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By: jayne.paul1
Burns Development & Realty
This company is the greatest. I have rented from them for the last two years and have never had a problem with them. Any problems with the home we rented we just called up and someone was there to fix it within a couple days. Once we even had a clogged pipe on a major holiday (don't remember if it was Thanksgiving or Christmas) but they had a professional plumber out within a half an hour and everything was fixed so we could enjoy our dinner. We had been looking for a place to buy for approximately nine months and hadn't found anything. We were told that it would take 3-4 months to close on a property once we found something so we really started to look seriously approximately 5 months before the end of our lease. Found a great place we fell in love with and it closed in 30 days. Burns allowed us out of our lease and had our old place rented 2 and a half months prior to the end of our lease. Our pets damaged the carpet and we were very concerned with this, especially since the carpet was older when we moved in. Burns was very fair with the charges that they charged us and had our deposit to us within 2 days of them renting the old house. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Staff is friendly, fair, and honest. You don't find that too often in today's world. Thank you Burns, Ann and Staff for making my last two years worry free.
By: Mary M.
Imagine Realty Services, Ltd
As a Realtor with 10 years of experience, I know a good agent when I meet one. I first met Ginny through our mutual participation on the Property Management Committee at the Tucson Association of Realtors, as well as the Small Broker Network. She immediately impressed me with her knowledge of laws and rules regarding real estate and property management. At the time, several large property management companies were being shut down for embezzling large sums of money from their clients. Ginny was one of the first to volunteer ideas and her time to create ways to protect the public from this type of harm. I could see her passion for the industry and for promoting and protecting her clients' best interest.When I needed to refer my clients to a new property manager, Ginny was the first and only person I called. I knew that my clients' properties and finances would be safe under Imagine Realty's care.It is unfortunate that more people take the time to write negative reviews, and rarely take the time to write something positive, because I know how happy my clients have been with Imagine Realty, and the reviews below are not representative of her 300+ happy clients.I would not hesitate to recommend Imagine Realty to all my friends and family for their property management needs.
By: Tamqrah B.
Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
My wife and I were living in ghost town, ancient Globe just two hours north of Tucson. We'd had about enough after six months and acquired better employment just south in Tucson. When it came time to move I had driven down there several times looking for the right neighborhood and decent unit to rent. I explored much around the college campus and south east area. When I came across an add online for Foothill Properties I was blown away by the presentation and wanted to see if it was for real. Sure enough, upon my arrival I met Sandi from Foothill Properties and she proceeded to show me the most amazing, newly renovated property I've ever seen! She was extremely helpful in procuring our move in, as it had to be soon within the coming days. She worked with us on price and had the keys ready promptly for our move in date. She has been a delight to work with since, has taken care of any concerns and I would highly recommend her, her staff and office to assist you with finding a property to rent or buy in the city of Tucson. Thank you, Sandi, for helping us find an amazing home!
By: hanforderica
Merritt Realty Management
As far as rental agencies go, they don't come better than Merritt! The folks working here are on point. We signed a lease on a (beautiful!) property in Tucson. Our agent walked us through all the paperwork step by step and explained everything very thoroughly. Since we moved in, the people at Merritt have been the most responsive landlords I've ever experienced. In the first week, we sent e-mails requesting a myriad of services. We needed a tree trimmed back, we needed an exterminator to investigate a possible raccoon in the attic, we needed the drains fixed, and we needed a broken lock looked at. All four of these issues were resolved in 48 hours! A different specialist came out to check on each respective issue, all were polite, and all fixed the problem within minutes of arriving. Looking forward to what the future will bring.
By: nlopez85714
Rathbun Realty & Investments
I own several homes and had been managing them myself. When one of my parents got sick and I needed to find a management company I checked around and decided on Rathbun. They sent an agent to meet me at the unoccupied house and she showed me what she thought they could rent the house for. She also explained how they would handle the already occupied homes, repairs and how they handled rents. They have always handled my concerns, explained any questions I have had about billing, and taken care of getting maintenance and repairs done after getting my approval for the major items. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have their house managed. Thanks Rathbun, and keep it up!
By: Dave D.
Century 21 Heritage Realty
I used them to manage my rental property and sell the property when I was ready to sell. They kept the check rolling in but did a terrible job of making sure the property was properly maintained. When I went to sell my house the tenants left it in terrible condition and the property manager failed to have them repair anything. The sales broker lied and told me the property was in great condition and showed me pictures which gave a false impression. I had a third party look at it and there were holes in the walls, ceiling fan parts missing, terrible paint job. I would not purchased a home in that condition for my asking price. I would not recommend them to manage or sell a tree house.
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By: Claire F.
Real Property Management Pinnacle
I have one investment property that I was managing myself. the tenant had several sob stories that I bought and therefore was not receiving any rent. I tried to get them back on track but this became very time consuming for me - much like a second job. I needed help to get this tenant to either start paying or be evicted. I found these guys online and felt comfortable that they could clean things up after meeting with their representative. They jumped right on the situation with the tenant, and so far she is paying on time each month. If she stops again, I am sure RPM will act quickly to evict her. The service that they provide had freed me up immensely.
By: maleahp
Merritt Realty Management
It's sad to say that you can't trust people anymore...I was nervous about the situation at my house because there was no kind of light outside so anyone would be able to jump out and I wouldn't have a clue! Most property managers don't really go the extra mile if they don't have to so I had no idea what to expect from Merritt. But thankfully I found they were compassionate and very quick to act on my issue because of the safety factor involved. Before I knew it there was plenty of lightening when I walked up to my house and I could see clear around the side so nobody would be able to hide out. Such a relief! Can't thank you guys enough!!
By: Maribeth G.
Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
My husband and I have been leasing a condo from Foothills Properties for almost a year now. When we first moved in we had an issue with a leak in the kitchen. I contacted our property manager with Foothills, LW, and it was handled the very next day. About 2 months into our lease the AC was having problems. LW immediately sent someone to look at it and they put in a brand new air-conditioner. I have never had to wait for response from this company. Our lease is up at the end of August and we will be renewing. It has been no trouble at all dealing with this management company.
By: vincenadeau745
Real Property Management Rincon
I want to take this opportunity to thank Grecia in the office at RPM Rincon. You have hands down been the most informative person we have dealt with. You have answered all our questions in a timely manner (within minutes), and have made sure this process has been a smooth transition for us every single step of the way! The gal at the front desk has also been a big help for basic needs and questions. She is super friendly with my daughters and is overall a very welcoming personality for your office! We are very excited to be a part of your property management experience.

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