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  • 1.Salon De Belleza Sinaloa

    119 N Lewis Ave


    2.07 mi

  • 2.Salon De Belleza Moctezum

    2609 E 11th St


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By: Ronda J.
Luxury Nails & Spa
I'm sitting the the pedicure chair right now. I have had a wonderful experience. My girls and I have no complaints. Ignore poor reviews.
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By: Rebecca R.
Paris Nails & Spa
WARNING! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! I am not a person that normally writes reviews, but that is how disgusted I am by how I was treated at this place last week.I am an ORU student and was going to this place for the past 7 months since moving here. Until last week when the lady owner working on my nails absolutely flipped out on me for not telling her when I walked in that I wanted a fill. I politely told her there must have been a communication error between the both of us, but that is what I wanted to get done. Instead of being polite and offering good customer service, she was so extremely rude about having to work an extra ten minutes on my nails. It was the most bizarre thing! There was even a lady waiting behind me and she ended up walking out of the store, that's how disgusted she was at how the nail salon lady was talking to me and treating me. I ended up walking out too, saying it was not right to treat or talk to people that way. And the last thing she said before I left was, "Too bad, I still get customers!" Um, wow!
By: Alexis M.
Locker's Salon
I LOVE this Salon so much! Great for everyone! They really have a diverse selection of stylists as well as skill sets! Whatever you need, you can get it done here. AND Ashley is my regular girl and seriously takes such good care of my hair. Ive gone from black to blonde without any breakage so far! Thats what always impresses me. She really pays attention to what the client wants and needs and is always willing to work with you to figure out what those are! Great shop, great people. ❤️
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By: Seth M.
Cherry St Salon
I freaking love Lindsey. She knows how to cut men's hair like no ones business. Disregard the other review I've never seen a man work there. I have never been disappointed and have never walked out feeling bad about my cut. Amazing to say the least and one of the most affordable places in town. Don't forget to tip!!!!!!
By: P. S.
Raw Elements Salon
I go to Nicole who is just awesome when it comes to cutting hair and my color. I am very very picky about who cuts and colors my hair, too. She is young but amazing. I am not familiar with the other stylists but they all seem to be very good and definitely know what they are doing. I also like both Bumble & Bumble and Aveda products which is also a plus. They do whatever they need to do in order to make sure that you have a nice and relaxing experience while you are there. Their prices are comparable to any other good salon in town. You definitely get what you pay for at this one. They also have different levels of stylists to choose from too. I would highly recommend this location.
By: Allison B.
Professional Nail
I just had my nails done and all I needed was a fill. I didn't get the guys name that did them but he had a thin mustache with glasses, longish hair. Worst job I've had and to be fair I really liked this place the first three times I went. After trying luxury nails across 81st that kept popping off, professional had given good service until today. I don't know how he couldn't tell I was not happy with and still charge me $33 for it! The nails are thick, some didn't even go to cuticle and will probably need to be filled next week. He burned me 4 times with the sander around the cuticle and then with the needlepoint sander they clean under your nails with he jabbed so deep I jumped three times and that's usually my favorite part. All this and still didn't get the crap out from under my nails, made my thumb bleed and managed to burn my cuticles even though he couldn't get the powder all the way down to them. The first "I'm sorry" is understandable. After that I'm just sorry. I did t have time to have him fix Bc what usually is a 30-45 min fill tool an hour and 5 min and I was late picking up my daughter. Not too mention I was too afraid to let him fix.
By: Mary H.
Aura Of Beauty
It's been about 4-5 years & I still gets complaints, she does excellent work, would only recommend her.
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By: Charity T.
Super Nails
The Owner Jon is FANTASTIC! I will l definitely be back. .
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By: Richard G.
Ethan Monroe Salons
