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By: Becky E.
Halsey Chiropractic
Honestly I was hurting like I had a pinched nerve and went in without an appointment because it was a "semi" emergency. This rating of 3 stars is based on just being able to get in without appointment as a new patient. I went in and they hooked me up to a tens unit for about 8 minutes.. It was first of all in the wrong area. Had the nurse asked me exactly where my pain was she might have known that.. Second of all we went and had one single x ray done standing with my shoulder to the wall.. Ok fine by me maybe they know more than I do considering they are the doctors?? Next I went into the room and had to put a heating pad on my back for a few minutes to loosen up my muscles.. Finally and actually rather quickly Dr Halsey comes in and tells me to lie on my back facing up. Then out of nowhere begins relentlessly pulling tugging twisting jerking my head neck legs and arms... Quickly I might add... Not gently or having no concern for the amount of pain I was in. Not once did he check any single vertebrae or have me sit up and do the routine procedure I've had before. Not a question was asked about the pain or nerve that is actually where the pain is generating from. So all in all I'm being generous by rating this excuse for a chiropractic office a 3. This just happened this morning and I WILL NOT be returning to this place that charges you only $35 and does not ask you a single thing before contortioning you like a pretzel and won't even discuss your x ray result with you....
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By: Jeanne H.
Halsey Chiropractic
Dr Halsey is the best chiropractor I have ever received treatments. Years ago, I sustained a whiplash. The pain was intractable. I went to many chiropractors and DO physians in the Tulsa area. A couple of the many I went to, helped my pain. It wasn't until I went to Dr Halsey, my pain was totally relieved. I felt a difference after the first treatment. Eventually, (only a few adjustments) my neck and back pain was relieved. Since then my lower back is occasionally painful. Dr Halsey's adjustments relieve my back pain. My husband has 3 bulging discs. He has been to ortho physicians, and physical therapy. Yet, Dr Halsey's treatments (adjustments and acupuncture) is the only treatment that reduces his pain to a level he can tolerate, and remain active. His office is small and dated. But his staff friendly, and Dr Halsey is personable/friendly, while maintaining professional and highly skilled
By: Lynn M.
David Fields, DC
Dr. Fields with Tulsa Spine Care Associates is one of the most amazing doctors of Chiropractic in Tulsa. I had a car accident in 1996, my C1,2 and 3 were messed up. My neck has given me problems ever since, until this last September when Dr. Fields was able to get these vertebrates to move and give me relief. I was suppose to be scheduled for surgery to correct this issue, but Dr. Fields saved me from having to do that. I am very thankful for his talented work and keeping a close eye on my progression. If you are in the market for a Chiropractor, I would heavily suggest making an appointment with Dr. David Fields at Tulsa Spine Care Associates. You will be amazed as well with his techniques and the progress you will make for a healthy lifestyle. (918) 828-2400 is the number for Dr. Fields and Tulsa Spine Care Associates.
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By: Michael R.
David Fields, DC
Dr. David Fields is very personable, thoughtful, and concerned. He took the time to listen to what was going on with me, and checks that progress each time I come in. In one adjustment he was able to get me out of pain. He has followed that up with physical therapy. He also had interest to check in with my surgeon to collaborate their efforts. The nurse Natausha is very kind as well, and they make a great team. If you're looking for a chiropractor that will be really honest and sincere with you about what to expect, and what chiropractic care can and cant do to help, then this is the chiropractor for you!
By: blaird87
Brooks Spinal Care PC
Brooks Spinal Care has the nicest and most knowledgeable staff! I went to Brooks because I decided I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired due to misalignment of my spine. I got in to see Dr. Brooks very quickly and the consultation was free, even better. I felt very comfortable and excited that Dr. Brooks is not the typical crack, snap and pop Chiropractor! I have recommended my entire family to Dr. Brooks and even some co-workers.
By: caround
Brooks Spinal Care PC
If you want relief from back, neck or leg pain, I highly recommend Brooks Spinal Care. The staff is caring and courteous and Dr. Brooks, whom I have been seeing for spinal corrections for two years, is the first doctor who has helped me with my pain. I have suffered from back problems off and on for 40 years. Thank you Dr. Brooks for making me feel well!
By: annette007
Chicoine Chiropractic Clinics
I was looking for a chiropractor in the Tulsa area and found Dr. Chicoine and staff to be the casual friendly professional place I was looking for. I have health insurance and I went in and they took care of everything but the co-pay for me ha ha to bad. I really felt very comfortable and will go back when ever my back or anything else goes out.
By: sarag100
Cool Chiropractic Clinic
This is the best Chiropractor in Tulsa. Over the years, I have seen 4 other Chiropractors in town and all were just okay.... but Dr. Cool is by far the best. He's very personable and you can tell that he really cares about every patient. I highly recommend Dr. Cool at Cool Chiropractic Clinic.
By: C. M.
Health And Stability Spinal Care
What a team!! Dr. Nick and Dr. Christy are amazing. Best health care I have ever received and I am a doctor. Staff is friendly and smart. They also offer class IV laser therapy that can help you heal even quicker. I would recommend their office to my family, friends and my own patients.
By: Sylvia S.
Peterson Clinic-Chiropractic
45 minutes wait for a very brief visit with the chiropractor, Michael Peterson. My time off work is worth consideration. I just lost about $25 sitting in his waiting room. When someone tells you to "bring a book," to a chiropractor's visit, there's something really wrong.

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