By: blessed.by.him
Mizelle and Brown P
In early February 2012 my 5 year old daughter was becoming increasingly fearful of visits with her father, to the point of wetting her pants when he came to pick her up. I called her pediatrician, the Sheriff’s department, legal aid, and even went as far as going to court to get an order of protection that was denied. My next step was to go through Lawyer Referral Service because I didn’t have the funds to hire a lawyer outright. I received a call that same day from Luke Brown, Attorney/Partner at Mizelle and Brown law firm. I briefed Mr. Brown about our situation and he agreed to meet with me 2 days later. During our meeting, Mr. Brown listened to a recording I had of the last exchange between my daughter and her father. Fortunately, because of Mr. Brown’s sensitivity and compassion, he immediately typed an order to stop all visits with my daughter’s father. We went to court within the hour and the Judge approved the request and ordered an emergency hearing the same day to formally suspend any visits with her father. This civil matter has now become a criminal matter and though other attorneys are now involved, Mr. Brown is still in contact with me to ensure all is well us. Mr. Brown does not nickle and dime me, there have been many conversations we have had that were never been billed to me and I believe it is because Mr. Brown is a man of honor and a caring person. Mr. Brown and every one in his office have been very supportive and compassionate for these last 8 months. I am forever grateful to Mr. Brown and the staff at Mizelle and Brown.
By: candice.lundquist
Mizelle and Brown P
I had legal trouble that began in August 2011 and finally ended in June 2012. As a college student, I do not have a lot of money and was terrified that this battle would cost me thousands of dollars that I did not have. A friend recommended that I talk to Luke Brown because he is professional and very helpful. Luke ended up helping me resolve the issue so that I did not have to pay the opposing party anything and he did it at very low cost to me. He was professional and timely, and always quick to get back to me or answer any questions that I had. I am incredibly thankful for his help and impressed that he managed to settle the issue at such low cost to me. Wonderful service!!
By: Akhtar K.
Mizelle and Brown P
I met Luke Brown through legal Aid and he was the best lawyer and friend that you could ask for, he cared, listened and fought on my behalf. Before meeting with Luke, I spoke with six other lawyers who failed to see potential in my case. Unlike the others, Luke believed in me and did everything in his power to help me.I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a family lawyer.Thank you Luke, Lonna, Jackie and everybody at the Mizelle & Brown office, you all rock.
By: Bob L.
I have bought most all of my Apple gear from these guys since around 98 when they were at their previous location.I most recently bought a refurbed lap top from their large selection, for a friend, at a great price.The whole Apple Store scene can be a bit much for me and appreciate the Tucson feel of the store.I do recommend them...
By: rainfallnainejil.samson
Mizelle and Brown P
I used Mizelle and Brown to help obtain emergency custody of my children, to get them out of a situation I saw as very dangerous. They were kind and helpful and even worked with me graciously as far as my financial ability. I ended up winning emergency custody of all my children. I am grateful to God and to them for it. =)
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By: Mayo S.
If you got horrendous service at Tucson's Apple store on the north side, make your way here as fast as possible! They are very professional, courteous, and really know their stuff. They may be busy, but find the time to help you with your issue. Ft. Lowell near Country Club. THE Mac store in town, as far as I am concerned.
By: tinker56879321
Ccis Solutions
Great company fixed the issues on my desktop computer. Would highly recommend this company for your computer services.
By: soulcandybt
Best Buy
employees were very friendly and knowlegable and the store was very orderly and clean. pretty good prices too.

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