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By: D L.
The Good Feet Store
Please note, that if you have foot, back or hip problems that cause you serious pain, this is not the place to seek relief. I went in to the Good Feet Store (GFS) after having read their website. I had been suffering with foot, back and hip problems for more than a year. The pain became so unbearable it would bring be to tears. Understand, that if you find yourself in the GFS, you may have a serious problem and NONE of their employees are medically certified or competent to help you. They are all just slick salespeople.They'll have you fill out a short personal profile, do an ink impression of your feet, then they trot off to the back of the store and bring out some plastic supports that they pulled out of a bin. They'll tell you that the ink footprint means that you have curled toes or wobbly ankles, or whatever they think that you'll believe. Then they'll insert these hard plastic inserts into your shoes and ask you if that feels better. If you say "no", they'll tell you that your feet have to adjust to the supports. These salespeople can sense desperation and pain like dogs can sense fear. My salesperson looked me straight in the eye and told me (without even blinking) that these supports cure 99.9% of all the people who buy them. I said that I had to get rid of the pain and that I was willing to buy them.... Then she dropped the price on me... $600.00, plus tax ($658.00}!!... FOR TWO LOUSY PAIR OF PLASTIC ARCH SUPPORTS. I'm 70 years old and almost 100% dependent on social security, I nearly had a another heart attack. I knew that I could no longer bear the pain, so I agreed and they put be on some kind of payment plan to finance two pair of cheap plastic shoe inserts. After paying for the inserts on credit, I noticed on the bottom of the receipt that there are no cash refunds and that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. They don't tell you that until the sale is done.Long story short: After trying the supports for over 17 straight days, the pain only got worse. I felt like I had a rocks in my shoes. I'm now in more pain than ever, and $658.00 in debt to boot.I called the bank and told them the story. They opened a dispute against the charges and told me to return the inserts. I told the bank that the store said that they don't take returns or make refunds. They said, "yes they will, we cannot settle the dispute as long as you have the merchandise." A couple of days later (Today, 4/29), I returned the inserts and had them acknowledge the return by signing and dating a copy of my receipt. I immediately called the bank when I got home and they noted the return on my account. I am confident that the dispute will be settled in my favor.A bit of advice: The GFS is NOT the place to go for serious foot support problems. For the price that I was charged, I could have gone to a real Podiatrist and gotten custom foot supports molded to exactly fit my feet and even gotten change back from the deal. I did find some good quality arch supports for about $20.00 to $50.00 online that seem to be helping to alleviate the pain quite a bit. However, go to the store that actually sells them to get properly fitted (Like Fleet Feet Sports, Tucson). Also, consider getting a new pair of properly fitted shoes to go with the new inserts/supports.Bottom line, a good credit card company will not allow their customers to get ripped off and will simply do a charge-back. Always use a credit card or you may find that you will not have any recourse after a bad sale. Finally, stay far, far away from the Good Feet Store. Hoping that you get the pain relief that you need. Good Luck!
By: Robin N.
The Good Feet Store
good feet was a huge disappointment. I have a pair of $500. orthopedics I can't wear, their policy is wear them for 30 days and after 30 days refund is gone. they advertise on tv that you stand on a machine that reads your feet so they know what your feet need. lies lies lies. I stood on a ink paper. i had been in pain and was praying for a advise go to a orthopedic doctor that does know feet
By: Kevin C.
The Good Feet Store
I have used Good Feet inserts for many years and have been overall very satisfied. . Unfortunately the Grant Street Store in Tucson lacks the professionalism and experiece in the application of their product. The reason they advertise so much on Television is because they do not have repeat business. They do not try to resolve your issue. Rather, they focus on selling you whatever they can to ring the register. Save your time and money, find another Good Feet Store - avoid the Grant Road Store in Tucson AZ
By: noreturn1
Workmens Boots & Shoes
I bought a pair of timberlane work boots from this place and after 12 days of wearing them the threads started breaking on the bending area of the boots.I brought them to this place where i got them from and showed the owner.his repair was to get out his scissors and start cutting the broken threads.his remark is where not going to throw them away because of threads ripping.this store is the worst customer satisfaction i have ever experienced.owner is there to rip you off.Do not buy from this store.

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