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By: Dody W.
Access Pain Solutions
I have been going to Access Pain Management since October of 2013. First and foremost, I have to say that this clinac is about as close to being a pill mill as I am to meeting Santa Claus.If it were a pill mill this clinac wouldn't have so many rules and regulations that have to be followed in order to remain a patient there.The reason for my 2 star rating is due to the fact that this pain management clinac has changed doctors 4 times since I have been a patient there. The newest doctor has been with Access for the past 3 or 4 months, and I haven't met him yet. I was told last month that I would be seeing him in July, but still have not been seen by him. When I asked why I wasn't able to see him this month I was told that he was taking new patients from another pain management clinac that had closed. So, I'm not scheduled to be seen by Dr. Hackl until my appointment in September. I have been seen by a APRN.,CNP who is very pleasant, well informed, answers all of my questions, and explains how Dr. Hackl practices pain management. I understand that Dr. Hackl is taking on new patients, but feel that I should have been seen by him on my first appointment when he started at Access. I was told by Dr. Hackl's APRN.,CNP that my pain medications were going to be lowered, due to the fact that new government rules and regulations have been implemented on all pain management doctors. I don't have a problem with my meds being decreased as long as it is gradual and I can still function on a lower dosage. July was the first time my oxycodone was decreased, and it was decreased by one pill per day. I was told that next month the milligrams will also be lowered. Even though I think Dr. Hackl's APRN,.CNP is very competent, I should have been seen by Dr. Hackl before any changes were made on my medications. As far as the staff, I was treated very well by the ones that worked for the previous doctors and by the ones that are employed with Access now. The compliance nurse Debbie, the woman that seemed to be rude to everyone else, is no longer working for Access Pain Solutions. I think patients that felt she was rude were those that were let go for breaking rules. Personally, I felt like she was very nice and did her job very well. Like everyone else my review of Access Pain Solutions is just my opinion. I plan on staying with Access Pain Solutions as long as they don't change doctors again. If they do have another change with their doctor, I plan on finding a new pain management doctor that has been with the same clinac for a minimum of 5 years or has a private practice that has been operating for at least 10 years.
By: Josh B.
Access Pain Solutions
Since the new doctor (Jeff) has arrived this office has improved substantially. The staff is friendlier and things seem to be better. I do wish they would pay attention to NOT treating clients as criminals first until they are convicted. Although in this line of work maybe you have to treat everyone that way. (doubtful). I have had a terrible problem with 3rd party lab billings by a Millennium Laboratory and Northeastern Health Systems something I was never advised about or authorized whatsoever. These bills are now over $6,000 and no one will answer a question in the office they just hand you off with a phone number. I'm sorry but Access Pain created the billing problem and they should fix it. They also need to tell the clients before the testing about the possible billings they might receive. I honestly think there is an ethical issue on these lab billings because you know they are doing the same bills to Medicare and Medicaid. Our tax dollars are probably paying those fraudulent bills because I would just bet there is already a payment arrangement between Access Pain and the 3rd party labs. The effect of this is that the fraudulent labs are getting paid twice once by our tax dollars on bills that are inflated by 2,000%. I have already shipped an entire file to my attorney on this just incase the labs want to play dirty. Again, I should not have to deal with these labs, Access Pain should be handling it. They are the ones ordering the tests! Lastly, I know those girls work hard and it is not a personal thing, it is a business matter that should be handled by the business office.
By: Brenda T.
Access Pain Solutions
YOU all are great, very caring to this 64 yr old nurse, that has so many issues too numerous to write here. But they are kind, and yes sometimes in bit of a hurry, but consider the patient load they have, its hard enough to get thru a day full of patients, then you get many patients that are having issues with their meds and of course then it is going to take longer to get them on the right meds and give their time to that person. Waiting on nurses and doctors is a 100 yr old problem, that is why it is called a waiting room, I dont believe you should have to wait over an hour, if so, someone should come and tell you how much longer it will be, so maybe you could go somewhere, grab a drink or burger and be back in plenty of time for your visit. Personally I believe they are doing the best they can. BUY I HAVE A QUESTION FOR ANYONE, I NEED their new phone number and address, tried calling the old one and it is not in service, they should have had their new number available with the recording that the number was no good. I dont know what to do, I dont know where they are, only in Broken Arrow, no address, no nothing, thanks to anyone who can help me PLEASE, email me please at to let me know. HELP ME PLEASE, I have my appt next Wed. thanks so much
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By: Tony B.
Access Pain Solutions
Today I went to get my monthly prescription for pain management and they lowered my meds even though my foot is broken and worse than before do to an accident. I was told by the "administrator" that before they were "doing me a favor for my foot pain." He said I had to have my pediatrist deal with my foot pain but by law I can't have 2 prescriptions of pain meds at once. I told him this and that they were not managing my pain then. He rolled his eyes at me. To make things worse, I get to te pharmacy and the D.E.A. number had expired. So I can't even get it filled for a week. They sure did drop the ball. I've never had any issue before but after talking to the "administrator" who likes to roll his eyes at clients and they give prescriptions with expired D.E.A. numbers I'll be looking elsewhere.
By: slainfemale
Post Acute Medical Spclty Hosp
I was placed here as a patient when I was 32 years old. Thou this hospital is known more for long term elder care it was wonderful for me. The nurse I had, Henry was amazing! As were all the other nurses there. I had one or two problems but they were addresses quickly and taken care of almost immediately. In a facility such as this it runs just like your typical large hospitals. One nurse gets x amount of patients to cover and sometimes that is not a quick process. The doctors I had always address the problems I had and pain management was wonderful. I would go back if I ever needed a long term care facility again... Hope that Henry is still working there!
By: vmscofield
Saint Francis Hospital
Ranked #2 in OklahomaMom worked there for over 30 years before retiring when we moved. My sisters, two of my cousins, my cousin's twins, my ex-boyfriend and I were all born there. The nurses are good and the food's pretty good for hospital food (I was a frequent visitor to the cafeteria as a kid and I always ended up with ice cream). Fairly quiet at night. I haven't been a patient since the 90s though and I don't remember what I was in for.
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By: Ladonna n D.
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, LLC
I went to this hospital for a total knee relacement. Dr. Labutti did my surgery. I was so impressed with the hospital, the staff and the doctor. Everyone was very hospitable and very nice. The kitchen was excellent and the food was great. I didnt want to leave. Theres not enough good things i can say about this place. A class act all the way around.
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By: James S.
Post Acute Medical Spclty Hosp
My mother had been in ICU for a month. She could not walk and was on a ventilator. We choose post acute because of their reputation and becasue all the doctors highly recommended the facility.She is home now and this is a direct reflection on the great staff and doctors at Post acute. This would be my choice for me or any of my family. Great job!!
By: Rita C.
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, LLC
I had back surgery here. This is the best hospital. EVERY person, from check in, to check out, was kind and caring. Nurses are excellent, Even the food service staff deserve kudos. Anyone having any procedure will feel important and not just a number. If ever given a choice, i will choose Oklahoma Surgical Hospital.
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By: Skye H.
Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital
This is the greatest hospital experience I've ever had. Food was outrageously good. The nurses were so kind; basically my wish was their command. When I called for a nurse they were there within 60 seconds, always cheerful. Decor lovely and room clean amd spacious. I did not want to leave!
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