By: Gloria B.
Copper View Apartments
Generally speaking, this place is pretty decent. The neighborhood is quiet, and so are the neighbors for the most part. What has been a major inconvenience though, is the fact that in the last eleven months my boyfriend and I had to deal three different management companies. The first owner sold the place in April to Peach Properties who in turn sold it to Werth Realty at the end of October. Each time we've been asked to provide them lease records/agreements they should have received when buying the property. Not only that. but maintenance is slow. We had a leak in our bathroom and it took them close to three weeks to do something about it. Its been a month and a half after that and now we have black mold in the shower because there is still a small leak and the maintenance man never followed up when he said he would. Overall, this place isn't really that bad. I've lived in far worse places in my life. I won't however be renewing my lease here because I don't want to deal with inept apartment management for a fourth, fifth or sixth time in the upcoming year.
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By: Matt D.
Crown Villas Apartments
I just moved into a studio here and couldn't be happier with it. I used padmapper to check out studios all around the area and couldn't find a better deal or location. Terry made the move-in process great, even meeting me after hours to give me the keys. On moving in I found the apt to be spotless and in generally excellent condition, as is the rest of the property. Terry has also helped me out by receiving packages delivered and then putting them in my apartment for me while I was at work! What other apartment would provide that kind of customer service? Every guest I've had over has said 'wow, I need to look into this place'. From the clean pool and 24-hour laundry mat, to the caring management, I've been at Crown Villas for a month now and can tell you it's been nothing but a positive experience.
By: wildcatcanyonlover
Wildcat Canyon Village
GO. LIVE. THERE. This is by far one of the best places I have lived in my life. Quiet, clean, renovated, utilities included, furnished, new new new. Great staff. Parking on-site, laundry on-site, resident functions every month and contests. If you want to party all the time and fail in school this is not the place for you. If you want to study in a quiet place and get sleep, then this is the place for you. You can always go visit your friend that lives at one of those party central apartment buildings that are stained in who knows what when you get the urge to party. And then come home and sleep. ALSO I WAKE UP 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS AND WALK TO SCHOOL. ITS THAT CLOSE.
By: Austin N.
Wildcat Canyon Village
This place is great! I am a returning resident because this place has just been way too advantageous and comfortable to leave. The people here, including both staff and residents, are always nice. The amenities are killer as well, including on-site parking for residents (which is great cause it saves money on getting a garage pass on campus) and a pool/pool house with internet thats perfect for studying or just hanging out and relaxing. overall, this place is just wonderful and a perfect place for students in general. Check it out yourself, you wont be disappointed!
By: Jesus F.
I came here to eat with a friend of mine and we decided to make this our go to place for sushi. All you expect to get at a RESPECTABLE RESTAURANT you can find at Sushi-Ten: delicious food, friendly and timely service and a great price! Having gone to other sushi places I find that Sushi-Ten SERVES LARGER PORTIONS THAT MOST for the price. This is important to me as I wouldn't want to finish my food and realize that I am still hungry afterwards. Their happy hour is awesome for lunch break or just going out with friends.
By: hells_shanker
Retro City Apartments
I agree with Cafae , This place is AMAZING! I have never met a better bunch of laid back people in my life . Between all the passing out and burning walls from the fried chicken we was cookin afta dat fiya a$$ kush , and all dat lean DOE!!!! I woke up from the sound of gun shots and thuggin that be all up in heeya , straight up gangsta hoggin mane .
By: lauraleah
American Village Apartments
Call these people if you're looking for a new place. I did and it was the best thing I did. They worked around my situation and were very understanding. I love the community, its small, quiet and well maintained. When you have an issue, they owner Mattie will get to the bottom of it and try to resolve it asap. Great place, give them call
By: Elise P.
One Stop Nutrition/ Tucson
This place has the best nutritional shakes in Tucson. All of the smoothies and fresh pressed juice's are amazing. Th selection of pre and post workout supplements is the best in town. On top of all this the staff is unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable.
By: joan.regelbrugge
Grindstone PROPERTY Management
Grindstone Property Management is extremely professional and takes pride in the care of their clients property needs. Each property is treated as an individual entitiy and managed as such.You can count on the professionalism of Grindstone.Joan R.
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By: george26227
A Wise Choice Builders
I have contracted with Wise Choice Builders on several home major projects over the years. I keep going back because of the quality work this company completes. The owner is honest and despite other bids I obtained, Wise Choice beat them all.
Tips & Advices
If there is ever a dispute regarding payment over the course of the project, a contractor or subcontractor could place a payment claim, or lien, on your property. To avoid this, ask the contractor to sign a lien release, which is a legal agreement that states that any payment accepted is final. This can come in handy if a contractor has his or her own payment issues with their subcontractors. Signing a lien release form certifies that any payment made by a client to the contractor is enough to pay for any goods or services rendered.
Absolutely ask. Paying too much up front offers the homeowner minimal leverage if the quality of work does not meet expectations or contractual specifications. Try to establish a reasonable pay schedule, such as paying 10 percent of the total cost for each 10 percent of the work that is completed. Include this payment plan in the contract, as well.
Before any money changes hands, there should be a contract to sign. Make sure the specifics of the work and all costs are listed in the contract, including details. If you forget to have something included in the contract after signing it, there's rarely a chance of recourse.
Ask the contractor for proof of their certification before signing anything, as well as their proof of insurance. You should also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if they offer coverage for contracted work. You may want to call your insurance provider and ask for more details on what your plan will and won't cover.
Yes. Plans for how the work site will be cleaned at the end of each day as well as at the conclusion of work need to be put in writing. An experienced general contractor should make every effort to keep the workspace clean and prevent dirtying or damaging any other area. Even so, talk with the contractor about the daily schedule, the logistics of transporting workers and equipment, and how cleanup will be handled.

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