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By: lancegarcia
After my military style barber retired I was left with a dilemma of finding the perfect haircut. After a very bad experience with supercuts,I knew there had to be an alternative out there. Little did I know what I was in for as I arrived at knockouts Tulsa. I was soon introduced with a free drink and to my new "angel" stylist. Her name is Shanna and a far cry from my former burly barber. I never knew it was possible to have such great service. Her attention to detail was amazing and her professionalism was top notch. She educated me on new salon products that have Influence my family's hair care in a dramatic way. I love the tea tree oil products. I left feeling relaxed and with a hop in my step I've never experienced. I can't wait for my next appointment with Shanna in 2 weeks. If I can wait that long. Thank you Knockouts Tulsa!!!!!!
By: sandi.clugston
Serenity An Aveda Day Spa
I am the owner of Serenity Spa and would like to respond to the review you wrote about my business. First,I would like to saythat I have over 30 years of practical experience and am 3 rd generation in the beauty Industry. I am a highly trained in my field. I would like to clarify that you did not have anappointment at my business at any time. Why you wrote a review on a business that you have never patronized is wrong. You do not have the right to post negative comments and abusive reviews about people with no cause. It is slanderous and wrong. You have not been truthful in your review of my business. If you should ever have the oppurtunity to OWN a business, you will understand the injustice you have dealt to me.I would respectfully ask everyone who reads your review to disregard it.
By: sandiclugston
Serenity An Aveda Day Spa
This is in response to who ever Zing 4000 is. This is an AVEDA trained Salon. I now carry The Intelligent Nutrients line of Products and Not AVEDA as it is available at the mall and online now. The original owner of AVEDA Sold out to Estee Lauder years ago and did not let the public in on it. It was a voluntary choice on my part. I am following my teacher and trainer from the original line of AVEDA not the Commercial brand. I am not sure why you wrote this or what you hope to gain by such a post. Your ignorance is comical, and it shows. You know nothing of me or my business.
By: queenma
LaFusion Massage & Spa
I was so impressed with La Venus Massage & Spa on 103rd (front of theater) On my first visit, I was given a tour of the many serene décor full treatments rooms that will scrub, rub, and dip you into relaxation. This may have been the most intense yet needed massage I have received, worth every penny. Giving back my spa robe was hard to do.I’m taking advg of their grand opening discounts & membership card is awesome. It’s perfect for couples, groups get together. Bringing the hubby next week, can’t wait!Here’s their # (918) 970-2271 Thank me later
By: loeh_db
Serenity An Aveda Day Spa
I recently moved to the Tulsa area from out of state. I happened upon this place while looking for an Aveda salon for color treatment. The shop is very quaint, clean and comfortable. I have been twice and have been treated with respect, professionalism and politeness each time. I have had a color treatment during both visits and have been extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this salon.
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By: jenniferbutl
LaFusion Massage & Spa
Highly recommend seeing Kevin Kerr. He is very knowledgable about injuries such as back and tendinitis and is able to help with deep tissue massage without creating soreness the day after. I have been receiving massage for 18 years and he is one of the most professional and best massage therapists I have ever seen.
By: connye.powell.9
Renewed Youth Spa
I have enjoyed three treatments so far and have lost a total of 13 inches. I am extremely pleased with the results, as well as, the atmosphere. It is peaceful and relaxing...a great way to rejuvenate and be energized. Thank you for helping the process...making changes to be healthy and more beautiful!
By: dustn.armstrong
Renewed Youth Spa
I had an amazing experience here! I did not expect to lose any inches but lost over 3 in 1 visit and it has stayed off unlike the experience of a body wrap where it always comes back. Very professional and relaxing experience. I will definitely be going back!
By: dcberg
Spa Lux
My wife and I just had our second couple's massage at Spa Lux. It was excellent. This time we even added a facial. I highly recommend this for any couple wanting to add some spice to their friendship! Thank you Spa Lux!
By: matt.hay.52
Serenity An Aveda Day Spa
Sandy is a really nice lady. My mom has went there for 6 or 7 years and I decided to get my hair done there. I got highlights, a spa treatment, and a style all for $130.00. The place is clean. My highlights look good.

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