By: James H.
Affordable Paralegal Solutions
Exceptional professional service is a rare commodity today! Yet, that is what I received from Paris Chacon, Affordable Paralegal Solutions, when I needed quick assistance locating an ancient Family Trust document.A “free consultation” didn’t do the job; the Recorders office was unable to locate the needed paperwork. I called Affordable Paralegal Solutions, the efficient secretary asked two questions and said “I’ll transfer you to Paris – I believe she can help.” Although Paris is in Tucson and I was in Scottsdale that didn’t matter.Paris asked several pertinent questions, a couple of which I could not answer, and said “I’ll get back to you.” Less than two hours later Paris found this important document, downloaded a copy and emailed it to me. Still, it didn’t stop there, she outlined the steps I needed to take to resolve my “Family Trust” related issues.Thanks, Paris, for great and quick work. Superior customer service is alive and well in Tucson at Affordable Paralegal Solutions.James H
By: Harvey G.
Nancy L Anderson
A down-to-earth, gentle, warm, welcoming professional, Nancy reviewed the legal documents we'd brought and sticky-noted all the places she felt were needed to advise us properly. Our questions were immediately and thoroughly answered, thankfully, in non-legalese language. She was the first Paralegal we'd ever consulted and we're glad we did. After spending almost an hour with her, our formerly barely comprehensible documents were now so much more transparent. We now understood the value and terms of our revocable family trust, our wills and executor options and responsibilities. Her fee was, in our experience, remarkably generous. We've found the legal advisor of our dreams. On leaving, my wife asked, "When do we see you again?" Nancy answered, "You don't... I think we've covered it all." Needless to say we'll be back to see her when, not if, legal questions arise. HJG - Oro Valley, AZ
By: sorrytoend
AZ Statewide Paralegal
I worked with Gloria out of the Mesa Az office, what a blessing she was to me.Dissolving a 30yr marriage was stressful enough but she walked me through, always felt a warm welcome when talking with her.AZ paralegal made my whole experience bearable. I would/ WILL use them again if need be.Thank you!

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