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By: deborahandbill
Don Carlton Acura
When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, I DO MY RESARCH. I research pricing, the invoice, depreciation, the parts and service department, interest rates and even the staff that works there...I could go on. I shopped and compared relentlessly for 9 months before I made my last purchase. I went to infiniti, bmw, lexus, jaguar, volvo and others but I dont have my file infront of me. Anyways, don carlton acura scored 100% percent. I am a college professor and never give any one a perfect score. They have renewed my faith in automobile dealerships. Their staff is highly educated on autos, their finance guy (bill) continually watches the interest rates to ensure the best deal possible, their service manager (Donnie I think) gave me all their service pricing for scheduled maintenance and my spread sheet will confirm they are 106% less expensive than the 2nd place dealer and 422% cheaper than the 10th place dealer I shopped. Back to the car I bought. After deciding which model I wanted I shopped 9 other acura dealers. I give lectures all over the country and I have flown 1800 miles to drive my new car home. In my penny pinching ways, I shopped don carlton acura. THEY WON AGAIN. in my 40 years of buying cars I have NEVER had one dealer place #1 in every catagory....till now!! They discounted my new acura 19% MORE than the 2nd place competitor and 63% more than the bottom competitor. I recieved a interest rate .40 basis points lower from don carlton acura than the 14 credit unions and banks I shopped. In my line of work, I look search for problems then acquire solutions. I can not find one thing wrong with this store! I feel fortunate to have found this diamond in the rough. I dont know if anyone ever will read this but I didnt know how to express my sincere appreciation to the staff and ownership of don carlton acura. And I apologize to any of the staff for my brash ways of research but I was trying to find a problem. Thank you again don carlton acura for doing what you competitors can not or will not do.
By: Marj T.
Harmon Four Wheel Drive
These guys saved me almost one thousand dollars. Another shop told me my rear differential was shot and they'd order parts, have parts on Monday, have vehicle fixed 5 hours later. I was at that shop at 8:05 Monday morning. Another guy showed up around 9. At 10:00 he wrote note and stuck it in door. I asked if they usually didn't open shop. He said they'd had his vehicle for 3 weeks after promising it would be ready in 3 days. At this point I decided that even though I'd wasted 2 hours waiting around, I'd been spared a worse fate. A friend's shop was nearby and I went to visit him. He called around and got a recommendation for Harmon's. Adam fit me right in, drove around with me for a good 20 minutes and said noise was wind noise NOT differential gone bad. Plus I was complaining that the rear wheels would shudder sometimes when I'd accelerate from a complete stop. He couldn't recreate this. At no time did he make me feel dumb or as if I was imagining things. He was knowledgeable and thorough, putting vehicle up on lift and checking underneath. He even spoke on phone to my husband about work done in past and his diagnosis. I was going on a 1,200 mile trip. He reassured me that vehicle was trustworthy. Didn't charge me. My husband said give him a hundred as he just saved us many many hundreds by being honest and decent. The other guy and lady working there were friendly and helpful too. A totally impressive operation!
By: chris.m.pike.9
Jackson Cars & Credit
Are you tired of driving around Tulsa all day looking for the BEST deal on a vehicle? Being hassled by those pesky salesmen who want to put you in a vehicle THEY want you to be in, instead of what you want? Dealers judging you on your past credit history, and because of a couple of bumps in the road, they want you to pay a huge down payment?.......Stop driving around and come see Chris and Chelsey today! We treat you like family! Why would you pay over $500 per month on a vehicle? Or be forced into something because you don't have the full down payment in hand? We pride ourselves on affordable vehicles, reasonable down payments, and reliable transportation for our customers! We finance YOU, not your credit score! We do not care about the past, we care about your future! And we are here to help!! We have an amazing program! 3 year /36,000 mile WARRANTY..yes a warranty on a used car! We pay your TAG, TITLE, and LICENSE for you..that's right, it's on us!! You can take advantage of our DEFERRED DOWN PAYMENT program, so that you can drive off in your new vehicle while you finish your down payment within 45 days!! Also, we accept TRADES! NOBODY does these great things for their customers! COME JOIN OUR FAMILY!! We will get you into a vehicle YOU DESERVE!!!!
By: William J.
