of order. I am really surprised that restaurants even think of putting that fake American cheese on anything these days. It even tastes fake. So, BK, you really aren't so bad but you certainly could be better. Thank you.
By: seana.jones.75
We originally had an issue with our order. It was missing some things once we got home. I emailed Whataburger and got a call back shortly after offering to either completely refund the entire order or go in for a replacement. Dave the general manager was incredibly friendly and helpful. We later just decided on a replacement and the manager Claire was equally helpful. It was a simple mistake and I really didn't expect a full replacement but appreciated it nonetheless. Will go back and not just because we LOVE Whataburger but because their customer service is awsome and quick. Thankyou for all your help Dave and Claire!
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By: Michael T.
Burger King
I have always had good experiences here. The cashiers are always nice and don't look ghetto like a certain restaurant right across the street... I went tonight through the drive-through and either a cook or cashier just tossed a bunch of stickers inside a bag for my daughter while a certain other place with golden arches didn't even bother to give me any ketchup after I requested extra ketchup at the drive-through and forgot my soda pop... I know where I'll be eating next time... Oh, and their shake machine actually works unlike McDonald's shake machine, it's a miracle!
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By: Cameron B.
They messed up my drink 3x and when I got home I had someone else's order.I'm on a restrictive diet and couldn't eat anything I was given. I tried to call to rectify the situation and the phone rang 35 times before I decided to just write a review. After writing this, I called one last time and got someone who said they would make it right, so I've improved the rating to reflect that.
By: tyler_t
Mod's Coffee and Crepes
I was so excited to see a crepery open in Tulsa, and then I saw that they carried my other favorite dessert - GELATO. I've eaten here a few times, and haven't found a bad thing on the menu. They have something for everyone, and even have gluten free and vegan crepes on certain days. They have lots of specials throughout the week so check out their website and see what's going on.
By: Kathy M.
Sam's Southern Eatery
Was in this evening and it was good but 2 heavy women that were employed there were in a spat Kind of a turn off in a public place, The guy taking orders looked like a meth user all pimples on face. Prices a little high for this part of town I over all found food very good and hope it stays most places are good at first then slide down.
By: Aaliyah W.
Church's Chicken
I like this place, however, the drive thru situation they have set up is RIDICULOUS! You can't pull up to the window unless you back up & then pull back up which is impossible with people right behind you & the limited space. Clearly having a drive thru was not in their construction. Anyhow, good food & good service.
By: connie260
Mamasota's In & Out
I actually thought it was pretty tasty. They have real homemade tortillas. Received it in a plastic zip lock bag that kind of threw me off for a restaurant. Also their salsa is green not red. The Avocado Ranch was delicious. I would recommend that to anyone. Very generous portions as well. I would eat there again.

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