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By: Shirley H.
Home School Service Center
My son graduated from this school in 2003. They had an excellent curriculum and former Tulsa Public School teachers available to assist students with questions or available for one on one tutoring. They have since changed ownership, and unfortunately the school has declined drastically. My grandson was attending and struggling in some of his classes. I hired a tutor that the school recommended and they did not even check her credentials. She played on her phone the entire time that my grandson was being "tutored" by her, and when I checked his book all of the answers were wrong in her handwriting. I wasted about $300.00 with this so called tutor. When I investigated further I found that the only teacher they had available that was certified was the owner who was never there. While the ladies working there were kind and helpful, I don't feel that a school should be allowed to run without a certified teacher, and feel that this is a great disservice to the students. When I enrolled in K-12, I called the Home School Service Center to request his transcripts for placement, I was told that I had an outstanding balance and they would not release his records until it was paid in full. I was unaware of this balance because they never billed me or called me because they said their computer was broke down. I did not understand how this was my or the other parents problem. They are a business and it is their responsibility to bill accordingly and to keep their equipment up. I have no problem paying what I owe but, they would not release records until it was paid in full and I would be unable to pay for 2 weeks. This was punishing my child for their incompetence and unprofessional business practices. Fortunately, K-12 said they did not require his transcripts considering the circumstances, so he would not be turned in for truancy and they would not report me to the DA! Beware wasting your money and your childs education here! Unfortunately, they have lost the vision that the original founders had.
By: J K.
Channing Day School
I'm giving them 3 stars because the other kids and parents seem happy, but I had a one star experience. I would not recommend this school to anyone that has a child who needs an adjustment period, or who is not perfectly behaved. Do not send them to this school if you have any doubt that your child is ready for it. I tried to pull my child out before school started bc I didn't think he was ready, but the director pushed very hard for me to send him anyway. They kicked him out after two hours, and basically told me that the other children were perfectly behaved, while mine was awful. I take responsibility for my child not behaving perfectly, but I had seen the children pushing him around at open house, so I have trouble believing they were all well behaved. I saw how they were handling my son, and it was not good. i won't get into the specifics, but my kid was not the same for awhile after that. I was later informed by other pre-schools and daycares that are familiar with Channing that they have little tolerance for children who need an adjustment period, but that their enrollment is low, so they'll take kids that clearly aren't ready. The fact that they kicked a child out after two hours was not shocking to any of these people. My child is now at a pre-school where he was welcomed immediately, and where they seem very good at comforting children who are maybe a little scared to be in a new environment.
By: mom2pac
Channing Day School
Channing is a great school! My son loves going there everyday. They really make learning fun for him. They have taught him so much in the past year. He loves all of the teachers too, Mrs. Skaistis, Mrs. Hazen, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Kennedy. He talks about them all the time and misses them on the weekends. If you are looking for a preschool that doesn't brainwash your child with religious views at an early age this is a good one. They teach the kids to love everyone and to be yourself...every school should be like that! Also the owner/director is very involved in her school and she is very helpful. This is not a daycare but a true preschool...very happy with it for my son.
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By: sharrel57
Home School Service Center
I like that you can look up an address and have the GPS option to show the way.

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