By: teresa.kennedyheaton
Golden Corral Restaurants
Today while there the girl up front was RUDE, then the girl in the food area saw a jalapeno on the counter (the side on where the customer is) and she grabbed it and put it back on the steak fajiata dish.....I mentioned it to the manager, he said...what side was it on, because if its on the inside its ok because we sanatize it constanly, but if it was on the customer side, she should of tossed it....and he said he would speak to her about it.....and the wait staff not too many smiles coming from any of them....GEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ where has customer service gone???? down the toliet I think cause the last 3 times I was there, only once did we have a smiling waitress..... I wish I remembered her name because she should be reconized for her kind friendliness.... I do understand that they don"t get paid much an hour...thats where the TIPS come in...and being friendly and smiling sure helps the tips...oh well I do believe my Golden Corral days are done....2 out of 3 timesdining there has made my decision for me.
By: Jenna S.
The Abbey
This place was very busy for dinner on the weekend, I recommend making reservations ahead of time. The abbey burger was absolutely delicious, very different from a normal burger. Their cocktails are very good as well but a little overpriced. The one bad thing is they have a different section just for the bar and even if it is happy hour, you cannot get the deals on the drinks unless you are in the bar.
By: gloria.olvera.39
U-Like Asian Buffet
Have been here 3 times so far and each and every time the food choices (buffet) is fantastic. The work crew is right there ready to assist in any way you need. The place is clean, noise level is low so you can actually carry on a conversation. The price is great especially when you consider you get so many choices, you will leave full and U WILL LIKE !
By: pinnkie
5 & Diner
This place has been closed for years! So don't go to it. It's best 3 restaurants since it was called 5 and diner.

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