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By: Tim S.
O'Rielly Chevrolet, Inc.
​Dear All,Even though I didn't purchase my 2014 Volt from Orielly Chevrolet, I have had all my service done there and was quite pleased. My Service Advisor is Tommy Bernath and he has gone out of his way to help get my service visits completed thoroughly and in a timely manner. ThereforeI decided, based on my experience with Orielly Service, I would begin looking for a new Chevy Volt there as well. The Volt is a marvelous technology system and should be marketed by GM much more aggressively than it is. This lack of emphasis and training may be one of the reasons that most people marketing them are awful at best. Being a retired Technology Educator and system designer, I usually just nod and let them try to explain because it is amusing.Long story short I met a young fellow named Xristos Diamantoulis who was excellent in his understanding of the new Volt and could show me some new features in the infotainment interfaces of which I was not aware. He should get an award and be sent to Advanced Volt Sales Training (if there is such a thing) to specialize in that vehicle. His Manager Greg Ahumada was equally good at finding answers on the financial side.Thanks guys! I am hoping that Chevrolet qualifies my current Volt for early lease buyout as I have already sent Xristos my final build for a new Premier. Orielly is a first class dealer and their staff reflects it.Best Regards,Regis Shannon​
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By: Sonia A.
Craycroft Auto Sales
I would like to thank Craycroft Auto for our experience with them. I only called to ask for a price on a SUV that I seen. We were getting a vehicle from somewhere else that we didn't want but was the best vehicle on that lot. It was taking a long time to get the deal done. Once I made that phone call to Craycroft Auto, Bill took over. He assured me he could help us get into a vehicle we wanted. When we showed up he had a vehicle waiting for us. He knew we would love it. That same day we went home with a SUV and a warranty for 3 years. Two weeks later I had an issue with the car. I was going crazy and texted my sale guy. The next morning the owner and his mechanic came to my house to talk to me. It was the plastic resivour that had a crack in the seam which was leaking and causing the car to heat up. Found the problem right away and called the Dodge dealership for a new one. They took my car to the shop and within hours it was good to go. Thanks for the warranty I didn't have to pay anything. I couldn't be more greatful to all of them for fixing my situation and not blow me off. Thank goodness it was something that little but if it wasn't my warranty would cover all major issues with the vehicle. We are so happy to have bought from them. By the end of the year we plan to get another vehicle from them. I highly recommend Craycroft Auto!!! Thanks again!!!
By: Ashley D.
Craycroft Auto Sales
We where in a very bad situation with our old car it was either spend a couple grand on an 93 buick or just go get another car. We looked everywhere and no one would work with us. It was getting late and we where really in a bad spot the car was almost dying at lights it was chugging really bad and it was really just unsafe especially with an almost 3 yr old in the car. We already spent at least a grand a few weeks before. We got a tip to call Bill at Craycroft Auto. We only had 20 minutes to get there from the other side of town and i had to go to work the next day. Bill was awesome we got there with just minutes left before they closed and he took the time to talk with us and show us cars that we could afford. We didn't get a car that night but we went the next day and test drove the 2 cars we liked the best. Needless to say we had this new car for a few months now and it still drives great. We have no issues what so ever. And the ladies in the office that handle the billing and payments are just as great. I would recommend if you need a car to go talk to Bill and he will work for you.
By: swaniaa397
Canyon Auto Sales
I have to share my experience because now days it is hard to know who to trust. Canyon Auto Sales can be trusted. I took my Ford Edge in for an oil change. My service manager so friendly and informative. He told all my options. I did not feel pressured or feel like I was getting a sales pitch at any time. I choose the oil change with inspection as well as tire rotation which was only a few dollars more than oil change only. I did share with him, the fact that I figured I needed new brakes as I had been noticing a squeak that I hadn't heard before. I am a woman and honestly feel I have been taken for a ride in the past (no pun intended) but little do they realize not only did my dad teach me well. (He is an amazing mechanic.) I work as a precision stunt driver in the entertainment industry. I do know quite a bit about cars. Well, he said he would have them check the brakes. I just assumed I would be dishing out for new brakes as well.
By: p38lightning
Cactus Auto Company
Superb customer service. They clearly "get it" that businesses live or die by Social Media and online reviews like the ones here because they give you a card with a web address and ask you to rate their service. Not only did they replace my windshield after I had bought my car and gotten home and noticed (I was distracted with how great my "new" car is to notice.) a divot in it. A week later I called about a few other minor, but essential to me about having this new purchase being up to par, and they gladly took the car in, gave me my beloved former car to use, and did a great job of fixing everything on my list. You want a great used car? You want great customer service? Go to Cactus, Doug the owner is a smart guy, my salesman, Reg was a spot on smart car guy, Xander the guy who handled my repairs is a great guy..heck you just can't go wrong at Cactus Auto! I love my CVPI!
By: Toby K.
O'Rielly Chevrolet
Best car buying experience we have ever had!The short story - We can’t emphasize enough what a fantastic transaction this was from the first phone call to getting the tank topped off at the end. We have found our new Chevy dealer! Major thanks to Carlos, Oscar, Tania, Danny, Javier and Sonya! If you live in the Phoenix area we would HIGHLY suggest calling O’Rielly Chevrolet in Tucson if you are in need of a new or used Chevrolet. Carlos described our experience well when he said that he “treats his customers like he would want to be treated”. It is well worth the drive to Tucson for the great deals and incredible customer service you will find at O’Rielly Chevrolet.
By: etterusi
O'Rielly Chevrolet, Inc.
My husband and I wanted a vehicle with economic transportation and low mileage. We found both at O'Reilly with the help of Moises Gomez and Chris Holcomb. They both treated us respectfully and gave us a great deal. They were even as wonderful to us after the sale. When we brought the car back, they honored the bumper to bumper agreement and acted as if we were valuable customers. I couldn't say enough positive statements about these two managers. They are a great team and I would not have reservations if I were to buy from them again. The best is- I love my car and thank them for making the sale possible.
By: eange300
Canyon Auto Sales
I purchased a 2006 Ford Escape from Canyon Auto Sales, from the sales manager at the time. I was only 23, so it was the first car I had purchased. I am a generally skeptical person, so I questioned everything about the car. In fact, I left and came back to the dealership four or five times before realizing I was just a scared buyer and this was in fact a good deal. As soon as I worked out the details and got into the car, I realized the air conditioner wasn't working. I told them, and they scheduled a free appointment to get the issue resolved immediately. Runs perfectly!
By: karan28
Canyon Auto Sales
I went here with my boyfriend and his mom to look for our first car. We were approached by someone right away but we had already been spoken with someone on the phone so the guy who greeted us handed us off to him. I appreciated that he was able to help us out considering we told him we definitely wouldn't be in the night we came in...He was super awesome, very patient with my indecisiveness and made the experience less stressful for me and my boyfriend. We ended up buying a certified used ford escape which so far we love!!
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By: Deborah G.
AutoNation Honda Tucson Auto Mall Service Center
I was so thoroughly impressed by how well things went with the servicing and repair of my Acura TSX, at AutoNation Honda Tucson Automall! The Service Advisor, Mike Pescatore, was very professional and knowledgeable regarding the work to be done on my car and I appreciate him for being so helpful. Also, great thanks to the maintenance people, who did an outstanding job on my car - at 10 yrs old, it drives like a dream! Everyone was very customer oriented and overall just a great atmosphere, thanks so much!! : )

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