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By: M M.
McGary's Discount Groceries
What Is a Salvage Grocery Store?Salvage grocery stores, sometimes referred to as outlet or discount grocery stores, are stores that specialize in selling items that traditional grocery stores can't or won't sell.Most buy their merchandise from grocery reclamation centers, and it includes such things as:Food that is near or past its expirationItems in dented or torn packagingItems in seasonal or otherwise-dated packagingStore closeoutsManufacturer overstockSalvage from truck wrecksUnlike a traditional grocery store, which stocks the same items each week, salvage grocery stores stock different items each week, depending on what they get in. What Else Do I Need to Know About Salvage Grocery Stores?Salvage grocery stores sell more than food. You may also find deals on cleaners, health and beauty products, pet food, party supplies, paper products, office supplies and moreYou probably won't be able to do all of your grocery shopping at the salvage store. Start your shopping there; then, finish up at the grocery storeSince inventory changes rapidly, you can't count on them to have the same things from week to week. Stock up when you see something you want, and check back regularly to see what else they've gotten inSince you're likely to be buying older items, only stock up on as much as you can use in a reasonable timeSalvage grocery stores don't usually accept returns. You may get a bad item on occasion, but the overall savings will more than make up for it. but at McGary's we do allow exchanges on food items if you every get something not good bring it back with a receipt within 14 days and we will trade out that item.
By: blessed.by.him
Mizelle and Brown P
In early February 2012 my 5 year old daughter was becoming increasingly fearful of visits with her father, to the point of wetting her pants when he came to pick her up. I called her pediatrician, the Sheriff’s department, legal aid, and even went as far as going to court to get an order of protection that was denied. My next step was to go through Lawyer Referral Service because I didn’t have the funds to hire a lawyer outright. I received a call that same day from Luke Brown, Attorney/Partner at Mizelle and Brown law firm. I briefed Mr. Brown about our situation and he agreed to meet with me 2 days later. During our meeting, Mr. Brown listened to a recording I had of the last exchange between my daughter and her father. Fortunately, because of Mr. Brown’s sensitivity and compassion, he immediately typed an order to stop all visits with my daughter’s father. We went to court within the hour and the Judge approved the request and ordered an emergency hearing the same day to formally suspend any visits with her father. This civil matter has now become a criminal matter and though other attorneys are now involved, Mr. Brown is still in contact with me to ensure all is well us. Mr. Brown does not nickle and dime me, there have been many conversations we have had that were never been billed to me and I believe it is because Mr. Brown is a man of honor and a caring person. Mr. Brown and every one in his office have been very supportive and compassionate for these last 8 months. I am forever grateful to Mr. Brown and the staff at Mizelle and Brown.
By: Troglodyte 7.
Union Pacific Railroad
Im glad that we move millions of tons of freight using the trust worthy railroad to keep Americas slow forward momentum. I live near grant and swan and was awoken by this strange new noise to my neighborhood, maybe on cloudy days this is exemplified and carried further than normal. I always try and assume positive intent and that there is a reason for blowing a train horn for 45 min with the 2 long 1 short 1 long sequence that must be done for safety reasons but this was quite excessive. I waited to find out in the news if there was an accident, derailment, explosion etc. with no success. My question then centers on why am I having to be woken up at 7 ish am to hear a train that is obnoxious such a distance away? I would enjoy some feedback so that I can understand better for future rainy day issues.
By: Briana O.
Circle K
The other person who reviewed probably didn't have things properly explained. If an employee is told a wrong pump and someone else pumps that gas before the employee can switch the pumps It's not the store's fault and yes, there's nothing they can generally do about as they just cannot give free gas away. The person you would've wanted to talk would be who ever pumped the gas you paid for. Lesson here is whenever an employee asks twice which pump it is, or even asks what car it is to make sure do not get snappy with them as they are trying to make sure you get your gas and make sure you know which pump you're at or let them know once you get to the front counter, ask for a second, and triple check. Sometimes you have to own up to your own mistakes.
By: john.hisermn
The Stone Avenue Standards
Thanks for your review but that was written over 4 years ago. New management is here now, and our residents love living here! I personally invite you to call the office anytime, customer service is everything to us. We've had a new website for a while now: www.stoneavenuestandard.com. Come check out our new 2013 features being added as we speak, such as our new 24-hour resident Lounge, complete with surround sound, big screen tv, new pool table, wifi and a whole lot more. We also just added surround sound to the pool area, and new pool furniture is arriving already, and numerous other community features and improvements are on their way. Call us at (520) 882-5656 or stop by 7 days a week. Sincerely, John H,, property manager.
By: candice.lundquist
Mizelle and Brown P
I had legal trouble that began in August 2011 and finally ended in June 2012. As a college student, I do not have a lot of money and was terrified that this battle would cost me thousands of dollars that I did not have. A friend recommended that I talk to Luke Brown because he is professional and very helpful. Luke ended up helping me resolve the issue so that I did not have to pay the opposing party anything and he did it at very low cost to me. He was professional and timely, and always quick to get back to me or answer any questions that I had. I am incredibly thankful for his help and impressed that he managed to settle the issue at such low cost to me. Wonderful service!!
By: Akhtar K.
Mizelle and Brown P
I met Luke Brown through legal Aid and he was the best lawyer and friend that you could ask for, he cared, listened and fought on my behalf. Before meeting with Luke, I spoke with six other lawyers who failed to see potential in my case. Unlike the others, Luke believed in me and did everything in his power to help me.I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a family lawyer.Thank you Luke, Lonna, Jackie and everybody at the Mizelle & Brown office, you all rock.
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By: melissa.gail.773
McGary's Discount Groceries
McGary's is a great place to get all kinds of Bargains, 8 for $1 slim Jim's, 2 for $10 food boxes, 4 for $1 candy bars, 6 for $1 protein bars or cereal bars, so many bargain buys $1.00 bag of Krave jerky, 3 for $5 cereal every days price. Tucson's only Salvage Scratch and Dent or Dated store. you can fill your cart with ton's of goodies for under $100.00
By: rainfallnainejil.samson
Mizelle and Brown P
I used Mizelle and Brown to help obtain emergency custody of my children, to get them out of a situation I saw as very dangerous. They were kind and helpful and even worked with me graciously as far as my financial ability. I ended up winning emergency custody of all my children. I am grateful to God and to them for it. =)
By: Matt E.
Catalina Vista Apartment Homes
Just moved here about a month ago. The property has recently been renovated inside and out. The community is really quiet.I had a minor issue with my sink faucet and the manager fixed it the same day. The units are really big and the price is good as well. I am glad I found this place and plan to stay for a few years.

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