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By: Tammie K.
Zen Institute
Zen Institute was a life-changing experience. I highly recommend this program for women who have experienced trauma, addictions, depression/anxiety, and/or self-esteem issues that have plagued them despite being successful, caring, compassionate, and competent. Zen provides tools for living large and creating a rich and purposeful life. They also teach you how to take care of yourself as much as you care for and give to others. In short, you will be empowered to live the life you've always wanted. One note of caution: Zen recommended Taste of Peace Arizona to me because I was visiting the program from out of state and wanted a sober environment to stay in as I worked through the Zen program. If a woman's only space is important to you, then you might want to consider another establishment. The co-owner is male (the other owner's spouse). He participates in daily meals, transporting clients, and weekend activities. Also, if you are uncomfortable with guns, I would also recommend looking elsewhere. There are guns in the house, and they were visible during my stay.
By: D J.
Barbara B Andrews, LCSW
I found Barbara very helpful. After years of denying my depression I finally reached a point where I couldn't function at all. It was like my brain was being pulled in two different directions and , whereas, I was able to pull it together in the past, because of work-related stress I could no longer do it. And of course, I was blaming myself. Talking with Barbara help me see that I needed medical treatment as well as talk therapy. After identifying the correct medication and working with Barbara, I've been feeling better, sleeping better, and doing better. Barbara was comfortable to work with and felt more like a friend than one of those therapist who peer down their noses at you and scribble. She is not a doctor and could not write the prescription herself, but she communicated with my PCP to get me going in the right direction.
By: Rebecca S.
Aztec Counseling Services
Robert Valdez is one a very few people I trust and believe in as a counselor. He has called me out in sessions....and was right. I was part of a group when tragedy struck him personally...he went on with strength I have never witnessed before...and we also helped him.
By: Debra L.
Mark Nichols Counseling
Mark Nichols is just wonderful. He is so easy to talk to and you know that you are in a very safe environment. He leads you down a path of self discovery.
Tips & Advices
During the first session, the participants might talk about the issues and goals of their relationship, as well as what to expect. Subsequent sessions might involve learning tools to communicate better.
The average cost of a session with a counselor in 2017 is around at $90 an hour. The cost ranges from $60- $130 an hour. Some counselors offer package deals and might take insurance.
The length of relationship counseling varies depending on the therapist’s technique, and the couple’s goals and needs. But some couples may see improvement after a few sessions.
The 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires coverage of counseling services to be equal to physical health coverage. Check with your employers’ plan benefits or as your HR representative or insurance company directly.
Pre-divorce counseling is required in some states, while others have bills pending making it a requirement of divorce proceedings.

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