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By: Patrick C.
Target Optical
Associate not dressed professionally, eating a hamburger while we waited. The optometrist came out of her office late eating nuts or seeds talking about emailing her Aunt. We showed up early but they didn't take us in so we left. Very unprofessional environment...I would never go there again. Target seems to be taking a downhill turn in customer service these days.
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By: Tarah K.
Baim, Richard / Silverbell Eye Care Center, PLLC
This place is an absolute rip off. They charged me excessive amounts of money to just have a trial pair of contacts. They never told me to return my disposable contacts after trying them out and then charged me additionally. I ended up paying $250 for contacts I never purchased. I would not recommend this I clinic to anybody.
By: Diane C.
Catalina Optical
What a great place to get an eye exam and new glasses! Dr. Koralewski is THE best!!! He takes his time with you and answers questions. There was never any rush like the "other" optical places. Very pleased with the service. Arnie was very pleasant and he helped me choose the perfect frames. Finally a place where there is no pressure in buying. Thanks Doc!
By: pimpurpix
Lesco Optical
It is true Lesco (company name: Lesco Optique) offers reasonably priced eyewear. Even though the prices are low I would think they should still be expected to adhere to the standard of properly filling prescriptions. I also believe, even with their low prices, they could still offer reasonable customer service. It all started a year ago when a dispenser at the Grant Road store told me I would not like progressive bifocals. This is something no one I have spoken to, even Lesco employees, has been able to understand. I was instead pushed into lined bifocals. I could not get used to them and returned to the store to be told it was “just me”, the glasses were fine. I have thought it was just me for just over a year. It’s been annoying to say the least.Fast forward to this year; when I got a new prescription and went looking for glasses. When I told the opticians I spoke to that I couldn’t get used to my bifocals they said, “How could you with those lenses”. It turns out the bifocal lens on my left was lower than the right and, as a little added bonus, the top was crooked as well. I ended up getting progressive bifocals where my optometrist is at the suggestion of my optometrist. I absolutely love them. I then went to Lesco for a pair of readers and a back up pair of lined bifocal. The reading glasses were given to me with the wrong strength and I could not focus on the computer screen. The pair with the lined bifocals was the wrong prescription with the left eye being 60% off. (the lens was made with a cylinder of 2 instead of 5 if you understand that techno stuff). These two problems were corrected and I returned with my old pair which were mis-made over a year ago and asked, as a courtesy, they be re-fitted with the proper prescription which was agreed to. As it turns out there was something wrong with that particular frame and it could not be fitted with correct lenses and they would have to reorder a new one and would let me know when it came in. I wonder why I was ever given that pair in the first place, but that’s another matter all together. When they arrived I went to pick them up and it wasn’t even the same frame. The bottom line is they did give me another pair of glasses with the correct prescription. Matter closed.Here’s the kicker. The President of Lesco Optique, one Sergio Guayante, L.D.O. 520-624-7658, informed me I was banned from returning to any store Lesco Optical operates due to how rude I was to his staff. He started this conversation with, “I’m going to make this perfectly clear to you”, which I almost giggled at. Get it? Perfectly clear - inability to get my prescription right?!? The only time I was even remotely rude to the staff was to call the lady out for her actions when she was glaring at me. I don’t feel this to be rude. I did however mention I was surprised she was able to retain her position due to her rudeness to customers. So, I’m not advising you not to use Lesco. I am however admonishing the reader to be wary of the accuracy of the prescription they receive and to take it upon themselves to be sure the glasses fit properly and the glasses are comfortable to wear.My “take away” from this experience is: I get what I pay for. The truly humorous part is Mr. Guayante thinking I would return to any of his stores. My question is: to what end? I’m sure I could go just about anywhere and get better service and a more accurate prescription. Why would I go there again? I believe the definition of insanity is: repeating the same behavior expecting different results.

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