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By: dtrain67
Filtered Aquatics of Brookside
Won't be going back to do business here. I'd made a few purchases from Filtered Aquatics on my first couple of visits. Mainly Real Reef Rock, and saltwater. Jerrod the owner is knowledgeable and was more than willing to give advice on what I should purchase , as long as he thought I was going to purchase from his shop. After shopping around in town and online I decided to buy my two major purchases (a skimmer and LED lighting) from Marine Depot.com. When I was ready to order from Marine Depot they were out of stock on the lighting. I decided to buy in town so I called Filtered Aquatics to ask Jerrod what type of lighting he had available. He said he had sold some lighting earlier that day. I reminded him that I was planning to buy online but before I could finish my thought he became beligerent on the phone , telling me that he didnt have time to discuss lighting if I was going to buy it online anyway and that he had customers in the store. If he had let me get a word in edgewise he would have understood that I was ready to buy and planned to buy from his shop. I got the impression that he had lost a lot of business to the internet. No matter. I told him "nevermind bro." Needless to say I won't be back . I work in sales, and if a customer called me and I acted that way I would lose that customer and probably receive a reprimand from my employer. Since he is the owner I guess he can talk to customers however but you won't be very successful for long. People talk.
By: jimmydonwhite
Filtered Aquatics of Brookside
Excellent, friendly staff, good stock and well educated owners. I have made my largest purchase ever for an aquarium here. After much research, both local and online this was both the best price and service available. It feels awesome to support a local business that appreciates its customers and supports them through the entire process.
By: ieff11
Filtered Aquatics of Brookside
This is my favorite small business in Tulsa. Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff and a great variety of fish and corals. Their help has made my tank look great.
By: mutateddogbone
Filtered Aquatics of Brookside
great little aquarium shop. small shop but very modern. knowledgeable staff and coral tanks stuffed to the brim! A++
By: peterj.fischer
Filtered Aquatics of Brookside
Great service. Very knowledgeable. Prices are very reasonable. I'll make the 60 mile drive no problem. Pete

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