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By: Erin H.
Pediatric Eye Associates And Family Eye Care
After being told how wonderful the doctor is, and that my friend wouldn't take her kids anywhere else, I called to set up an appointment. The first time they were closed. The second time they were closed. I have called four times now, attempting to make an appointment, all within their office hours. Each time I get a message stating they are closed.
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By: Sean n regina B.
Pediatric Eye Associates And Family Eye Care
I love the Dr's at Pediatric Eye Associates. I have been taking my children to them since they were very little. Four girls all with "lazy eye" Dr. Denslow did surgery on two. Unfortunately the billing/insurance department in the last few years has been VERY lacking! More often than not they mess up the insurance. The latest screw up was Dr. Diver was not in network and we hadn't paid all our out of network deductible. Thing is he IS in network for BlueCross and we have paid all our deductible for in network. Finally got them to understand THAT. Today in the mail we get that the insurance has denied the claim because it isn't covered. ANOTHER screw up on their part. Funny how the same condition in another child was covered in June but WOW! in Aug all the sudden it isn't covered. They billed it wrong!! I am tired of fighting with the staff about insurance. As much as I really like the Dr's in the office the stress of trying to get the billing staff bill correctly just isn't worth it. Not when our insurance covers 45 other Dr's in the area.. Oh.. and we have had the SAME insurance for 10 years! So it isn't like it is changing constantly. So Sorry to be having to go somewhere else when between me and my four girls all with the same eye problem we have been going to this office for 20 yrs.
By: C. otis B.
Phillip L Cook OD || Specialty Vision Center
I have been so fortunate that Dr. Reynolds sent me to see Dr. Cook to help me with my hard lens which I have worn for 53 years. With my advancing age my terrible vision has been so wonderfully resolved by his amazing expertise. When I was twelve years old my nearsightedness was 20/400 or 400/20 (what a normal person could see clearly at 400’ I would have to be 20’ from it) and has gotten progressively worse with age, developing farsightedness, stigmatism and cataracts during my later years. Dr. Cook still has me seeing 20/20 or better and he does not give up until he has it just right! God has blessed him thereby he has blessed us!
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By: Leeann B.
Perini Eyecare
I'm very happy with this office and Dr. Perini! The staff and doctor answered all of my questions and took time to be thorough. Will be back and will send my friends and family.
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By: Garydon W.
Pediatric Eye Associates And Family Eye Care
I had my appointment Set at 4:30 p.m. and went to the location listed in the website. They were not there, they had moved (would have been nice to know). I called them multiple times and left voicemails, no one answered. I drove all around tulsa trying to find the building. Ended up at 2 different eye doctors sending me to different places. So when I called to explain the situation they told me if I no showed again they would not be able to see my daughter. I told them that would not happen if I had the correct address and directions to their building. They should have let me know they moved. I'm not happy with them. Or maybe if they answered the phone, they could have told me the right location. I am very unsatisfied.
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By: Sandra L.
Zoellner Robert
Even though I advised them on setting the appointment up and on starting the examine the I was a diabetic who had not had insurance to get a complete eye checkup in 4 years I was shocked that all they did was a prescription check and sent me out the door I will never go back there
By: Miranda J.
Zoellner Robert
Horrible staff! My friend was seen at this location, was not satisfied with the service along with the staff very rude to patients. Went some where else to get an eye exam. The new office I went to called Dr. Zoellner's office to get my previous chart along with her prescription. She had signed a release form of her chart. They would not release her chart and Venus from Dr. Zoellner's office was rude over the phone questioning the Technician from this new office. Will not recommend this office to anyone. Please read reviews before being seen here. Customer service should come first, This office obviously does not do so even if the patient signs a release form.
By: B W.
Zoellner Robert
Just another revolving door dr office.. The people were nice.. Eye exam was not done very thoroughly. went in for eye pain.. They tried to sell me glasses but had no selection to choose from got pi#*%y when I just asked for my rx to go. Problem ended up being there was something in my eye.. Then when I went elsewhere to buy glasses they had already pulled the benefits from the insurance and wouldn't reverse them. So took an hour to call insurance company to get it reversed.. Fraudulent crooks is all they are in my opinion.
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By: Clayton R.
Zoellner Robert
I have gotten glasses here twice, both times the office failed to call me to let me know my glasses had arrived. they sat down there for days. I live 60 miles from the office and need to plan my trips. over all customer service sucks, lots of people standing around but you still wate to pay and wait to be helped will not use again.
By: baldeagle280
The Eye Institute
The Eye Institute offers thorough and precise care. I have been going there for several years, and never felt not welcomed or intrusive asking questions or for help. Patient requests for results are treated with courtesy and respectively honored in short time periods. Dr. Brockman is proficient, and thorough in his examinations; he treats his patients in manner without condescension. Staff is very nice also.
Tips & Advices
To find a professional that fits your needs and wants, look for an optometrist with the proper licensing and compliance with state-specific legalities as well as these qualities: attentiveness, ability to listen, ethics, compassion, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to spend time with patients.
Vision, like dental, is often an additional voluntary cost for employers who provide health care coverage. As a result, it may not be included in basic company-sponsored insurance. Those who do have access to this type of coverage - or Medicare - often only pay for a portion of their eye exam services.
The cost of an appointment with an optometrist varies based on the services required. While a typical eye exam can range from $50 to $250, depending on location. If if glasses or contact lenses are prescribed, or tests are needed, the overall expense of an optometrist visit can increase.
The American Optometric Association recommended that patients have their first eye exam at six months of age, followed by another at 3 years old, and again at school age. At that point, Regular annual exams are recommended.
Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have received higher levels of training than both opticians and optometrists, and can also perform eye surgery when necessary. Opticians design and fit eyeglasses, frames, and lenses that are prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They do not perform vision tests or write prescriptions for visual aids. Optometrists fall between ophthalmologists and opticians. Optometrists can detect and treat eye abnormalities, prescribe lenses, and complete eye exams, but cannot perform eye surgery.

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