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By: Blake J.
TTCU Federal Credit Union
You would think the Tulsa TEACHERS Credit Union would have some sort of understanding as to how teaching contracts work, but no. My wife and I applied for a home equity loan and were denied because they wouldn't let us count her income. Why? Because it is June and although she has a contract signed for the fall AND has already been paid the full sum for her previous contract through July, they can't seem to find a way to show her as having employment. No amount of documentation (pay stubs, bank statements, contracts) can dissuade them of this. Here is an exert of my interactions with one of their representatives:Me: "I'm sorry if I'm coming off curt but it is very frustrating being told that we might be denied for a loan because my wife decided to change school districts this year - a pretty standard event that I would assume the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union would have encountered before in processing a loan."TTCU: "Yes we have had members change jobs during a mortgage loan. However we usually have documentation to support it."***Note: This would be an opportune moment to specify what further documentation is needed***Me: "Would a copy of her most recent contract be sufficient documentation? I'm working on having one faxed over now. Just trying to figure out what documentation besides the pay stubs and tax returns you already have would help clear this up."TTCU: "This is a one-off situation. I cannot tell you if that will help, but go ahead and send it on and I will add it to your file."***Note: Really? Because the previous email just said that this has happened before and only required the right documentation. Which is it?***In the end, we were never asked to provide any further documentation to prove that she has income for the summer months. Just simply told "No" until August when her new contract picks up. So I guess as far as they're concerned, teachers are all unemployed in the summer.
By: Ann D.
TTCU The Credit Union
As a teacher in the Tulsa Public School System, my Dad was a charter member of the Tulsa Teacher's Credit Union. In our family this Credit Union was a constant. My parents were both members, all three of their daughters were members, and most of their Grandchildren are members. My association with TTCU started with a savings account when I was 16 years old. Now 50 years later, I have the same savings account along with a checking account, auto loan account, and a Visa card. These accounts are now the primary banking accounts for my husband and I. We have closed all but one of our other banking accounts in favor of this one because of the hometown, personal attention we feel we get from TTCU.I think my Dad was right when he presented me with a Credit Union passbook (we used to use passbooks) and admonished me to take care of it because it would become one of the most valuable assets I would own.
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By: Angie M.
Oklahoma Central Credit Union
I got a loan with them and was sending my payments every month via electronic payments to them I had know ideal they could not receive them and my bank was sending my payments by mail because of this they said they were not getting my payments on time so they hit my credit score hard I don't think it was fair if they can't be up to date with their credit union like most others this was not from me not sending payment cause I sent them payments every month at the first to the sixth day of every month if you have very good credit don't use this company they will turn your credit into bad and they are very rude
By: Melissa S.
TTCU The Credit Union
To make a payment on your loan, you should not have to give your information and your spouses too. That is stupidity. I am giving my bank account information to them. I should not need to give my DOB and my husbands with a company I have had a loan with for 2 years. Frustrated.
By: tulsa_1964
TTCU The Credit Union
Had a very bad experience with a mortgage agent at the South location (81st and 169). She was hateful, did not communicate with us at all, lied about our interest rate, raised it without even so much as notifying us, was underhanded and sneaky and when confronted about her lack of communication could only say, "I don't know." TTCU hires mortgage agents without a lick of math skills who rely completely on their computer programs to take ten minutes to do a simple calculation that anyone with half the knowledge they're supposed to have can do in thirty seconds on a financial calculator. I do not trust these people and deeply regret going to them for my mortgage. Will not recommend.
By: jackblack11
TTCU The Credit Union
One of the most toxic and unprofessional work environments I have ever work in. Loosely ran with a lot blame game and second guessing. If there was a show call Credit Union Nightmares, I would nominate TTCU or The Credit Union in Tulsa first!
By: jeleki
TTCU The Credit Union
TTCU has, in my opinion, unethical lending policies.I have always overpaid my monthly payment AND paid 2 weeks early each and every month. I foolishly thought I was building up a cushion just in case my job decided to lay me off. Image my disgust to find that when I logged into my loan after 14 months of overpayments to find that I was only a month ahead? I had clearly overpaid my account by 4 months. I called customer service so sure that it was a mistake. I was furious to find that they have a policy (which was buried in the “fine print” of the contract) that says that they don’t care how much extra you pay – they expect a payment each and every month. The lady that I spoke to explained that even if you paid a year in advance, they would expect a payment every month and if you didn’t send in a payment – you would be reported to the credit bureau as late!! This is highly unethical.TTCU is the ONLY lending company that I have ever dealt with that will not give you credit for the payments that you make. I have had several car loans with various different lenders and every single one of them will reflect accurately if you pay ahead. TTCU acted as if I should have known about their policies. When you have policies that are against the normal policies of companies – you should inform your customers that your policies are different – NOT BURY THE INFORMATION IN THE FINE PRINT. I have changed the way that I make my payments. All of the extra money now goes to an interest paying account at another bank and if I lose my job, I will make payments from that account. I am so disgusted that TTCU has hinder my safety net in case something happens and I am currently looking to refinance my car with a different company.If you are a consumer like myself and pay ahead and pay extra then you need to be aware of TTCU’s policies and my advise would be go somewhere else.
By: cmangold
TTCU The Credit Union
TTCU really cares about people and tries to fina a way whenever possible

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