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By: Sara F.
Trader Joe's
Love Trader Joe's. If you don't like what you buy or you change your mind they take it back no questions asked. Don't need to save the receipt. Great place, great cheese.
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By: chico0678
Walmart Neighborhood Market
We shop at this location regularly. Majority of the time we get none to barely any greetings or good customer service.... We want to recognize associate Jessica for her continuos professionalism and friendly customer service! ���� Job well done Jessica and thank you for the way you do your job! �������� We appreciate what you do. Other associates should learn from your examples...
By: A. p. D.
Bashas' Grocery Stores
I love this store!! Awesome customer service and very friendly cashiers !!!! I stopped shopping at Frys
By: Carmen W.
Fry's Pharmacy
I have never had a bad visit at this store. They are all very friendly and always making sure that customer service is 100%.
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By: Suba D.
Fry's Food And Drug
Racially Profiled by the same security guard for the past few years. I've been living near this Fry's for over 5 years now, and it amazes me that everytime this guard works, he eye balls me and follow me around the store. Then when it's time for me to check out, he stands near that area until I pay my money, then he leaves to go elsewhere in the store. I have complained to this store's manager at least twice in the past few years and he has never been reprimanded for profiling me. He did it again today, and I again complained, this time to the asst manager on duty. She did nothing. When I asked her why did she let the guard continue to treat me like I was about to steal something, she told me that this is where he is stationed and that was that. I reluctantly put my groceries in my car, and though, "I bet he ain't standing where he was standing while I was checking out, and sure enough, not 3 minutes after I left the store, he left his post! It would not be so bad if it weren't the fact that this is the same guy who year after year sees me in the store, buying stuff, and paying for it. My neighbors don't shop here, and I see why; this store is the pits. From now on I will go to either the Walmart Market across the street, or down the the Fry's over on Swan. I will never go back into that ghetto fry's again; and as far as that security guard with the 'Napoleon Complex' he can kiss where the sun don't shine, he ain't worth a good beat down...
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By: Lttleldy 9.
Fry's Pharmacy
Most disrespectful and rude store I've ever been to. I showed up at 1155 after I finally got energy from being so sick to go to the store and the security guard sees me walking up and closes the door and won't let me in. I tell him it's not 12 yet and he.says tthrough the glass yes it is. I get in my car, drive home and Wow imagine that it turns midnight when I get home. I called and asked to speak to a manager and they hung up on me. I called again and the manager answered and I asked him what time they closed and why his security guard would close the door in my face and he said that never happened he wouldn't do that on my watch.the manager was just as rude and disrespectful as the security guard even though he told me he was in customer service and he'd never let something like that happen, point is it did and shows his lack of ability to manage his store and employees. He proceeded to hang up on me. He's obviously all about customer service. If you want to be treated like dirt stop by this fry's. Or else you're better off Driving further to a different store or even going to Walmart. I've had better service there. Very sad and frustrated with the lack of empathy and rudeness I received at this location. Won't be going back here ever again.
By: Tiffany M.
Whole Foods Market
Love this store! Best bakery vegan donuts! Great employees!
By: Diane G.
Fry's Food And Drug
There are a number of very rude clerks at this location. I would try another Fry's.
By: Antonio A.
Fry's Food And Drug
This is my opinion of and experience with Fry's Food Store located at 3920 E Grant Rd Tucson AZ. I had which ultimately became the misfortune of being called for an interview at this location. I arrived seven minutes early for my interview and asked a cashier to page a manger whose name I am not using in this blog. This cashier was obviously annoyed to put it mildly. I find this curious as I was doing as I was instructed. The cashier then yelled at someone else that may have been in management and identified me as a customer. This was not correct as I had identified myself as a job applicant who had an appointment for an interview. The person who I was passed off to indicated that their phones and computers were down and instructed me to sit on a bench which appeared to be located in front of their office. The park bench was occupied by a "customer" who appeared to be one of the city's abusers of crystalized methamphetamine. I could not have sit down at the bench even I wanted to as Princess Meth was sitting in the middle of the bench and there would not have been enough room for a five foot eight inch 140 lb. male to sit without getting very, very close to the scary lady. After waiting for fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time of my interview I was approached by two store personnel stating that they needed to reschedule my interview. One of the persons asked for my phone number so she could contact me to reschedule the interview. This person frankly already had my cell phone number. I told her that I wouldn't have the cell phone with me for approximately two hours. She seemed to be annoyed by this and told me that the interview probably would not be rescheduled for that day. She then said that she was very sure that the interview would not be rescheduled for that day. This was fine by me as I did not expect them to reschedule the interview for the same day considering the issues that they were having in operating the store. She then said to me that "hopefully there would be another day". It was quite obvious to me at that time that these people had absolutely no interest in interviewing me and just wanted me to leave the store. Needless to say I was never contacted for the rescheduling of the interview. I like would to add that the only staff in the store that did not appear to be unhappy to be at work were people who appeared to be Courtesy Clerks which was the position that I was supposed to be interviewing for. The other people that I observed appeared to be unhappy to be at work. My recommendation is not to apply for positions at this location. These people are rude and unprofessional to put it mildly. They may be stressed out that their competition across street, Wal-Mart, is much busier than they are and that store is probably the standard that their store is expected to aspire to. Don't waste your time trying to get a job at this Fry's location. They are losers. There are other Fry's locations in Tucson that are obviously professionally managed. A customer can tell this within fifteen minutes of observing store personnel. My advice is if you want a job with Fry's is to apply to one of these locations. I personally would not buy groceries at this grant road location either as if this is the way they deal with job applicants only god knows what they are doing to the food that you are serving to your family that you purchase from them
By: Rachel P.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
I am very angry at the way i was treated today at the walmart neighborhood market located at 3900 w.Ina road in Tucson arizona. store # 3142.I was at the store this morning when i was purchasing a pack of pampers swaddlers using the ad match the dollar general sale. the C.S.M Isabel had told me that they could not do it because it was not a real ad (i did not have the paper copy with me so i had pulled up the weekly ad online) i told her it is in the paper copy too and she told me to go get the paper ad and bring it back and she would ad match. so i spent 2 hours going to the other side of town to get the ad from dollar general. i had repeated it to her saying "so if i go get the paper ad and bring it back you will give me the sale" she said yes.. i asked this multiple times. then ive gone to the dollar general on the other side of town spent my gas and two hours going there and back because your manager Isabel told me to do this. if i was told no from the get go i would have not wasted my time. so when i got back to the store #3142 the same c.s.m Isabel was my cashier she then told me no she would not honor her word and my ad match because it did not have a quantity on the ad it was all sizes of packs. i said you told me to go get the ad and come back you would do it. ive wasted my time and gas when i would not have done if she told me she could not do it in the first place. she said it is not her problem ive wasted gas and time. and then said she never said that when she did she and i even reaped it multiple times she was very rude and from now on i will not be bringing my business to walmart again. i will also be letting everyone know in the manner ive been treated by your employees. it was so disrespectful to treat me and talk to me the way i was in front of my children too.. i will never come back to walmart again so i can be lied too and treated in such a rude manner.

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