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By: Lucy J.
Phillips Tree Service & Removal
Although the men were friendly enough, they let themselves in my backyard at 8am with no notice. They did not ring our doorbell or knock on the door. As I was getting ready for work I noticed a few men standing around my pool looking inside my house while I was in a bra. My door to the backyard was also open to enjoy the sun and warm air, & to allow my 4 large dogs to come and go as they please. My dogs, although not aggressive, are very protective. They noticed the men & ran to them immediately & we had to call them back. The men just came through the backyard to let us know that they will be starting on our front yard, so I'm not quite sure what the point of going into our backyard without our permission was.I have no judgments on their actual work, because I didn't get to see the completed job yet, but I am absolutely bothered by the lack of professionalism. They need to ring the doorbell & let their client know that they are on the property & will be going in & out of the yards.
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By: G- W.
StumpKing Grinding Stumps To Dust
★★★★★ Thank you Scott for superior craftsmanship & skill in "surgically removing" these (5) embedded stumps. Despite today's inclement mid-day weather, Scott found a way to get it done on time with riveting precision & at a Great Price! Wow, Highly Recommended !!!Maximum Ranking for Great Service @5 (golden) Stars!!!
By: David T.
Taylor Tree Care Inc
Taylor Tree Care removed two very large trees out of my yard. One in the front yard and one in the backyard. The great thing about their equipment was one access to the backyard so they used their big knuckle boom truck to remove the backyard tree over the house. Great company and the clean up was excellent!
By: William C.
Midtown Tree Service
can't say enough about these guys. showed up on time, worked non-stop until the job was done. cleaned up everything after the job, one of the hands even got on my roof and blew limbs and tree debris off, filled divots and ruts in my yard, talk about customer service! Great job guys!
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By: Stacy T.
Universal Expo
They came and cut down the tree as asked for the cheapest quote we got and were wonderful. They went above and beyond.I will always call them and recommend them to my friends and family.
By: Brandon S.
A-1 Tree Service
They are the most professional tree service that have me a bid and their work reflects the professionalism as well. I highly recommend them.
By: cehandfamily
Affordable Tree Service & More
very dependable, get job done fast in a professional manner and clean up nice
Tips & Advices
A tree stump can take up to 10 years to rot away if it is left to decay naturally. The exact time that it takes for the stump to rot completely will depend on the type of tree and the conditions present in your yard. You can speed up the decay process by applying a fertilizer with a heavy concentration of nitrogen to the ground that surrounds the tree stump.
The stump removal method that you choose will determine whether there is a hole left where the tree stump used to be. Stump extraction involves removing both the stump and its roots, and the removal of the roots may leave you with a hole in your yard. Stump grinding removes just the tree stump, and since the stump's roots are allowed to remain, there is no hole left in your yard.
If you wish to plant a new tree in the same spot after a stump has been removed, your best best is to have the stump extracted. Stump extraction removes the old tree's roots, and this will give the new tree room to grow. With stump grinding, the tree stump's roots are left intact.
Tree stumps of all sizes can be ground or removed from your property. If you're choosing to have a very large tree stump extracted instead of ground, it's important to remember that this will be a major task, since a tree's root ball can grow to be four to ten times the size of the tree.
Stump extraction involves removing the entire tree stump and its roots from your yard. Stump extraction is a more complicated and time-consuming procedure than stump grinding, which involves simply grinding away the tree stump and leaving the roots intact. With stump extraction, you may be left with a hole in your yard once the tree stump's roots have been removed.

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