Kenny's Body Shop & Accessories
I have had a Fantastic Fan Vent Automatic Lift with Variable Speed/Reverse/Thermostat/Rain Sensor/Hand Held Remote White with Smoke Dome 7350 installed in my 2016 Ford Transit 350 Wagon XLT and special wiring so the unit would turnoff with ignition, ignition off bypass and also a connection to an auxiliary Emergency Battery Pack by Kenny's.Kenny's did an awesome job for me. Placed the Fantastic Fan in an ideal place on the right rear for the van roof. Works perfectly, they did a great job of making sure there would be no leaks.I also have had mud flaps install by Kenny's on the same Ford Transit.I recommend Kenny's to anyone wanting quality work down on their Vehicle.I am absolutely super satisfied with their workmanship and product.I am working with they at this time to add another modification to add 120v 20amp service to my Ford Transit to run my van while camping.
By: laurenh.
HHH Transmission
These guys are amazing. When my car wouldn't shift properly, I called a few other shops and they all gave me outrageous prices and said I would need an entirely new transmission. One place it almost seemed like they were just pulling a fast one over me because I'm a woman who knows nothing about cars. I called HHH, and spoke with a man named Chris. He asked me the problems and told me a few possibilities, but said that they were all relatively cheap, considering the alternative. Ultimately, they had to replace a solenoid (Something that I had never even heard of!) and that only cost me $345, and four months later, my 2006 Chrysler is still driving perfectly.
By: macthefloorguy
Harmon Four Wheel Drive
Harmon's does an excellent job. If you need parts for a newer model Jeep or 4 wheel drive, they can fix you up at a really good price. If you have an older model Jeep, they have a MASSIVE inventory of parts for Jeeps, Scouts, etc dating back to early models. The service rates are very fair, and Dave and Adam won't sell you parts you don't need. It's good to know that there are still businesses around who have both knowledge and integrity . I think they have been in business about 60 years, and there's a reason that they have lasted so long.
By: Mike S.
Bill Knight Ford
I was in the market for a F150 4X4. I visited several dealerships in Tulsa and everyone of them I let them know that I wanted to see what they would give for a trade on my previous truck before I wo look at paper work. No one wanted to go forward without hassling me to start signing papers. I went to Bill Knight and they gave me exactly what NADA said the truck was worth and worked to get me the term and payments I wanted. The best car buying experience I've ever had. I won't go anywhere else without going to Bill Knight first!
By: Susie R.
Discount Auto Sales
We needed a van for our daughter and grandchild that was reliable, had air conditioning and was reasonable priced. These guys worked very hard to find just the right van all while they were very busy selling many other cars to other people.This is a busy car lot with a lot of inventory. There's no pressure, but take your time and test drive the cars. Looks like they have been in business since 1991 and that says a lot since most used car dealers don't make it that long. Great experience...couldn't be happier.
By: jteenor
Credit World Auto Sales
I needed a new truck since my credit is bad due to a recent divorce I got turned down.I went online to find help and saw Credit World we finance everyone I called 918-251-2886 the manager was incredible.Very friendly told me exactly the requirements to help. When I went in to 408 west Kenosha in Broken Arrow they got me approved in less than 15 mins I test drove a few trucks, picked the one I wanted and was driving home in about an hour later great staff very good experience thanks guys!
By: Hayley P.
Don Carlton Acura
Working with Don Carlton Acura has been a great experience. They have been so helpful showing me how to use all the great features on my car. They make taking care of routine maintenance a breeze. I get an email reminder and a notification from my car when it is time for maintenance. Scheduling an appointment is easy and convenient. They have a newly remodeled waiting area that is comfortable and the staff are always friendly and helpful and the service is fast!!!
Tips & Advices
Depending on the part and its overall quality, a good amount of money can be saved by purchasing aftermarket parts versus OEM parts. But aftermarket parts that are low in price might also be lower in quality and could do more harm than good to your car, or they may need to be replaced more frequently than a more expensive counterpart. This could lead to saving some money in the short term, but spending more than anticipated in the long term.
The type of tires being purchased is the most significant determinant of their price. SUV tires are more costly than average car tires. And high-performance tires are more costly than economy grade tires. On average, standard tires for an average-sized vehicle are around $100 per tire. Standard tires for an SUV are around $150 and pick-up truck tires are about $200 on average. Some dealers offer discounts if purchasing more than one tire.
Car inspections typically take about an hour. However the wait time can be longer depending on how busy the shop is. Call ahead for an appointment to avoid long wait times.
Depending on the manufacturer, certain aftermarket parts can be just as reliable as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. But one item within a vehicle, like oil filters for instance, could have multiple manufacturers and there could be inconsistencies in quality among them.
Costs of replacing a windshield can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors:
  • Vehicle make and model
  • How much of the cost insurance will cover
  • Whether the windshield installers come to your location or you bring the vehicle to them
  • Standard service costs of the windshield installers
Generally, newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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