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By: Glenna L.
Shamas Mitchell
I want to take the time to let any and every body know that this man is an awesome attorney. I was hurt on the job working for LOWES Companies Inc. in the Grove ok. location. I came to work for LOWES in May of 2003. I was hired as one of the initial 120 people who built this store from the ground up. When I ,and the rest of the group of new hires, walked into this building only a few overhead lights were present. I ran the steel chop saw, cutting the steel to build the shelves and secure them in this store. We later stocked all the shelves. I started out as a cashier in this store. In 5 years I had worked up thru the ranks. From cashier, to lumbar cashier, to pricing coordinator. I took company classes to enable myself for promotions. I left pricing and went into the Installed sales office. When the Installed sales manager left, I had completed my training to become a department manager. I then became Installed sales Department manager. Was there for 2 1/2 years. Was then moved out onto the sales floor to Flooring/Appliances/ home decor manager. Moving heavy objects was no big thing. I had done this throughout my tenure with lowes, whether it be Rolls of Carpet, Refrigerators, Lumbar, 80 pound sacks of concrete, Then on to the Plumbing department which was where I was working when I was injured. I was taking a tub out of top stock. all 5 lumbar discs were compromised. Former attorney only managed to get surgery to weaken L4-5. I hired Mitch in 2011. after a phone call explaining my problems. I took him my records. He took my case. Today, I was notified that surgery to stabilize my spine had been approved, and finances would be coming. God bless this man for working for the good of those who've been wronged. He even helped me get my SS Disability, and was not even the attorney representing me on this venture. He sent records to that attorney that made my getting approved occur "johnny on the spot", after a long 5 year battle. How many others do you know that would help you for zero pay. He is incredible!!!!! Call him if you have a real injury and are not just out to work the system. He is highly intelligent, and knows his business.
By: randykelley71
Edge Law Firm
This review is for Jason Edge of the Edge Law Firm in Tulsa, OK. When my 24 year old son got in trouble with the Tulsa Police he ended up with 12 charges against him. He had violated parole and was facing 3 years in prison just for that. After receiving a very professional packet of information from the Edge Law Firm I contacted their office and was given an appointment with Jason Edge. My wife and I went to meet with him at his office. Jason treated us respectfully and after getting some basic information, he got on his computer and started checking things out concerning my son's case. He gave us an initial assessment of the case. We agreed to hire him to handle the case and he went to work for my son. My wife and I did pray for Jason to have wisdom from God to handle the case. We also prayed that God would have mercy on my son and give him another chance. My son was facing up to life in prison for the charges that were against him. After Jason was finished working on the case, the final outcome was that the Judge ordered my son to go to a 90-day drug rehab program, and that after completing this program he would have a suspended sentence. This was a miraculous outcome! Jason Edge did an outstanding job for us! He is an Excellent Lawyer! I hope that I am never in another situation to need a lawyer but if I do I know who I will call! I will call Jason Edge!
By: ladycassandra
Social Security Law Center
When I used this law firm it was wonderful. I found them to be extremely thorough and caring. Michael Clay established this law firm and still owns it. He has great integrity and work ethic, very unusual for an attorney. He hold the two attorney's he has employed to the same level of excellence. My case was very complicated and Social Security Law Ctr got it through. In fact, it went to the 10th circuit district court where Michael Clay/Social Security Law Ctr had the Judge's illegal decision reversed and we back to court and won. I do not hesitate to recommend this law firm to anyone needing assistance in obtaining their disability.I have known other people that used other law firms and did not get the type of personal service provided by this firm. Here YOUR attorney shows up in court with you personally and is prepared. Many of the larger SS Law firms are nothing more than clearing houses counting numbers, much like a Slaughter House where the 'cattle' are led to 'THEIR END'.
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By: Timothy L.
Edge Law Firm
Jason with Edge Law Firm is my Lawyer. The day I ran into his lead investigator was my last possible day to get the letter to the dmv to keep my liscence, not knowing this due to advice from another attorney's very bad and ignorant advice I had no money right thento pay him. Jason heard my situation and went ahead and used his vast resources to help. I came up with most of the money the next day they are worth whatever it costs. Jason and his father Bruce wrote the book on DUI/DWI laws and rights making Tulsans feel a little less scared in a very scary situation. Most lawyers I have delt with either had no clue what the law was or didn't care enough to explain it in way you understand it. Jason did on both accounts, we have a game plan that I whole heartedly believe in, Jason is still young and passionate, hungry. The community looks up to him and he looks after it. He lifts weight off your shoulder he worries about you, your family and livelihood. Thank you Jason
By: Anna B.
