By: Tony D.
Santa Rita Landscaping Inc
After reviewing several contractors, my wife and I contracted with Santa Rita Landscape (SRL) to design and complete a backyard project for a new home we purchased in Marana, AZ. From the design phase to the completed project, I have nothing but praise for how the job was handled. Rich Doering was insightful throughout the design phase and was extremely patient with us as we fine tuned the initial design. By the third draft we had what we wanted. The work began and finished in the time frame that was established, and the crews were fantastic to work with. Arriving each day at pretty much sunrise to start the work and at the end of the each day, the work areas were cleaned up and all trash/debris was removed.All the crews (landscape/patio pavers, barbeque, fire-pit, trenching, water system and others) were professional and knowledgeable. The foreman for the project, Ismael Valle, nicknamed (Smiley) was on top of the project in regard to the work crews, equipment, supplies, and schedule. He was accessible and easy to work with. I will note, as with any project of this scale, a few issues did occur. Smiley handled each issue and the discrepancies were immediately addressed and rectified. I was also a bit surprised to have the owner of the company (Richard) and his Vice President in charge of operations (Garrett) show up at the site one afternoon just to check in and see how everything was going. We spent some time talking and it was obvious to me that they were very genuine in the desire to ensure the project was going well and in the manner that I expected. A very personal touch that was much appreciated. In the end, the backyard looks great and we are of the opinion that we clearly made the right choice for our project. I would highly recommend Santa Rita Landscape (SRL) for any project you may be considering.
By: David H.
Saber Landscapes, Inc.
I had an inoperative irrigation system in my home that required expert help. I called Scott at Saber Landscaping and found him extremely helpful. He spent about a half hour on the phone with me and gave me several troubleshooting suggestions in an attempt to save him from having to make a service call. Unfortunately my controller box was in need of replacement, and since I was going to be out of town, I made arrangements for Scott to complete the necessary work the following week. Not only did he and his team do a thorough job, he called me while he was on site to communicate his diagnosis, offer up repair options and answer my questions. Scott completed the work on time to the estimate we discussed and sent me a timely invoice. If you are an out of town owner, you should feel comfortable calling Scott and the Saber Landscaping team; they did a great job and I was very satisfied. I highly recommend them!!
By: Bruce H.
Saber Landscapes, Inc.
I had a great experience today, thanks to Scott, the owner of Saber Landscaping. I installed my own system about 8 years ago and recently had problems with the control box giving me error messages. I tried trouble shooting and had no luck. I called Saber and it turns out I got Scott. He asked what the problem was, then what brand controller I had. He then told me my Hunter control boxes had this problem when they got old. He said he could fix it but if I had installed the system I could probably do it myself and gave me a reference to a couple of controllers. He lost a sale but made a big fan! Thanks, Scott!
By: jhcarson
Desert Star Addict Recovery Ctr
Supposedly a group of the "best and brightest" employees to escape Sierra Tucson, Desert Star is a less than stellar Intensive Out Patient addiction facility.It was unfortunate to find the many of them, directed by Richard "Call Me Any Time" Poppy, made my experience unsafe and disrespectful. I have seldom witnessed so much overt manipulation, emotional immaturity and rude behavior by counselors & administrative staff. Desert Star does not follow their written Grievance Policy and being accountable is, in fact, a big part of recovery.
By: liz.foss1
Sierra Tucson
At Sierra Tucson, I found the spiritual and emotional support that started me back on the path to wellness. The caring there was palpable and sincere—from the unit therapists, to the evening and weekend counselors, to the bodyworkers, to the administrative staff, kitchen and grounds crews. The abundant caring, acceptance and support from all of these people made doing the very hard work possible. It was also a wonderfully beautiful and peaceful place to be!
By: stanrenshaw5
Sierra Tucson
I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for Sierra Tucson. One of my best friends went there in April of 2000. When he came back, he had totally transformed himself and his way of life. He has been sober from everything ever since he came back. I saw the before and after of this remarkable individual, and I can’t begin to explain what an incredible change has taken place. Thank you so much, Sierra Tucson.
By: junebarton255
Sierra Tucson
I firmly believe that Sierra Tucson saved my daughter’s life. My wife and I had tried nearly everything, with only very limited but never lasting success. Sierra Tucson’s program turned my daughter’s life around, put her on the path to recovery, and gave her the life-long skills to succeed, where everyone else had failed. I wholeheartedly support Sierra Tucson’s program and would recommend it to any person.
By: cheyennesnider240
Sierra Tucson
Being an alumnus for six years this April, my experience at Sierra Tucson helped me make the changes that have made my life a miracle. It helped me to heal so I can make healthy choices in my career and in relationships within my family. The number of people that I have been able to help as a result of the help I received gives me the faith that it can only get better if I remain willing to take action.
By: speakthetruth01
Saber Landscapes, Inc.
Our back yard was about as bare bones as it gets. Scott came up with two different designs for us to review. We decided which one we wanted and we are absolutely thrilled with the final product. We never in a million year thought are yard could look so beautiful! Scott was very thorough in explaining every step of the project and there were no surprises. I fully endorse Saber Landscapes!
By: ianflanagan781
Sierra Tucson
I was in such a bad, dark place when my family sent me to Sierra Tucson. My depression was consuming my life and I was drinking too much too. The tools I learned to help me cope have made a huge difference and the doctors helped me get on the right medication for my depression. I needed help desperately and I am glad my family found Sierra. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life.
Tips & Advices
If you don't have insurance, you may be able to find outpatient programs like Narcotics Anonymous that offer counseling and meetings for patients at no cost.
Some facilities accept health insurance like United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana and Medicaid. Many carriers support in-state assessment, detox and outpatient treatment. Some also partially cover residential or inpatient treatment. Because drug addiction is considered a disease, major health insurance providers must treat it like any other chronic condition that requires medical treatment. Be sure to inquire about co-pays and deductibles so you don't receive a surprise bill months after you start a program.
Yes. Some treatment programs promote quick sobriety through seemingly impossible means, such as herbal supplements or religious affiliation. Be wary of questionable claims like, "Shake your drug addiction in one week!" If the advertising sounds too good to be true, the program could potentially be a scam. Instead, look for organizations that include approval and certification from real doctors and health care providers.
Yes. Attending a program that is specific to your drug of choice will make your treatment much more likely to be impactful and successful.  Some provide certain users with medications like Valium and Xanax to counteract symptoms of distress associated with alcohol or drug withdrawals. You may not want to attend such programs if you fear that you may instead become addicted to these substances.
Yes. A physician can determine how severe your addiction is, which will help you decide if you want to try inpatient or outpatient treatment. He or she can also consider any withstanding health issues such as psychiatric conditions that should be factored into your decision. Next, check out facilities and programs that offer treatment for the substances that you abuse.

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