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By: Tina S.
USA Pawn & Jewelry
My husband and I went for years to buy used but well maintained items. It wasn't until we had to pawn there that things got bad. My husband pawned 14 superhero seasons and a Nintendo DS in October of last year. We have been paying on it and decided to take it out a year later. They sold the 14 seasons as of April. So we have been paying on pawn that no longer existed. So they employees were baffled and told us to come back and talk to the supervisor Fernando. At this point I'm thinking to myself this doesn't happened often but when it does what are the steps to ensure we get our merchandise back. My husband has extremely high anxiety so I had to deal with this. Guess what I'm still dealing with it. It has been over a month and all Fernando can do is apologize and say its human error. He said we can go to Zia Records. (THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL BE AT ZIAS) So I suggested ebay. Waited for two weeks. And its their busiest season, so calling us to give us a update has never happened. Came into the store, I mean ebay had all of the seasons that they lost right in two weeks we should have them. Fernando says we only found 6. At this point I'm trying my best not to scream. EBAY HAS EVERY SEASON!!!!! But he doesn't want to pay full price for "new" items is the only conclusion that I can come up with. I calm myself, true the items weren't new THEY WERE PRISTINE!!! Most men love their cars my husband loves his superhero memorabilia. So I asked about store credit just to end this horrible experience. Fernando said we could do $80. WTF whats the highest? He said $120 for all. I asked my husband and he gave me a look I soon won't forget and we decided against it because WE WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!! Unfortunately I have to keep going until this is resolved but once it is, I nor my husband or family will enter this establishment. CUSTOMERS BEWARE: IF YOU PAWN HERE AND THEY LOSE YOUR ITEMS THERE ARE NO STEPS TO BE TAKEN... BTW the only reason I'm giving it two stars is because I used to love this place. How quickly that changed. Thanks FERNANDO! I guess I will be in touch since you cannot keep in touch...
By: rusty74
Adelphi Retirement Management, Inc.
My friend from San Francisco recommended me to use Adelphi Retirement Mgmt to transfer my old 401k into a Self-directed IRA account. I met the owner Andrew Lam at his office and the meeting was educational and informative. Mr. Lam was very professional as he answered all my questions and concerns. In just a few weeks, my IRA LLC account was established which I invested in a rental income property in Phoenix. I like to thanks Adelphi Retirement Mgmt team for their wonderful service, and I would highly recommend their service to everyone with a need to open a Self-directed IRA account. - Rusty (Tucson, AZ).
By: Buzzy M.
Prestige Horizons
I was upside down in my note and about to give up. I got a call from Terry and he had the issue resolved in less than a week with a tremendous level of professionalism and diligence. Now my credit has been saved and so has my retirement. I cannot say enough about Terry's patience and his great desire to make sure we were satisfied. I recommend Prestige Horizons to anyone trying to buy or sell a high-end RV or Motor home. Thank you.
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By: Dm G.
USA Pawn & Jewelry
USA pawn shop on 1st & glenn is very costumer friendly and there to help out of situations with bills if so, I go there all the time n they have pawn my stuff for 3 time it's worth because we've built up trust an honesty both ways, I deal with Henry n a young ladie but when I walk in they all give me there attention.. that's why I rate them 5 star's.. Thanks a lot guy's keep up the work!
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By: Joseph H.
Prestige Horizons
Me and my family needed to sell my RV and couldn't find a buyer for so long until I met Daniel Martinez who helped us get it sold and showed nothing but confidence in wanting to sell it even when we were discouraged. None the less he showed outstanding customer service and got it sold for an agreeable price!! Thank you perstige horizons!
By: Mark F.
Prestige Horizons
I had been trying to sell my RV for 5 months. I was having very little luck because i owed too much on it. They came in and started making my payments immediately. I am very happy I was able to find a company like them. It's been 8 months now and they have every payment without any hiccups.
By: Henry P.
Prestige Horizons
My wife got sick and so we aren't able to travel anymore. This company has been a savior. This company was exactly what we needed. I can't say enough good things about how they have treated us. I highly recommend to anyone that has a similar situation as us.
By: Justyn S.
Quik Pawn
Great place. I've purchased many things from them and I've had nothing but positive experiences. Staff is great. Knowledgeable and eager to help. They have some pretty sweet stuff. I would recommend this place to anyone!!
By: Todd J.
Prestige Horizons
Prestige took over the payments for my Motorhome and so far they have kept every promise they made. We are very happy with their service.
By: Sam F.
Prestige Horizons
Great company to work with. Terry was very professional and helped me understand the process much better.

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