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By: chico0678
A great location to run in, get what you need and get out fast. Every staff member here provide consistently great customer service. I come here multiple times a week and I always feel like a valued customer.😊 Not one time habe I had a negative experience. I recommend shopping here to everyone in the area. Thank you sales associates for making me feel like an appreciated customer! Keep up the great work! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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By: chico0678
Magpies Gourmet Pizza Oracle
It had been quite some time since we have eaten here and after our recent pizza order it brought back all the happiness our tastes buds remember! πŸ˜„ Our pizza delivery was quick and fresh. Only wish we had was it to still be hot when it arrived. Magpies has a specific recipe that's sure to delight everyone's palate! Can't wait to come back for more food choices! πŸ‘πŸ‘
By: Matt F.
Midas Auto Service Experts
WARNING. I took my vehicle here for an oil change and was told my axle half shaft was damaged because of a torn CV boot and the cost to replace the axle would be just under $1600.00. They were charging $1400.00 for the part alone! They also said my power steering fluid was due for "factory scheduled maintenance" for an additional $69.00. THANK GOD I took my vehicle to my car dealer instead. They said the boot had a "small cut" in it and all I needed was a boot kit. The axle was fine and my repair only cost me $303.00. The new axle (I didn't need) retails for $617 on (not $1400) and my dealer said it would have cost $980 if they had to replace it which is less that what Midas wanted for the part alone. My dealer also said there is no "scheduled maintenance" for power steering fluid and determined I wont need this for another 15,000 miles. This was the first and last time I will ever visit M.I.D.A.S. Masters In Deception And Scams
By: Richard M.
Vince's Automotive Repair
These folks are the best. Scrupulously honest. I have gone there convinced that I needed some work only to have them tell me all was well. On one necessary repair they were almost $400.00 less expensive than the dealership and used parts they bought at the dealership. All of the work I have had done has been done on time and on budget. Never over the estimate. I was referred to them by my brother and have referred dozens of my friends over the years. You can't go wrong at Vince's.By the way. They have the nicest man who will drop you off while they are working on the car and pick you up when it is done. Go there. You won't be disappointed.
By: Akash S.
Clutch Auto Repair
Very good experience with the work and their hospitality with the clients. Good work guys.Tremendous quality work also.
By: Armando V.
Yimmy's Auto Care
I have been coming to him ever since I bought my car he has been great. He is forward and honest and explains everything before he begins. He delivers in a timely manner as well. I will continue to take my vehicles to him.
By: Nona Y.
Priced Rite Pizza
This restaurant is now closed as of several years ago. Now there is a Jerry Bob's in this building.
By: Shawna A.
Hall's Automotive
I called on behalf of a popular insurance company to schedule a pick up for a vehicle that they have that belongs to the insurance company and got hung up on multiple time and also was severely verbally abused called a F**cking B**ch and yelled at me not allowing me to proceed to call me names and act very unprofessional.
By: Mr. C.
Chariot Pizza
So this is my favorite pizza place close by it is delicious. Employee's are nice, but I was very surprised on the wings with the $25.00 meal deal. Got home and this is humiliating I know companies have to cut cost but come on. Hope they are not feeding us pigeons. So if you do not mind just bone no meat. Go for it
By: Toni A.
Magpies Gourmet Pizza
fast with getting out the food. love your red sauce , will be back. I like being able to set out side. had the Italian sandwich.
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