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By: Lael M.
Palo Verde Behavioral Health
This place is toxic and a joke! I will be taking legal action with the Joint Commission and an attorney to get this place overhauled or shut down. If you care about you or your loved one's health and safety do not go here for treatment! They manipulate clients here to convince them they have more significant mental health issues than their actually diagnoses by legitimate outside providers, in order to make money. They are understaffed, have little desire to build actual rapport and relationships with clients, and are constantly confused about the rules and procedures at every level of the organization! I was there yesterday filling out NEEDLESS paperwork again, as they seem to have no concept of computer data management in 2017?!! After only having dealings with this hospital for a week, I was able to answer questions for prospective clients that the employees did not know the answers to and / or were actually giving out erroneous information. The receptionist did not even have records of new employees, so she was telling a delivery driver the employee did not work there, so I had to tell her as a CLIENT, that the employee did indeed work at this location!! I came out of there seething yesterday, and I don't know what my future options are with this hospital for outpatient services. Almost all my interactions have been negative and unhealthy with this organization, and they have the gall to tell me that it is because of my behavior health issues that there are problems!! I don't have most of these issues anywhere else, and their insidious and abusive business practices are actually undermining so much of my PTSD recovery!!! I have dealt with almost all of the other mental health providers and hospitals here over the past 20 years, and I have never been treated so poorly! TMC should have never sold their stake in this hospital! Again, please stay away, as to not get caught in their hook and taken down their absurd rabbit hole.
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By: Athena A.
Healthcare Southwest
Worked for them for a few days 9.5 hours to be exact. This place is beyond filthy, every single person working at this place (Karen ,Sophia, "Dr." Dave) are all very unprofessional, they never showed up on time. They told a patient to come in at 11:00am and then showed up at 12 in the afternoon, i also waited outside with the patient because they told me to be there at 11:30, the patient also had told me that she was calling and calling one of the workers but they were ignoring her calls i witnessed this first hand because she even called them in front of me, so i texted them and they finally replied to obviously let me know they were gonna be late as always. They never told me what i was going to get paid, never told me any hours. After a few days of no calls and me texting them asking when they waned me to come in with no response i assumed they didn't want me working for them which is fine but they could of let me know instead of making me wait around my phone all day. And to top it all off it took them a month to pay me for the 9.5 hours i worked. Went in a few weeks ago and they only gave me a check for 6.5 hours AFTER i texted them multiple times about it, Karen told me she would "text me" when to come in for the last check and never did which didn't surprise me this woman always seemed out of it, maybe sneaking some pills? who knows. I texted her multiple times through out the next few weeks and she never responded, again not surprising to me so i showed up today and she told me she had "got all my texts" so why couldn't she text me back, again who knows... She finally paid me. PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE. whether your a person looking for a job or even a patient.
By: Elizabeth C.
Arizona State of-- Economic Security Arizona Department of-- District Ii Administrative-- Division of Developmental Disabilities-Local Offices--
I don't think they check out the group homes that they recommend to parents of disabled people I have had bad experiences with the Danville group homes that they have recommended do they research the employees they hire?
By: Don't U.
Little Tree Family Services
I was forced to use Marilyn and her company when the regular supervisor was unable to. Marilyn and her numerous number of random employees show up late most of the time. They do not follow basic instructions or rules at all. Marilyn will ignore the person who is not paying her whether you are the CP or the NCP. She sends random people to the visits without informing the parent of the new person or their credentials. The way she runs her business is extremely dangerous for the children as well as the parents. Please Please Please avoid the horrible "services" provided. There are many other options. If there were a 0 star option or negative that's what I would have given.
By: D J.
Barbara B Andrews, LCSW
I found Barbara very helpful. After years of denying my depression I finally reached a point where I couldn't function at all. It was like my brain was being pulled in two different directions and , whereas, I was able to pull it together in the past, because of work-related stress I could no longer do it. And of course, I was blaming myself. Talking with Barbara help me see that I needed medical treatment as well as talk therapy. After identifying the correct medication and working with Barbara, I've been feeling better, sleeping better, and doing better. Barbara was comfortable to work with and felt more like a friend than one of those therapist who peer down their noses at you and scribble. She is not a doctor and could not write the prescription herself, but she communicated with my PCP to get me going in the right direction.
By: Marcy P.
Palo Verde Behavioral Health
I brought my mentally disabled brother here and he was in crisis. He has special needs and was in bad shape. The intake women, named Kristin L was as cold as ice and confrontational. NOT A PROFESSIONAL AND SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS LINE OF WORK!! You would think that being in a behavioral health facility, they would practice compassion, empathy and help in finding us some or any solutions on how we could help our suffering brother. She was very persistent that they could not offer services for my brother. We felt she just wanted us gone and it was like pulling teeth from her, just to get some information or numbers for other resources. We left there very distraught and feeling helpless. My brother was in dire need of help and she told us they could not offer any help.
By: James J.
Palo Verde Behavioral Health
Though Palo Verde Behavioral Health was once a respected Psychiatric facility that actually cared for those in need with mental illness, when owned by Tucson Medical Center, it has become a greedy machine operating with as many patients and as few staff as they can get away with. This is the formula UHS has used at all of their facilities. They have buckets of money earned by providing the lowest quality care they can possibly get away with. As a former nurse, I have seen that even the Doctors here are helpless pawns as the CEOs and Administrators have all the power and treat all the employees, yes even the high up Drs, like just another resource to squeeze as much out of as they possibly can and replace. In the end though it is the patients in need who end up suffering the most. Low staff numbers mean more incidents, sexual assaults, violence and self harm while almost no time with providers means often not getting the right treatment or even dangerous mistakes.
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By: South tucson P.
Pasadera Behavioral Health
Pasadera Behavioral Health has been trying to sneak its drug and mental rehab into the City of South Tucson and locate it across the street from Mission View elementary school. Our community is against a drug rehab being so close to our school and has been fighting Pasadera since May 2014. The previous City Mayor was recalled because he for some rea$on believed that a drug rehab next to our school was a good Idea. Mission View's Principal Meg Cota was also on Pasadera's side until our community complained to TUSD. How dare she do this to our community. We lost faith and confidence in her as our school's principal and our community wants her gone.
By: K A.
Little Tree Family Services
I have experienced same re visits with my daughter. Unbelievable.
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By: John B.
Healthcare Southwest
I need a doctor who will write for 240 oc 30 thats what im getting from current doc in phoenix but coming to Tucson any one know of good doc i have records not a pill seeker need to survive i have been in pain managent 15 years from nad acceident
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