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By: M M.
McGary's Discount Groceries
What Is a Salvage Grocery Store?Salvage grocery stores, sometimes referred to as outlet or discount grocery stores, are stores that specialize in selling items that traditional grocery stores can't or won't sell.Most buy their merchandise from grocery reclamation centers, and it includes such things as:Food that is near or past its expirationItems in dented or torn packagingItems in seasonal or otherwise-dated packagingStore closeoutsManufacturer overstockSalvage from truck wrecksUnlike a traditional grocery store, which stocks the same items each week, salvage grocery stores stock different items each week, depending on what they get in. What Else Do I Need to Know About Salvage Grocery Stores?Salvage grocery stores sell more than food. You may also find deals on cleaners, health and beauty products, pet food, party supplies, paper products, office supplies and moreYou probably won't be able to do all of your grocery shopping at the salvage store. Start your shopping there; then, finish up at the grocery storeSince inventory changes rapidly, you can't count on them to have the same things from week to week. Stock up when you see something you want, and check back regularly to see what else they've gotten inSince you're likely to be buying older items, only stock up on as much as you can use in a reasonable timeSalvage grocery stores don't usually accept returns. You may get a bad item on occasion, but the overall savings will more than make up for it. but at McGary's we do allow exchanges on food items if you every get something not good bring it back with a receipt within 14 days and we will trade out that item.
By: Hilkka Z.
Carioca Co
Terribly rude and inefficient staff'Some of the food products are not fresh - out of date so be careful - avoid this place
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By: melissa.gail.773
McGary's Discount Groceries
McGary's is a great place to get all kinds of Bargains, 8 for $1 slim Jim's, 2 for $10 food boxes, 4 for $1 candy bars, 6 for $1 protein bars or cereal bars, so many bargain buys $1.00 bag of Krave jerky, 3 for $5 cereal every days price. Tucson's only Salvage Scratch and Dent or Dated store. you can fill your cart with ton's of goodies for under $100.00
By: Tina H.
Tina's County Market, LLC
This friendly neighborhood store provides a great service. But more important, TCM makes the best pizzas in town. Once you try the Tina Special, you'll be back for more.Need Party Planner and Catering5975 W Western Way Circle Tucson, AZ 85713520 883 1333
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By: Vitolo R.
Corner Store
Wednesday April 13 at 4:00PM. I went in to buy a $1.99 snack cake. Girl at the counter asks if I want to donate a dollar to some cause she was collecting for. I said no, and she asked me 3 more times if I was sure about not giving a dollar to this cause.Once she understood that "no means no", she took my money and asked if I wanted the penny back, or could she keep it. I asked for my change, and she argued that it was only a penny and could she keep it. I called to complain. This morning at 7:45 I was awakened by a man named Steve, who claimed to be the owner of this Diamond Shamrock at 6310 Golf Links. Besides waking up my entire household, he tried to argue and make the girls obnoxious insistence on keeping my change into a good thing. "Yes our employees get very excited about collecting money for causes."I informed him that I would not be back, and I have since contacted all of my friends and made sure they will not be back either!
By: Joshua I.
Rita Ranch Market
Very, very hostile employees. I asked for a receipt and the "clerk". Who's only job is to take money in and give change with a receipt would not. As soon as I asked for a receipt he said "oh F@ck your going to do this to me." Then I asked him why he was cursing at me. He told me that we don't give receipts and to go some where else next time. Then proceeded to threaten me as I was leaving. He said " I'm gonna get you, you little B!!ch." I was quite appalled at this and requested the managers information. He then told me it was out side, so I walked out side. I looked for a split second, and saw him exiting the building yelling "I'm gonna kick your teeth in." luckily I had my daughter and family in the truck who started recording the issue and taking pictures. Needless to say I'm contacting the owner and filing a lawsuit! I have never been threatened for requesting a receipt before and this is outrageous. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE LIKE ITS THE PLAUGE.
By: Sandeep S.
Quick Stop Liquors
Thanks for carrying more liquor now. I don't have to go anywhere else.Good job in keeping the store clean and friendly.
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By: Susan F.
Corner Store
Went in there at 1:30 am to get coffee and was told that they don't brew it until 3am. What kind of customer service is that???
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By: Rene G.
Quik Mart
Owner of this location needs to stop selling expired stuff, such as beef jerky, snicker bars & milk .Who knows what else is expired at this store. Workers are very nice though
By: Pt M.
Fry's Fuel Center
Take an accountant, lawyer and inventory specialist with you to shop this Fry's to insure you are getting the deals and all of the merchandise at the end of your transaction. Also do not believe the cashiers when they tell you that all the discounts are on your receit. You will be making a trip back to the store unless you sit in the parking lot with you ice cream melting checking over the receit. We have not got out of the store in the last six months without having to return for credits. Here are the things to aware of in no particular order: 1. You have received everything you have been charged for. 2, Everything gets charged so you don't end up with 9 items of 10 needed. They can give you something for free and you can still end up loosing money. 3. You have accounted for all 10 items on the multiple purchase discounts of 10. They will screw this up in a miriade of ways. 3. You receive your seniors discount. (you need to check these both yourself, do not rely on cashier giving you correct info.) 4. Write down shelf price and double check for charged price. 5. The store will be happy to do everything to correct, but of course if you don't do your accountant, lawyer and inventory control work until you get home a trip back to the store is in order. I am sure many will think this to be an exageration, but I have not been able to have a single major shopping trip to the store in the last six month without some sort of problem. I have lived in the neighborhood since before the store was built so of course it is the easiest store to shop. But I will be driving past the store from now on and reccomend to all for peace of mind to shop at the Safeway.

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