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By: longtimetulare
Famous Footwear
Let me start by saying that I believe in honest & integrity. Anyone who truly knows me understands this. I believe in standing up for what I believe in. That's why I post a comment/note to share my experience so that others can know what to expect from a company.I had been looking for sandals for a while, I had no luck in finding anything I liked. I went into Famous Footwear because I has a $20 coupon that expired at the end of April. (I earned the coupon for buying five pairs of shoes within 8 months.) I didn't find anything I liked. I kept looking to see if i could found anything at least lose to $20. I settled on a pair that showed it was $34.99, I figured after the coupon $15 wouldn't be bad. The cashier rang it up & I gave her my card without looking at the price (usually I do). She handed me the receipt & It was $21.69. My first thought was that it was more than I expected, I went to check the price. Sure enough it showed $34.99 & she rang it up at $39.99. I told the cashier, she looked at the price tag labeled on the shelf. She scanned the shoes & the shoes next to them. She then said this isn't the price of the shoes, it goes over here & she moved the tags in front of me. She then said she didn't have to sell them to me for that price because it wasn't their fault. That anyone could have changed it & that people pick up the prices off the floor all the time & put them back in the wrong spot. (I don't personally know anyone who would do that, do you?) As she slid off the sale tag, again she said that anyone could slide the sale tag off & move it to any location they choose. She added, I'm not saying you did that but anyone could. She then said that I could return the shoes. She knew very well that if I did I would lose the $20 from the coupon. I left the store & the shoes stayed in the truck of my car for two weeks. It didn't even take the end of the first day to decide to take them back, I just needed to find the time to do so. I knew I wouldn't be happy wearing them so I decided to go to Kohn's & I found sandals I actually liked at a reasonable price. When I returned the shoes (it was the same cashier, just my luck) she asked me if i was sure i wanted to return them or would I like to exchange them. I said i wanted to return them because they wouldn't honor the price shown on price tag. She told me if i returned them I would lose the $20. I replied with, I don't care I wont be shopping her anymore. I added, just so you guys know as soon as I get the form I'll be putting in a formal complaint. She rudely replied that anyone could put in a complain to anyone at any time. While talking she cut me off two times & the look & tone of her voice was improper. Whatever happen to the customer is always right & to be polite no matter what?I have been shopping at Famous Footwear for at least 12 years. I think it's ridiculous that they would rather lose a customer & be rude for $5. I didn't even know the tags slid off like that until she showed me. Even if I did I wouldn't have changed it. If I was dishonest wouldn't I be pulling this stunt all over or surely before 12 years of shopping at this particular store? Or better yet change the price for more then a $5 difference? I'm 39 & I can only recall one other time that I encountered a situation like this. (It was at target & they honored the price displayed with a $10 difference.) I have never even heard of any store not honoring the price shown. I believe in honesty, integrity, & in taking a stand. Every time I see my new sandals on my feet I will have the satisfaction that I stood up for something I believe in.

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