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By: Kenneth V.
Sports World Inc
I've read the negative reviews, an i showed up there with an Ar-10, just covered in CLP. They were very helpful, they didn't carry much for my specific rifle but they do have a good selection in weapons, accessories, and ammo. Had my rifle bore sighted, and not one complaint about all the CLP I had it covered in! As long as it hits the paper where they said it would, I'll be a happy & repeating customer! The help I received were from 2 gentleman my age (in their 30's), there was an older guy behind the counter that didn't look too happy, but when I spoke with him he turned out to be really nice as well as helpful! I for one can relate to that kind of person. If people judged me by the way I looked, I'd without a doubt would seem like an a$$hole! Multiple back surgeries will do that to you, so don't be so quick to judge people, you never know what they're going through, or have been through already, period. As far as the Company goes, I would recommend this place to anyone....
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By: Chris B.
Dong's Guns-Ammo-Reloading
I dunno what all the uproar is about this buisness being so bad. If your a general customer with common sense and dont want to be one of those people that needs service now and right this second. They have done excellent with me and answered every question polietly and to the best of thier knowledge. 4 stars just because there is no gun shop with every accesorie or firearm known to man.
By: delbert.gardenhoser
Sports World Inc
I read the reviews and I was treated completely different. The guy who helped me was courteous. I'm not much of a talker and I'm sure they get a lot of mouth breathers in there that tell them all about what they know about fire arms and I'm sure its annoying to say the least. I got a great deal and was very pleased. I will go back many times.
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By: Vince W.
Dong's Guns-Ammo-Reloading
I have bought several guns and other supplies from Dong's. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and busy. They have always answered any questions and help as much as possible. If anything, my only complaint would be they need more staff.
By: larry.lumm
Franson Firearms
Friendly staff, excellent service.I brought my slide in needing sights even with a waiting period my slide was done over the weekend.Excellent work very dependable.Larry Lumm.
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By: Kevin S.
Sports World Inc
I've been coming here for years and have always gotten great service and fantastic prices, They have the most knowledgeable sales staff anywhere! I will always come here first
By: Kit W.
Sports World Inc
Every time I visit they are courteous and helpful. Someone always greets me and asks how they can help. I am in and out quickly with what I need.
By: Thomas S.
Sports World Inc
Knowledgable, efficient staff. Good to know that some gun dealers actually know what the heck they're selling!

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