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By: Larry K.
Dependable Refrigeration, LLC
I want to give Dependable Refrigeration of Tucson a loud clap of appreciation! I woke up to a warm refrigerator (one of the worst feelings in the world). Of course the first thing I did was to try to find someone who could hopefully fix it before I went to work. I searched a page or two in and found this company called Dependable Refrigeration. I definitely needed someone dependable!. I saw they were located in Tucson, had been in business for a very long time and I could call them 24/7…so I did! The lady that answered the phone helped me get someone to my home within t few hours hour (and told me the diagnoses fee) and a technician actually arrived in the two hour window! I told him I needed it fixed as soon as possible because I had to go to work. He said as long as he didn’t have to order a part, he should be able to repair it in time to get me to work. He told me most refrigeration repairs are minor, even though they seem like a big thing, which this seemed like a big thing to me! Thankfully, he had all the gadgets that he connected to different parts of my refrigerator and was able to tell me what the problem was in a short time. He said that it needed control board. I asked if it would be expensive and he said it is actually one of the most common things needed when a refrigerator needs to be repaired and he could do it right away. He said it wouldn’t cost nearly as much as if I needed a compressor or something .He went to his truck, came back, hooked a computer looking thing to my refrigerator, and plugged it back in. It started and he checked the freezer to feel if it was getting cold…and it was! I was so relieved!! I didn’t want to seem too excited because I didn’t want him to jack up the bill, but I wanted to jump for joy! He explained what he did, why he did it and to please call Dependable if I had any other issues. . It was definitely a lot less than a new refrigerator! I wrote him a check (they actually accept checks!), he wiped the floor where he was working (couldn’t believe he did that!) and told me to have a good day and if I have any questions or other problems, to call Dependable right away. I asked him for a business card so I wouldn’t have to Google them again if I needed to…haha. Remember that everyone! If you have a refrigeration repair, seriously, call Dependable Refrigeration. They are quick, fair and reasonable ! And, oh yea, Dependable!
By: katispr
Dependable Refrigeration, LLC
My refrigerator was leaking water and I searched for a repair company and found Dependable. It was a Sunday night when I submitted a request for an appointment and less than 30 minutes later, I was contacted by the company letting me know that they received the request. They arrived then next afternoon, identified the problem and returned the following morning with the required part. I was very happy with the service and the fact that the technician wore booties to avoid tracking dirt through my home. I would highly recommend this company for appliance repair.
By: Sally J.
Dependable Refrigeration, LLC
Called Thursday night, this Saturday morning my oven is fixed! Thanks for being dependable!
Tips & Advices
Many refrigerator repair companies offer warranties on their work, and this can provide you with peace of mind if you need to hire these companies for appliance repair and service. In many cases, a warranty is offered on parts used in the repair of your refrigerator. Some companies also offer a warranty on related labor costs.
To decide whether it's worth repairing a refrigerator, you need to get an estimate of the repair cost. If the cost of repairing the product is more than half the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, it's recommended that you purchase a new unit. Modern refrigerators are a lot more energy-efficient than older models, so if you have to replace your unit, take comfort in knowing that the new model will likely reduce your monthly energy expense.
The average lifespan of a refrigerator that has been well-maintained is 14-17 years. A refrigerator's size plays a role in its life expectancy. Compact models last an average of 14 years, while standard refrigerators can last up 17 years. You can make sure your refrigerator lives a long life by practicing diligent maintenance and keeping the unit away from direct sunlight and appliances that generate heat.
No, it is not normal for a refrigerator to run constantly. If you face this problem, it could be caused by dirty condenser coils. Your refrigerator's condenser coils should be cleaned twice a year. If your refrigerator runs constantly, the problem could also be the result of a defective defrost heater assembly.
The optimum temperature for a freezer is zero degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is cold enough to halt bacterial growth. While food that is stored at this temperature will be safe to eat indefinitely, keep in mind that there will be a diminishment in tenderness, flavor, aroma, and juiciness the longer food is left in the freezer.

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