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By: Cristina C.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
1.I had an old vintage family inheritence that dated back 100 years, from my great grandparents that was passed down to me. it is a precious piece of jewelry, but due to what I expected, was old age, the necklace look old, dated and dirty. I was advised by a friend to get the piece of jewelry cleaned by professionals. But due to its worth and value, I feared the situation it may get lost. I was advised to look into hiring AbbysJewelry since their jewelers were known to have had decades of experience. And when I did, I absolutely love what they did. They not only cleaned the piece of jewelry, but restored it to what I would believe was it’s most stunning condition. I was so happy and greatful for what they did.
By: Allen M.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I just want to take the time to share how wonderful Abby’s Jewelry Repair has been! They were very patient with me when customizing a unique ring that my beautiful girlfriend, now fiancée, would love and treasure. Even after requesting for several modifications, they stuck with me and gave me plenty of options and suggestions to choose from. There are no words to thank them enough because they made it exactly how I asked for it. They artistically amazing and just straight up professionals. They pay close attention to detail and make their customers a priority. They now have a special place in our hearts and we will definitely be glad to work with them again. We highly recommend them!
By: Anne C.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I am so delighted with Abby’s Jewelry Repair. They are friendly, welcoming, sincere and honest. I'm not quick to entrust my jewelry with just any jeweler, but it was not difficult for me to trust their staff. They are experts and highly professional, and they give personal attention to customers. My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary and took our rings in to be resized and adjusted. I also brought some diamonds so that they could create a gorgeous new ring that is both unique and of special value to me. They understood everything of what I envisioned and creatively designed and crafted a stunning, eye-catching ring. I highly recommend them to everyone.
By: Will M.
Abby's Cash For Gold
I have been to Abby’s Cash for Gold numerous times and I have yet to be disappointed! They have repaired several pieces of my jewelry, and they have done a great job each time! Not only do they provide quality services, but they also offer some of the most affordable prices in town. Their jeweler’s are very knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, and courteous. They pay close attention to details and I appreciate how they take the time to explain the process they will be doing on your jewelry. They even give me a few pointers on how I can properly maintain my jewelry. I trust them with my jewelry and I have already recommended them to my friends and family. Thanks!
By: Trisha M.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I went online to find a jewelry repair shop and I stumbled upon Abby's Jewelry Repair. They had nothing but good reviews, so I went to them for some works. I had a beautiful gemmed necklace that needed a chain repair. I also had my wedding ring that I have not been able to wear since my fingers have gotten bigger, so I needed ring sizing. When I got there, they were intrigued with my necklace and were very friendly when asking me about it. Since they were so interested, it made me feel happy that they were the ones handling my jewelry. I am very satisfied with their work and their prices. I will let them handle my wedding ring next!
By: Rachel B.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I really really value my grandfather’s watch with all my heart. It has been a tradition in our family to pass on this watch to the first born son, and I was privileged to have it. So I was frustrated when it suddenly stopped working. I took it to Abby’s Jewelry Repair, and I was very thankful when they fixed it. The technician said that they had to change the gasket and the battery. I thought it would cost much money but they gave me a discount so I only paid half of the bill. Thank you very much Abby’s Jewelry Repair. I really appreciate your service. I’ll surely bring my watch to your shop every year for battery replacement.
By: Sally R.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I always wanted to have an accessory different from others. I had a ring that I really cherish but I wanted to have it engraved so that other people would know that it’s really mine. I went to Abby’s Jewelry Repair and I was happy with how they did the engraving. They did such good detail with it. I was also happy there was a discount of 50% on my jewelry repair and I discovered that they do watch repair also. I recommended them to my dad because he has a pricey watch. It turned out to be a good idea because the battery needed to be replaced. My dad and I were both happy with the kind of service they did to our accessories.
By: Marc M.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
I have had quality Rolex service in Tulsa by Abby’s Jewelry Repair for the past year, and I must say, their work is beyond words. They did some work on my Rolex that has been years old. I had brought it to a few places, but they told me it was not worth working on. However, Abby’s Jewelry Repair went out of their way to see if they could do anything about it. When I got it back, I was so impressed because they made it look as good as new and working normally again. After that experience, I continued to bring my pieces to them and at this point, I will not even consider letting anyone else touch my watches.
By: Cathy H.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Abby’s Jewelry Repair. I have been availing of their services for a few years now, and my relationship with their staff has always been fantastic. In the past, I have put a lot of pressure on them just because I wanted them to finish some of the work earlier than expected. They have always been very professional and deal with me in such a pleasurable manner. They always find a way to finish what I want on time, and each of my requests has been met. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a jeweler or engraver.
By: Carl G.
Abby's Jewelry Repair
My grandmother has been telling me to have her necklace repaired. So, when I finally had the time, I took it to Abby’s Jewelry Repair. I asked for their rates and, apparently, it was much cheaper than the other stores I’ve been to. They told me that a few minor repairs and cleaning is the necklace needed. I gave them the jewelry to be repaired and cleaned. I then waited for a day and when I took it from them and showed it to my grandmother, she was almost in tears seeing her necklace brought back to its former beauty.Of course, it also made me so happy; thanks to Abby’s.

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