By: daniellegardner
Calaveras Fresh Mexican Grill
This is a self serve facility which I kind of prefer because I don't have to wait on a crappy waiter to eventually get to us. They have a really cool mini salsa bar with about 6 different salsas (along with a couple of other things like lemon pick and jalapenos) to go with the customary chips that are provided. However the chips were cold and stale as were ALL the breading type things such as my corn tortillas (hot but stale) my 8 year olds who are by no means, food conneisores even complained that their bread was hard as was the the meat on theirs burgers. The fajitas had WONDERFUL flavor but the serving size of the sides in relation to price left something to be desired and the beans were so slightly warm they were almost cold and there was no melty cheesey goodness. Overall I might consider eating there again but only if I got it to go where I could provide my own tortillas and chips.
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By: just_another_patron
Agave used to be good. Went there last night, their liquor bar is non-existent (the shelves are empty... hmm??) and unlike previous visits the service was ok except there was a noticeable language barrier. I had three different servers who did not communicate with each other, and the restaurant was empty except for large groups and families in the very back where they seated us, next to the kitchen. It was loud, boisterous, and uncomfortable there. There were perhaps 20 empty booths and some tables in the middle and front. Had trouble with ordering because they could not understand us due to language barrier.
By: midtowncutie
El Guapo's Cantina
This place has great food. Probably one of the best mexican food places that I have eaten at in Tulsa and you do get your money's worth. I also like the fact that if you go on the weekend, there is a lot of entertainment that fits my taste within walking distance so we just normally eat and then walk to a bar and watch a local band at Arnie's afterwards. There are other cool places around that are within walking distance as well. The staff at El Guapo's is also friendly and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
By: Rebecca P.
My husband and I love this place. It's the only Mexican restaurant in Tulsa that we like; we've tried several. And while I was pregnant, we ate here almost every week. The food is great and reasonably priced, it's clean, and most of the waiters are friendly. The only complaint I have is that the bathrooms don't have diaper changing stations and there's a slight language barrier problem with some of the waiters that results in having to send food back or ask for something again. Those two issues aside, I highly recommend Agave!
By: Nicole H.
El Guapo's Cantina
WARNING! Drinks are over priced and watered down!! I orders two different margaritas and didn't $17, couldn't even tell there was alcohol in them. And I passed it around to make sure it wasn't just me. We reserved a table in the roof top for a large party, they even called to confirm. But when we got there they said that the roof top was first come first serve. The waiter, a tall thin colored man, was neglectful and then passed out our tabs while we were still eating. Very disappointed.
By: Kathy M.
Sam's Southern Eatery
Was in this evening and it was good but 2 heavy women that were employed there were in a spat Kind of a turn off in a public place, The guy taking orders looked like a meth user all pimples on face. Prices a little high for this part of town I over all found food very good and hope it stays most places are good at first then slide down.
By: tlc237
Compadres Grill
Loved the BA location so thought we would give this one a try. First time was right after they first opened. Food was extremely greasy. Second time we tried (figured everyone deserves a 2nd chance) the food wasn't bad (although they didn't get our order right) but it really is too loud to talk to your family or friends.
By: connie260
Mamasota's In & Out
I actually thought it was pretty tasty. They have real homemade tortillas. Received it in a plastic zip lock bag that kind of threw me off for a restaurant. Also their salsa is green not red. The Avocado Ranch was delicious. I would recommend that to anyone. Very generous portions as well. I would eat there again.
By: Maren B.
Mamasota's In & Out
Great chicken enchiladas, rice and beans. Service has always been friendly and efficient, at the old location and now at this new one at The Farm Shopping Center. We like restaurants with local owners. The atmosphere at the new restaurant at The Farm is nice. We like to sit near the fireplace when it's cold out.
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By: Cindy D.
Apple Barrel Cafe
Every time I go there to eat the food is always delicious, and well worth your money. Fresh and Hot. And the service is excellent and they are very prompt. Come and enjoy a meal, and have an awesome desserts All freshly made daily. My favorite place to have A HAPPY EATING

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