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By: rinacutybaby
Warehouse Market
Me and my kids went to the warehouse market (12920 E 31st StTulsa, OK 74134) yesterday 7pm, April the 20th 2009, and I only have 16.50$ in my pocket, I am separated with 2 kids, and last payday April 10th, my husband did not give me any money to pay my rent and utility bills that means no money for groceries either and I don't have a job, I tried to find a job but noone hire me because I have to be flexible when it comes to my schedule and I don't know if I can do that since I am by myself living with my 4 years old son and 11 years old daughter. So We went to the warehouse market with only 16.50$, at the cashier, although I tried to find the cheapest food I still totalled 19.97$ so I told the cashier (His name is LUKE) to take some out, and I was surprised because he told me He got it, I was speechless, first I really need the food until friday the 24th of april that's the next payday of my husband, hopefully he give me some money this time. 2nd for almost 2 years here in Oklahoma I have not met someone that work in a store that would pay for stuff, because I know they don't get paid that much. So I am really really thankful to this guy, I called the manager to let him know about it, but still I want to write this for appreciation, from helping us and showing a good example to my kids.
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By: Cynthia N.
Whole Foods Market
Ran in today, Saturday, about 1 PM looking for items I use to find at WF. Needed some dried veggies like corn, carrots, etc for a soup mix. No such thing anymore in packaged or bulk foods. Went to meets looking for chicken breasts encrusted w/pecans, pistachios, Parmesan, etc. They had none. The last 3 times I looked for. Caesar salad cheese blend and there was none every time. Decided to get fresh juice bar drinks, have then done while I finished shopping. Waited several minutes for the employee working behind the counter to acknowledge me. She did not, kept working. O finally asked if I could order two "Kale Yeahs". Still no acknowledgement. Another employee came up to the count yet with fresh produce, smiled said hi, asked how I was. First employee still didn't a knowledge me. Finally after another 2-3 minutes she looked up and asked if she could help me. I said, "didn't you hear me ask for two Kale Yeahs a few minutes ago?" Her response, " you have to go down to the end of the counter and pay first. I'll be down there in a minute." I told her to forget it and left without doing any shopping. I have had it w/WF. Only Nafural Grocers from now on.
By: tulsacarconsmer
Tulsa's Best Auto
Tulsa's Best Auto is truly the best!!! I had some issues when the economy went sour and let's just say my credit was less than perfect. I went to many dealerships in Tulsa including a bunch of buy here pay here lots and they either turned me away or I was treated horribly. I thought I was not going to be able to purchase a car. I decided to give it one last try and went to Tulsa's Best Auto. I wish I would have just gone there from the beginning. The staff was awesome. They went way beyond what they should have to make me feel like a normal person and help me get into my new car. Their inventory was great. They had a bunch of cars to choose from and their cars were nice. Not only did they get me done but they also got me a cheap payment and they report to the credit bureaus so I am rebuilding my credit at the same time. I have sent them all of my friends and family members that needed cars and they all had the same experience I did. I recommend them hands down to anyone that needs a car. Go see them first and save yourself a lot of time!!!
By: kj7488
Success Motors
After my motorbike was stolen, I had no way to and from work besides walking which I did until the heat just became too unbearable, not to mention walking alone at night was unsafe. With very little money saved up, I visited several dealerships only to find lemon after lemon and very unfriendly service. When I arrived at Success Motors, Amer was friendly and offered my friend and I water and a cold room to relax in while we talked about the available vehicles in my price range. He put me into a very nice, dependable vehicle which I am so grateful to have. Amer worked with my budget and was very patient, as this was my first time buying a car from a dealership and I did not know what to expect. 5 stars to Amer and Success Motors for helping me out tremendously! :)
By: Nate B.
Car Pros Of Oklahoma
I came from Oklahoma City to CarPros and it was totally worth it! I was tired of playing the big dealership games: the bait and switch, vehicles advertised online that for some reason always appeared to never be present, the "let me speak to the manager", etc. I had a great experience with CarPros, and got a great vehicle at a great price. Oh yeah, CarPros also does NO DOC FEES, which saves you $500 you would have spent elsewhere. Jerry was very easy to work with and made a deal I felt very confident in. I am so glad I came across CarPros online and came in to purchase a vehicle. I would highly recommend CarPros to anyone who wants a straight-forward and comfortable car buying experience!
By: tulsabuyer
DSS Auto Sales
I recently was looking to purchase a used car. I'm a middle aged woman and I don't know much at all about auto mechanics. I also didn't have a lot to put down for a down payment. I called DSS Auto. They were friendly and informative. I decided on getting a 2003 Dodge Neon. I needed financing but my credit wasn't very good and had been turned down before. Not only did they get me the loan approval but also other bumper to bumper repairs. My monthly payments with the extended warranty is only $274 a month. I've had my car now for a little over 2 months and I LOVE IT! I'm so glad I chose this company. They helped me when no one else did. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dealership!! :)
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By: Lauren D.
Petty's Fine Foods
I love Petty's and their meat is excellent- yes their meat area is clean, I shop there at least 3-4 times a week and usually buy my meat from there exclusively and never had a problem. Their prices are most definitely comparable to local markets, especially Reasor's. Obviously the person who wrote the previous review doesn't understand the convenience of being able to get in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes with everything you need.The store is small and I love that! Their staff is the most kind and helpful I have come across in all the stores I have shopped in.
By: ldenisestephens
Gateway Market Direct
I often shop at Gateway because I like shopping in the community in which I live however several times I've left Gateway to go to Reasor's 15th & Lewis because Gateway didn't have the quality of produce that I desire. Gateway's prices are comparable to Reasor's so I expect the quality to be comparable as well. I prefer to do all of my grocery shopping at Gateway but they must improve on the qualify of their produce. Listen to Your Customer's by improving the quality of your produce you will increase Sales, better quality produce is not asking for much.
By: Dane H.
Hi Tech Motors
Mike(salesman) was a pleasure to work with. Not pushy and very upfront and knowledgeable about all of his cars. I ended up driving away in a 2007 Cadillac DTS in near mint condition (incredible for 140k) for half the KKB retail value. Couldn't be more happy with my purchase. My brother is getting a new car there too in a couple days because of the deal I got. Amazing staff, crazy good deals, I'm beyond blessed to have found this place. It's my second vehicle from there and my 3000gt was awesome too. Thanks guys and always pray before you buy...happy hunting!
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By: Thanglek Z.
OK Asian Market
This store is no.1 Asian market in Tulsa ok. I can easily find what I want. The place is neat and clean. They don't make fresh sushi anymore but they sell all kinds of sushi stuffs.It's easy to enter and go out. It's next to Burmese cuisine Restaurant so you can do many things at one place.They have many things which is not in Walmart and resors. They always have fresh vegetables and all kind of asian foods.I really recommend this place if you are looking for Asian foods and stuff.

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