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By: Jeffery H.
Phone Doctors
Great service and super friendly. My phone was repaired and I was out the door in less than 30 minutes. I will definitely recommend them to friends.
By: Jk G.
Phone Doctors
I wouldn't recommend using this place at all. Apple will not warranty or service your device once Phone Doctors does any work on it, they will tell you the device has been tampered with. Although the cheap battery replacement is appealing, DO NOT let them install their after market batteries in your devices. They put a battery in my iPhone and after a few short months the battery swelled and was toast. The aftermarket battery swelling caused irreversible damage to my iPhone. The Apple Store even confirmed this was the problem. I took the iPhone back to Phone Doctors and told them my predicament. They asked me to leave it there over night so they could inspect it. After 3 days of ordering wrong parts and installing parts that might fix it they called to tell me the same news that the Apple Store had previously stated, it was a total loss. The asst manager even went to the lengths to tell me that the Apple Store was incorrect in their diagnosis and that another issue had caused the damage to my iPhone. She also advised me that the Apple Store techs often "lie to customers" in order to not have to repair/diagnose a iPhone. So bottom line, my iPhone was rendered a paper weight due to the junk aftermarket battery Phone Doctors used. Also, when their junk batteries rendered your phone a paper weight they WILL NOT own up to their mistakes and make it right with the customer. Just a word of advise, cheaper isn't always better. Use factory OEM parts and not junk aftermarket parts that these phone repair stores push.
By: Garrett G.
Phone Doctors
Jose Miranda took great care of me. Anna Soba, the technician, has hands created by God himself to repair phone screens. My phone screen was flawlessly repaired, and it only took around 20 to 25min. Highly recommend phone doctor.
By: Michaela S.
Phone Doctors
Had them fix my broken screen and turns out they took out screws and messed up some stuff under my screen. Did more damage than what I went in with! Then they said the screen was no longer under warranty so there was nothing that they could do…. Warranty is for when I mess the phone up, not the damage that they did! So now I am out of an Iphone6+ because there's "Nothing we can do" - I WILL NEVER TRUST THEM WITH ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!
By: Val S.
Boost Mobile Local by Real Wireless
This business has the worse customer service I had ever seen! My mother went into their store to ask for help with her phone. Not only they do not know what they are doing with their own products, they are also terribly rude. The man in the store CALLED MY ELDERLY MOTHER NAMES, while telling her that the problem on her phone cannot be fixed. He was so rude, she ended up crying in the car. She later went into a different store, where problem was fixed in the matter of minutes. DO NOT USE THIS STORE! Rude people who do not know their product.
By: Baby F.
Sprint Store
The people in this store appearantly did not have training in customer service. I waited politely for around 5 minutes as the lady in front of me had a personal conversation with the employee who is supposed to greet you and check you in. It sounded like a mad girlfriend & I thought it could go on for a while so I said Excuse Me can I get put on the list real fast? Cue death stare from the girl and employee. He rudely said "What do you need?" As it was my son's phone I let him do the talking. The employee mumbles "Number" as he is shaking his head. My son said I'm sorry I didn't hear you & he says again "number..NUMBER!!" After repeating the number a few times, he finally just gets fed up and tells me it will be $150 charge and they don't fix phones in that store and to go "somewhere else". I obviously had no problem doing just that. Turns out it was a minor fix that took less than 10 minutes to diagnose and fix at NO CHARGE. I'll drive 20 miles out of my way to avoid this store to go somewhere with employees who want to do their job.
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By: Cam W.
This is one of the worst locations EVER. Poor customer service. Managers will never return your calls to address issues. The kid Tyler that works there is rude and very unfriendly. After saying 4 times NO INSURANCE he just kept pushing it. So we walked out!! Also just a heads up this is not a real sprint store.
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By: Cam W.
This is one of the worst locations EVER. Poor customer service. Managers will never return your calls to address issues. The kid Tyler that works there is rude and very unfriendly. Also just a heads up this is not a real sprint store.
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By: Abby K.
Cell Phone Hospital
Fixed my completely shattered iPhone 6 in less than 45 minutes!
By: Bobby S.
Tulsa ReCell
I will never do business with Tulsa Recell again. I brought them my IPad Air to fix the screen. I gave them 6 try's to get it right and it wasn't ever fixed and now the home and lock button are broke. Testing was never done properly and communication was terrible. I had to constantly call and ask if it was ready. The last straw was when I had to send my wife in and Victor(THE OWNER) cursed at her multiple times. He told her he wouldn't do business with her and that she could get the hell out of his house. I called him and Victor immediately started to curse at me on the phone. After a long conversation of him yelling and cursing I called back and asked for my money back which I got. I would look around before ever going to do business with them. You might also consider buying a new iPad before taking it to them.

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