Keith Scott D
This man has worked miracles in my life and in my son's 20 years later. If you are looking for someone who won't just find out what the law requires but will jump in and take on your case like it's affecting his own life. He got me out of prison after searching diligently for the technicality that did exist. He ran into roadblocks but kept pushing and I was set free 5 years earlier than what the DA had pushed for. With my son who had an attorney who withdrew due to family problems, Scott stepped in and saw many flaws in the former attorneys decisions and pulled together a deal that pulled all charges into one and then went to bat to get the best sentence possible which we all are so thankful for. And throughout each of these cases we all felt a sincere compassion from him. Thank you Scott Keith!!! You are what attorneys were meant to be. I bet you'd make one hell of a friend!
By: bob845
Chapman Richard A
Bankruptcy, Wills & Trusts, Real Estate, Civil Mortgage Foreclosure, Civil and Criminal Matters, DUI DWI Reckless Driving, Traffic Offenses, and Other. His new correct phone is 918-392-5170 Website http://www.RichardChapmanAttorney.com He is the Bankruptcy Guru Attorney in Tulsa, OK He does bankruptcy in Tulsa, Keywords: Bankruptcy Attorney, Adair, Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Craig. Creek, Delaware, Haskell, Hughes, Johnston, Latimer, Leflore, Love, McCurtain, McIntosh, Marshall, Mayes, Murray, Muskogee, Nowata, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, Pushmataha, Rogers, Seminole, Sequoyah, Tulsa, Wagoner, and Washington.
By: david_jo
Kania Law Office
When I walked into Mr. Kania's office my situation was a mess and I didn't know if any one could help me. I just had a car wreck and my finances were a mess. I just couldn't keep up with my bills anymore. Mr. Kania and his staff made me feel better immediately. I used the Kania Law firm for my bankruptcy and for my car wreck. I got a good settlement for the car wreck and I was able to keep the money even though I filed bankruptcy. Another attorney that I had called told me that would be impossible. I always felt like his whole staff had my best interest at heart. They were always straight with me, but kind enough to help me through this.
By: tmd1985
Carl A Barnes Attorney
I contacted Mr. Barnes when my husband and I decided to get a divorce. Overall, Carl isn't a very talkative man. He only wants the information he needs and nothing more. Despite his lack of chit chat, he listened to what I was asking for. In court, I was pleased when Carl asked for the few things I had talked to him about. He wasn't going to settle for just anything my husband's lawyer threw at him. My husband and I have actually decided to undergo counseling rather than continue with the divorce, but I would simply like to say, I would recommend Carl Barnes. If I need to seek legal advice in the future, I would gladly return to him.
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By: mandi.weems
Armstrong & Vaught PLC
We used Mr Vaught a few years ago with a USERRA case. Not only did he go above and beyond, he was able to take on a large corporation with a large corporate law firm and win in a federal trial. I would highly recommend Mr Vaught, or anyone else in his office, for any legal need that you have. Everyone here is wonderful - professional, friendly, and will go out of their way to make you comfortable, help provide as much information on your case as you need, and are always to do whatever needed on a case. Best employment lawyer in Tulsa.
By: Jackie H.
Social Security Law Center
Before I called Teresa Grasso at Social Security Law Center, I had called 2 other law offices that help with disability law and they told me I don't qualify. I applied myself and got denied. Then I went to Teresa Grasso and she took my case. She helped me get documentation that SSA wanted. She told me exactly what I needed to do to win my case and I did it. Because of Teresa I was approved in a timely manner.
Tips & Advices
It is prudent, even after all outcomes have been adjudicated, that clients follow-up with their attorneys to ensure the specifics are known, conditions are met and the client is on the right path toward resolving debts.
A common result of bankruptcy filing is a payment plan that is created to eventually discharge the debts that brought you to court in the first place. You should have a conversation with your attorney on exactly what debts you may have discharged, or otherwise reorganized.
There are requirements for appearing at different points in the case. For instance, you will need to be present for the meeting with creditors. If the proceeding become litigious, your appearance may be required. However, filers are not often required to appear in court for every step.
You will need a large amount of documentation, including those that establish your: income, dependents, marital status and work status; previous tax filings; and debts (mortgage, student loans, car loan).
Searching online for a bankruptcy attorney will often turn up results for attorneys in your area. Also ask attorneys you know if they have any to recommend.

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