First. Many have told this old man does not understand the concept of texting. To deliver a short and concise message. I write novels so here is "War and Peace" in the form of praise. I'm an almost sixty year old man with health issues. Some minor and some major. I decided to work on my bucket list. As the poet said "I will not go quietly into the night". I've been skydiving seven times leading up to my dream of doing a HALO jump (high altitude, low oxygen) in less than two weeks in Memphis. I also decided to grow my hair long. Now I grew a full beard at the age of 13 and it grew in gray. My poor mother hated it but it did get me into most of the liquor stores in Tulsa. My grandfather had a beautiful head of silver hair. Always prayed mine would look like that. But time is no longer my friend so thats another thing on my bucket list I wanted to achieve. I searched on YELP for the best salon in Tulsa and found Ethan Monroe Studios. I called and spoke with Rachel ( a bright ray of sunshine ) and explained my desires. Many singers in my time were dubbed "the silver fox". I'm a pragmatic realist. I do not consider myself a handsome man nor even claim average. But I'm prettier than a stick in mud so I told her if I could achieve "the silver Platypus " look I'd be very happy. Yesterday I had my appointment and will admit several times I started to stop and go home. I wasn't just stepping out of my comfort zone. I was pole vaulting out of it. I had truly the honor and privilege of my "case" being handled by Ethan himself. First the location of the salon is perfect. Easy access to main roads and I44. When you enter the salon you can tell much thought went into details. Soft colors and smooth straight lines. Not minimalist nor ostentatious but the perfect blend to enhance comfort. The staff are all warm and welcoming in attitude and you truly feel like your in a family environment - without the dysfunction! Mr. Monroe has made sure to surround himself with like minded artist whose individuality and creative talents are encouraged and nurtured. And they are artist in their own right. Having been a Comercial art major but switching to health care I do understand. Each "individual " who comes through the door presents a different canvas with its own complexities. Quantity, texture, damage. Numerous factors apply coupled with the desire of the patron. So they are artist in their own right with each bringing their own specialty to the table. If you seek a "cookie cutter" approach to your hair this may not be for you. Each stylist wants you to leave happy. With a little added pep in your step and they would rather do 5 or 6 fantastic jobs than churn out 20 avarage ones. While there I saw an eclectic blend of customers come and go. From a power walking grandmother with beautiful white hair getting a "tune-up". Business men sprucing up an already polished look to young females seeking change in both color and cut. Then the likes of me. I can now say as a man that I understand why women feel so much better after having left a beauty salon. The psychology involved but I never thought the phrase " I just came from the beauty salon" would pass my lips.My fairly long hair was medium brown with a little gray. I had no idea of the process - just the prayed for outcome. Will admit after the "lightening process" that I was scared. At best I looked like in my mind like a very ugly French assassin. Now my fear was after the silver coloring was done I'd leave looking like Colonel Sanders. My mind was put at ease. No rush was put on my care. In fact a scheduled 2 hour appointment turned into almost 4 hours. Ethan insisted it be nothing short of excellent. And it is!Pricing is competitive and you most definitely get your money's worth and more. Must say I went in a very apprehensive old man and left feeling absolutely great. While in my mind I'm not "the silver fox", neither am I "the silver Platypus ". I'd say more a "silver honey badger"
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By: Teresa J.
Posh Nails & Spa
My "experience" was awful. I have never been treated so poorly anywhere! The place could be beautiful if it wasn't so dirty and unkempt. The remote on the pedi chair was so worn and gross you could not read the buttons. I asked the nail tech how to turn it back on...she grabbed it from me...said nothing and proceeded to hit every single button and handed it back to me irritated. Rude. But that turned out to be the least of the troubles. The nail tech who did my finger nails was the rudest person I've ever encountered. Not only was he disgusted that I would use my phone while he did my nails...he made it clear by saying "excuse me!!" each time I took more than a second to switch hands for him. He then finally told me to NOT use my phone of which I did not listen b/c that is crazy..this was my time to relax and I was paying a lot of money...if I want to play on my phone...I certainly will...I've never had a nail tech irritated about that and I am very's not like I made him wait until I finished a text to give him my other hand or anything close to that! He was so incredibly rude to me that at one point I just about walked out the door and if I had more time to fit my nail appt in before an upcoming work trip...I certainly would have! I did not leave a tip for either person and that is something I have NEVER EVER done in my life even with bad service. But this was over the top horrible treatment. I've never had anyone talk to me or treat me like that in a customer service setting ever. I will NEVER EVER be back to this place and I will tell every.single.person I know not to go also.

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