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By: midtowncutie
Umberto's Pizzaria
I have only been here once. However, the pizza was ok. They give you A LOT of toppings and pile it high!!! That is a good thing. However, the inside was only lukewarm due to all of the toppings. I would have rather had a medium amount of toppings and the pizza cooked throughout (I had already left or I would have brought this to their attention). I am skiddish about eating anything to me served at that temperature that is supposed to be hot due to food bourne illnesses which can easily happen. You also want to call ahead even if it is by the slice because it is a bit of a wait if you just walk in. When I went, they were pretty busy and many people seem to say good things about their pizza. It is a popular place with a lot of seating although it may look small from the outside. They can accomodate many people/families. I would definitely recommend this place and probably go there again since the pizza really was good as I did go ahead and eat what I had ordered. One slice with all of the toppings is A LOT. I could not finish all of mine and eat pretty well when I am super hungry as I was that day. The wait staff is not that friendly but they were also really busy. Everyone seemed to be in the prep area and nobody that I had seen was waiting on tables. Again, This is just my personal experience on one visit. I would try it again in the future since it is close to home and the pizza was quite good in taste and quantity. You get definitely get what you pay for. Just remember to make sure that it is heated throughout because they pile those toppings on there.. Mine had a ton of mushrooms. YUM!
By: midtowncutie
Pie Hole Pizzeria
This is one of my favorite "by the slice" pizza places. I like to go there when I am alone because the prices are good and it is close to home. The pizza is great, in my opinion. You get to select whichever toppings that you want and it just works for me. However, They put the cheese on the bottom and the toppings on top (I am assuming that if you order extra cheese as a topping that it would be on top but I only order black olives and red onion. The crust is thin and delicious. As for customer service, I gave it only a 4 stars because I have had very friendly staff wait on me and also people who aren't as friendly. A few times I have called ahead and the person who took my phone order would just hang up the phone rudely without even saying bye and little things like that. They are fast and their pizza is good though and they have not been rude enough YET for me to quit spending my money there. I hope that it never comes to that point either...
By: heather r.
Incredible Pizza
I really appreciated this place over the summer when kids were bored and was too hot for outdoor activities. It was great to take the kids and their friends into an air conditioned place that has a variety of games to entertain them for a few hours. The food is just so-so but the buffet has enough choices that anyone could find something to fill up on. The kids having somewhere fun to go is the point of going.
By: Kyla R.
Chuck E. Cheese's
Needs an update badly. Several games weren't working the night we visited.the facility was filthy. The teenage employees hate their job and it definitely shows. Nobody bothered to check our stamps when we left so don't count on that system to keep your child safe. I would rather spend a little extra money and take the kids to Incredible Pizza.
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By: Kayla P.
Shotgun Sam's Pizza Palace
i love shotguns sam's back in the day! the last time i ate there, i was pg with identical twins. husband and i drove our good times van from shotguns to admiral drive in, i had eaten a large pizza all by myself lol didnt know at the time i was eating for 3! soo glad it has come back. cant wait to try it now! it was the best in tulsa then! kg
By: Deb M.
Hideaway Pizza
Literally, the best pizza I have ever had and that is saying a lot considering I'm a NJ resident. New York and Philly cannot compare to this delectable Sooner pie! There are times when I actually consider returning to Tulsa just for this pizza one more time! I don't know what their secret is but it's definitely worth the trip!
By: Bella X.
Chuck E. Cheese's
Great work! Love the place as one of the man who works there went up the play maze so he wouldn't be scared. Did an awesome job...will go back again. Because when they make my kids happy it makes me a happy mom.
By: Jessica T.
Marco's Pizza
ridiculously good, and i can usually always find coupons to use. the website is easy to use as well. i always get a pep pizza with garlic crust, and my husband always gets the steak sandwich. mmm!
By: Mary T.
La Roma Pizza
Once you've been a time or two, they know your face. Your first time there, you are like family. Great authentic food, made by the people who own it and they are the ones serving you!
By: Itzel L.
Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen
Great staff, the food is spectacular and the atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxed. Wine on tap? Who could ever complain with such a wonderful place. Check it out for yourself.

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