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By: alley08
when you watch all those comercials on tv, you see the big yellow face and all the people in their blue smocks smiling and looking more than happy to help people. when you go to this site, no one is polite, they feel inconvienced if you ask them for help. i had taken a watch back after 3 days because it didnt work, and the lady told me that i had to pay the $3 difference because when i bought it, it was on sale, but its not anymore. i had the toughest time trying to explaine to her that its not my fault that the watch didnt work, and if it did, i wouldnt be here trying to exchange it, and why i refused to pay 3 more dollars. i even had the "good-bye" lady, w/the those little yellow smile stickers, push me and my cart out the door when i was 9 mo pregnant waiting for my husband to get the car! i guess i was standing in her way of the door, i dont know. i felt that was extreamly rude! also their bath rooms are discusting!! i will hold it for hours before i would go in there! i'm supprised they dont get shut down by the board of health! but i tell you one thing, i still shop here, why? because no where else can you go for those prices... i guess you get what you pay for, right?
By: Gina R.
visited recently and had my hair done by norma and my daughter by danielle. what a great group of girls, our hair looks great and we will be going back! also a great selection of hair products...
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By: chico0678
BBB Fashion
Good place for fashion and accessories for women, kids and men of all ages. The prices are very affordable for thier value of items. Definitely worth the stop in to look around & shop.
By: brucehudson07
Walmart Supercenter
This place is an amateur cook’s paradise. I love how ingredients can be in arm’s length every time you need some. I would love to recommend this place to my friends out there.
By: William T.
Stillhouse Grill and Bar
Very good neighborhood alternative with good food and friendly service. Can get noisy on weekends but worth it.
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By: Vanessa C.
can you be 15 & work here?

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